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Brit Hits Bev Hills -- They'll Never Find Me Here!

10/3/2007 10:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Another night without the kids, another hotel for Britney Spears.

TMZ cameras caught Brit and cousin Alli Sims going into the extravagant Reg. Bev. Wil. Hotel around 6:15 PM PDT. An army of photogs trailed behind Britney, who drove her dinged up white Mercedes from her Hollywood Hills mansion following a day filled with gas stations, coffee shops and photo ops.

After the spectacle, Brit decided she finally wanted her privacy, and asked one of the hotel employees to get her to a "private room."

She's Cinder-effing-rella!


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Awwww..I think brittney looks GREAT !!!! I am LOVIN the glasses!!!! STAY strong britt..You will overcome all this!!!!!

2575 days ago


She obviously doesn't care anything about those children - I wonder why she bothered to even have them!! She doesn't seem very bright, that's for sure!

2575 days ago


yes britney .. go to sleep .. we know its hard to sleep when you coke it all day and all night running around san fernando and malibu bypassing the court house to the beverly hill hotel. We know its hard to go to sleep for addicts like you.

2575 days ago



This here's a story 'bout a girl named Brit
Dreamed of bein' famous, but she couldn't handle it
Spent one year in a coke and whiskey haze
Shaved her head bald,did the twenty-eight days

Rehab, that is

Well, the next thing we know, she's lightin up the scene,
Her friends all cried,"Wearin' panties? That's obscene!"
The VMA show's the place you'll surely reign
So she loaded up on pills, flushed her future down the drain!

Dance steps, Brit?
Twelve steps, first!

Ya'll chill out girl, hear?

2575 days ago


I don' understand why she ischeinginto various hotels. Do you wonder she is going to kill herself at one of these hotels because she cannot bare to have someone find her dead body at her house? Loosing her kids and all of the stress and media attention must be too much for her to take and it would be much easier just to check out.

2575 days ago


she had them (2 kids) so she could be neck and neck with shar and so kevin would give her and her kids the same attention as shar would have got from his 2 other kids. Britny wouldnt dare have shar have one up on her.

2575 days ago


I'm starting to believe Britney wants to give up all her rights to her children leaving K-fed to have to support them and this entire Bastard family which he dumped.
and it would serve him right. MAYBE HE CAN GET SHARFED TO SUPPORT HIM ON HER Celebrity rap pennies.

2575 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

I hope they turn Penis with Ears life into the Truman show just like they did to Britney. Penis with Ears will crumble in a matter of days. He is such a Penis with Ears with an eye patch.

2575 days ago


#84-That's the best!!!! OMG...HI-larious

2575 days ago


and thank god sean and jayden have a brother and sister kaleb and cory they can all play with at daddys house. Much more like a family enviroment for them with their real live brother and sister to play with and step mom who still stops by to visit.

2575 days ago


Is she addicted to attention from the photohogs? Seems to me she's tipping them off whenever she leaves her house. Glad her boys are safe and out of the limelight. I'd like to have just one day or not seeing Britney Spears in the media. She reminds of Tonya Harding - anything for attention even if it's bad attention. Wow, if anyone ever needed Dr. Phil.....

2575 days ago


i had to come back..

handled by a laywer???? .. i guess that poster didnt realize laura wasser quit on her and her husband didnt want to take brits case on as laura said he would. she has a brand new laywer i actually feel sorry for.

2575 days ago


I love staying in nice hotels. There's just something about not having any responsibility for anything (no work,laundry,cooking,cleaning,kids,schedules,phone calls,doorbells,marketing,etc.......). You can sleep, eat, swim, watch movies, party, etc. whenever you feel like it. Man, it sure would be nice. I wish I could go stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel whenever I felt like it. (Course, I wouldn't want her miserable life that goes with it!)

2575 days ago

Kitty has no hair    

RE #84 Posted at 11:04PM on Oct 3rd 2007 by Etta Cetera

Please tell me that will be on YouTube any moment now, complete with montage.

2575 days ago


If she misses her boys so much why did she not at least show up to fight for them today? If she came with all the things she was suppose to accomplish the last month, accomplished and showed true concern things may have went very different today. She was to busy getting coffee and getting her picture taken and she didnt look to upset to me. Her lawyer will be quitting soon. Apparently the pops are not allowed around her house so why wouldnt she just stay there out of the spotlight and get it together instead of going to hotels where she knows she is going to be swarmed? Because she loves it and cant live without it.

2575 days ago
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