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K-Fed Fights for Kids, Brit Does Photo Op

10/3/2007 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While Kevin Federline went to court to fight for his kids, Britney Spears took her dog for a ride to get coffee.

Britney left her Malibu home this afternoon and drove down the 101 Freeway, through Coldwater Canyon, and then went to Starbucks. After photogs snapped several pics in her car, she then went to a nearby Shell gas station ... where she posed for more pics. Then she went back to her other home at the top of Mulholland Drive.

Drive through town posing for paps -- or go to court and fight for your kids?


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Oh Gary Gary Gary.... you sadly are the one with blinders on! So sad, you are amongst the 12 fans Britney has left.

2577 days ago


Don't you have a pillow to fluff?

2577 days ago


Beck... I did pray for Britney, it obviously didn't help. As it is written... the Lord help's those who help themselves.

Sorry Brit Brit... you need to kick in alittle bit!

2577 days ago


If there is anything stupid left for her to do, I don't know what it is--but I'm sure she will find it.

2577 days ago


Honestly I am a good christian girl... I did pray for that girl. But I do believe she's blind to her gift's that God has given her and she will wake up one day and realize her little babies are all grown and continue to blame someone else.

Stop making excuses for her!

aka: Ima Bitch

2577 days ago



2577 days ago


I agree with VeriSheri whole heartedly!

2577 days ago


i guess Gary's boss busted him being on-line on the clock! Loser!

2577 days ago


What I'm sick of is the people saying they're sick of reading about Bratney. DON'T WANNA READ IT DON'T CLICK THE LINK. SIMPLE ENOUGH. DAMN DRAMA QUEENS.

2577 days ago


the only reason why people go to tmz and look for britney, is because they're... no matter how much we hate her... we love her more, and want to BE her. If we didn't, we wouldn't care about any of this.

2577 days ago


I wouldn't call be surrounded by paparazzi and just giving them a smile "posing". Also, what is so important about or interesting about her daily routine that you have to follow her everywhere? Was it a slow new day TMZ? Will we now be seeing daily updates on Britney’s Starbucks orders now? Will it be a mocha or caramel frappuccino, Grande or Venti, or will she surprise us all and go for a hot latte?! Tune in and see!

2577 days ago


SHE WAS NOT SUPPOSE TO BE THERE! It was a closed hearing between Britney and federlosers lawyers, Kevin was not even suppose to be there.

Poster number 15 your another example of someone who wants to run there face when they have no idea what they are talking about. All this judge did was take the children out of one irresponsible parents hands and put them into another. Kevin has never been fit to have the kids and Britney recently became unfit.

I do not beleive for a second the crap federloser is saying about he does not actually want the kids and this is just an attempt to get britney help, give me a break. He looks at those poor children and sess $$$$$$. It is his fault Britney is where she is and it is her families as well. Britney suffered from PPD and stupid federloser was to busy out partying and spending Brits money rather then beign home and being with her and the kids so he did not see how down she was and did not get her help in time.

The thing with Brits family and friends is half is saying shes fine then the other half is saying she needs help, She needs EVERYONE around her to be on one side and that side is she needs help, she can not have one side saying shes fine and the other side saying shes not fine because all it is doing is confusing her. The problem with alot of people that need help is they do not realize it, I suffered from PPD and before I got pregnant I was very depressed and did not realize it, it took my friends telling me and my sons peditrican before I realized it. What I find awfully funny is how all of a sudden her cousin Alli starts hanging around and BOOM Brits our partying, doing drugs and drinking. Hmm maybe this is pointing to Alli is a bad freaking seed and needs to stay the heck away from Brit

2577 days ago


I have a feeling Britney is playing a game for everyone to disarm anyone watching , and one bright day she and the boys will be GONE,, I think she has a plan............

2577 days ago


and unicorns and puppies will prance around her! WTF??? are you serious?

2577 days ago


What a joke. Someone here actually said some wanted to be like her. Lets see, no respect from anyone or the law, low class, lost her figure, can't sing in person, calls the paparazzi to TELL them where she will be so that they CAN take pictures of her, hooked on drugs, horrible hair, a total mess, wears no underwear so her stinking crotch can be flashed for the young teens, a horrible role model, only thinks of herself, desperate for attention. Oh yeah. Tons want to be that low class slob. Well, not me! Odd some blame others for all her faults. She is 25 years old and responsible for her own choices and actions.

2577 days ago
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