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PETA Hounds K-Fed to Get Brit's Pups

10/4/2007 6:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsPETA wants Kevin Federline to take custody of Britney's dogs too. Say it with us, everyone, "Leave Britney alone!"

In a letter from PETA Prez Ingrid E. Newkirk, she writes to Fed-Ex: "For the sake of your children and the animals who are at risk while in Ms. Spears' custody, we hope that you will do the right and best thing for all involved and pursue a custody order for the animals so that your sons can continue to have the company of the animals they've grown to adore."

It is unclear whether Newkirk was referring only to canine species or other people surrounding Britney.


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come ON PETA! She loves those dogs. Heck she carries those things around more often than her kids. She may not be a good mom but she sure loves the dogs, at least.

2537 days ago


This is stupid news.

2536 days ago

married with children    

It's no wonder that most people don't take PETA seriously.

2535 days ago


yank PETAs non profit status

2534 days ago


I remember when the both of these losers lived together and it was said there was dog crap all over their home. Neither one should have the kids or dogs.

2534 days ago


Gee, I am sure no one from PETA has had their lives or a loved one's life saved from benefitting from lifesaving animal research.,,because THEY ARE AGAINST medical research using animals, research for AIDS, cancer, arthritis, SIDS, etc. etc. ... if you support them on their anti-fur campaign, then you are supporting them as a whole---then you should refuse to eat meat, refuse medical treatment, not wear leather, not ride horses, not own pets, not fish or hunt, not go to zoos etc etc because YOU ARE a hypocrite if you do any of these things.
Of course PETA constantly uses the ant-fur campaign, it is sexy, pornographic propaganda... and how fascinating to EXPLOIT mostly naked women to get people to look.. and how hilarious that it really isn't working anymore PETA, sure guys might look at the ads-but the message is lost... because I guarantee you they're scarfing down those quarter pounders with cheese and tossing the pigskin football and going fishing Sunday morning....
I feel sorry for people who are buying what PETA is selling, because it is a load of lies and hypocrisy... and god help you if you get sick and due to the delays(or cessation) in animal research caused by PETA and its fellow ilk, you suffer a long disabling illness and horrible death due to no cures or improvements in treatment and drugs.

thanks marc

2529 days ago


PETA SUCKS!!! They have nothing better to do with their time!!! If you hold your pet wrong, they come after you..... I mean I never saw anything harmful in the way she held or cared for her pets........Ingrid, your an idiot!

1277 days ago
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