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Britney Spears -- Hotel Mommy

10/6/2007 3:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ that Britney's first scheduled visit with her children since being stripped of custody was a disaster.

We're told Spears was to have a scheduled visit with her kids at 10:00 AM Thursday, surrendering the kids to K-Fed later that day. Sources say on Wednesday night, Britney decided she wouldn't see her children at either of her homes -- instead, she wanted to visit with her kids at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. We're told K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, went ballistic.

The way we understand it, a parenting coach was supposed to be present for the visit, and Kaplan felt it was appropriate for the coach to counsel Britney on how to take care of her kids at home -- not at a hotel.

We're told Spears, who checked into the Beverly Wilshire Hotel at 6:00 PM Wednesday and then checked out at 2:00 AM Thursday, went back to her Malibu home and decided not to fight for her desire for a hotel visit with her children.

At 10:00 AM Thursday, the scheduled time for visitation, a K-Fed bodyguard arrived at Brit's Malibu home and rang the buzzer. He waited forty minutes -- but no one came out. With the kids inside the car, we're told the plug was finally pulled and they all went back to K-Fed's.


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That judge is going to kick her azz.

2538 days ago


HELLO = I think it's a moot point. If you look at the TMZ video just below this posting, Britney clearly states that she already has her kids back. Whether she's counting her chickens before they hatch or whether she's really that far gone is anybody's guess. My point is, is Britney believes that she already has her children back, why would she feel the need to schedule a visitation with them? If you understand that, then you can understand what kind of bag she's working out of.

2538 days ago


Tracy ....why is it so hard to understand that this is Britney's battle with herself? She let her life get to this mess. Most of it happened after she filed for divorce. She actually seemed to have it together as a mom during her marriage it's since that it's changed for the worst. As for Kevin not working..I believe she met him when he was a dancer on her tour. While that's not as prestigious as a doctor, lawyer etc.. it is a job..just as his recent acting job is employment...while we discuss this why is his supposed living off of her money any different than a woman living off a man? If the roles were switched I don't think it would be an issue. At this time I think he should be a stay at home dad...these boys need him more now since they can't depend on "mom" to be there.

2538 days ago


Hi AJ,

Sorry for my outburst; it was inapporpiate and over the line. Let me extend the olive branch. And no, I'm not nuts. Just a normal person who acted out-of-character. I just get very frustrated with the negative sterotypes towards Americans from our foreign brothers and sisters. My husband and I used to go to Europe every year for the past 20 + years till we started being mistreated by native countrymen who had these erroneousness ,preconcieved notions of how Americans are. I think your comments bothered me a lot because I come from a long line of combat US war veterans: Revolutionary, Civil, my grandfather was a combat WWI vet, and my father survived the Baatan Death March during WWII and is still well, alive and kicking. Anyway, I am sure you are a fine person, and peace.

2538 days ago


Could it be that maybe she was still drunk or maybe hung-over from the night before? Probably knew that the bodyguard or other adult would take one look at her & say, "Nope! You ain't seeing the kids in your condition! By the way, the judge know of your condition as well. Won't he be thrilled?"

2538 days ago


You all need to stop talking about Britney and O,J. and do something about that psychotic bitch Ann Coulter. Have you heard that she wants to have women stripped of their voting rights? Something is seriously wrong with this crazy lady. They say she is selling a lot of books, well the people who are buying them must be teched in the head also. We women need to get together and sign a petition to have her commited before she can brainwash the media and the people in Congress.

2538 days ago


Britney has left the planet people. Until she comes back to earth the kids are much better off with KFed. He may not be the perfect father but Britney makes him look like a Boy Scout. I hope the judge forces her to have phychiatric evaluation and go to rehab. It's her only hope. I've never seen any star so sick as her.

2538 days ago

rock I.Q    

hey dot who the hell is ann coulter? we are very concerned here about brit we can not think about ann and her woman issues.NOW...we are in brit

wendy, read all my post's, I know the children come first and agree with the positive you wrote about her kids.But,She can't help anyone if she is not ok herself. She was not ok before the divorce thats when she almost dropped the baby go research, then look at her stages video and Matt lauer video and compare you will see her before Kevin, Look at the Kevin chaotic video's....they were a mess...he was in strip clubs and left her alone a lot.. He gets 20k a month from Britney and also asked for addttional funds for his lawyer the same day they showed a TMZ tape to the judge of her driving wo a lic.
A good father would not wage a Smear war against her for the kids.A good
would help his ex wife who he was once in Love with! he would help her through this difficult time by being supportive and non confrontational. Asking for full custody and selling story's and posting her stoned on youtube during the marriage, He wants full custody because its 23% of her salary.dont be fooled he is clever and paying attention.
When my ex huband who pays child support had brain surgery and could not afford the support money...which i desperately need I
did not pursue it through court instead I ran up my own credit so not to effect him in a negative way.I did not want to hurt him thus hurting my child...thats what healthy mediation teaches parents. thats why the Judge ordered it for both of them...

2538 days ago

married with children    

I like Britney.

2538 days ago

married with children    

Wendy, unless you are a "stay at home Dad", one is expected to have some employment, are maybe doing something for the community or humanity. Does KFed fall into any of those categories?

2538 days ago


If Kevin was doing anything wrong, you can BET that a bunch of people (especially X17) would have it on tape and the volume turned way up. So far, the worst they can do is him smoking in a no smoking zone...WAY TO GO! That's HUGE compared to Britney drinking all day, doing drugs and sleeping around! Let's not forget that Britney made the parental decision to go to the VMAs while Kevin celebrated their childrens' birthdays (with his other 2 children and her parents).

Granted Kevin is an ass for leaving Shar. But that is between them. Britney started all of this crazy behavior long before Kevin by cheating on Justin, sleeping around, partying, cancelling or walking out of shows (guess you forgot her backstage meltdown in Mexico, swearing and such), dating a married man (forgot about that, right?), marrying someone she hasn't seen for years for 55 hours and lest we forget, DOING ILLEGAL DRUGS.

Kevin was a regular Joe before meeting Britney and just because he's a man, who blames him for accepting what she offered? Women do it all the time. He took having children more seriously than she did. He may have left Shar, but by all accounts he is a good father to their children. He was thrown into a world he was on the cusp of, that she had been in the spotlight of for years. If anyone should have had an issue, it should have been him. It was Britney. As a young person, you get quite a few passes. Once you make the choice to have not one but 2 children, game time is over.

I am sick of these people making excuses for her because she was a child star. Talk to Sarah Jessica Parker. Justin Timberlake. Christina Aguilera. Jodie Foster. Jennifer Connelly. Demi Moore. Raven Symone. Malcom Jamal Warner. I could go on about the many child stars who are now sane, successful celebrities, some with children. They made the CHOICE to behave properly. Stay out of the limelight. Take time off, move away. Britney would rather lose her children than do that.

Those of you who are requesting her songs and buying her music are fueling her lifestyle. You're paying for her drugs. The alcohol. The 3 hotels in 48 hours. The cars she crashes with no concern for others. She must lose it all and hit bottom before she changes. The court would have stood up with her against Kevin if they found need to. She's a worldwide celebrity with hundreds of millions of dollars. Do you know how far she had to go to have the children taken from her?

You are doing her no favors by excusing and okaying her behavior. If you love her, step away and let her fall. Only she can get to the point where she is ready to get help. If she still has a career, to her that translates to everything being ok. She thinks, "They are buying my music, so I am doing well".

2538 days ago


Considering the shape Britney is in I think his main priority has to be their sons. I seem to remember he got quite a bit from the divorce as well as from the sale of the house so I believe if he doesn't need to work to support them at this time he shouldn't. I don't think he wishes bad towards her I just think he realized it was time to step in and remove them from her care. If even some of the reports are true she isn't making safe choices for someone needs to before something tragic happens.

2538 days ago


I find it shocking how someone can be such a fan of an artist that in their eyes that artist can do no wrong. It's disgusting how some people refuse to put any of the blame on Britney for the mess she has created. This woman had a chance to do what was right for her kids and she didn't. She was given 3 days with her boys before she had to turn them over to K-fed, and she turned them over early! She spends all her time parading herself in front of the paps all over town. And yet, these lunatic fans insist she should just be given back her kids and left alone?? K-fed might not win any father of the year awards, but since the split I haven't seen reports of his odd behavior or wild endless nights of parting. And I have actually seen reports of him doing some acting jobs, so that is work. He seems to present himself as a stable choice for those kids, and the court AGREES!

Seriously people, open your eyes. You can be fans without blindly getting behind whatever your idol does. You aren't doing her any favors.

2538 days ago


I think kfed needs to get a job

2538 days ago


Britney, your children need a stable home environment. Please stop dragging them around for photo ops. They need to be with family and play with children their own age, not hanging with the papparazzi. You are going to screw them up if you don't get your act together. If you choose to destroy your life so be it but your boys should not pay for your mistakes. Get it together girl.

2538 days ago
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