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10/6/2007 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love this video? Hate it? Tell us what you think!


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Everyone's wondering what she's going from 6pm to 2am in a HOTEL ROOM? Like most alcoholics and drug addicts (takes one to know one) she's partying - most of us were reduced to seedy motels in undesirable areas - but most of us aren't privvy to mega stars bank accounts. Anyone who had been there knows that is EXACTLY what this chick is doing - she is a hard core drug addict and alcoholic doing her 'thang' out of the way of prying eyes.

2576 days ago


What difference does it make? If she's a drug addict it's probably because the paparazzi are driving her to it. I can't even imagine my mental state if I had dozens of people stalking me 24 hours a day for the past 8 years. If she's just partying with some friends then its no wonder that she isn't at her house-the paparazzi would just follow them around because they are associated with her. Shame on the media for paying the paparazzi to treat people like that!

2576 days ago


In response to Brobes...celebs like Britney knows that with celeb status comes publicity! That is the price celebs has to pay when they become famous. Do they expect to be left alone? NO! Celebs whine all the time about photogs watching and taping their every move, but that is what happens when you become a celeb! Also, if celebs wanted to be left alone, then why in the world do they make sure that they go to places where they know the photogs are swarming? Because even though they claim that they want their privacy, they know that without the photogs, they wouldn't be famous celebs anymore! Think about it. Celebs even go as far as to let the photogs know where they are going to be at a certain time so that they can get as much publicity as possible!

2575 days ago

Busted Celebrity    



2575 days ago


Hey, thinking positive. This may be the alloted time/place for her parenting classes. I can think of a lot more people than Brit that need such a class. I feel she's subjected to too much, being in the public eye! I will always adore her. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones!

2575 days ago


Sorry that Brit is having her life displayed in press and tv. Makes it harder to get it together with all the scrutiny. s for Gary Bussey love him and his bits of wisdom. Listen and learn. Not everything he says is alien.

2574 days ago


i feel very sorry for britt, she needs to talk to jesus if she is not already doing so...good luck britt and i will be praying for you

2574 days ago


If anyone could warn people about the dangers of being under the influence of any drug, it's Gary Busey. I've followed his career since he left T-town years ago (T-town is slang for Tulsa, Ok. for those that don't know) I'm so glad Gary has made it this far in THIS life.
Ride on my man, ride on. There's so much more waiting around the next corner. I'll see ya on the flip side dude.

Brittany. Listen carefully to Gary, girlfriend, he knows.

2574 days ago


Britney may be weak in the maternal instincts department, but her ego appears to be alive and kicking. For me the saddest part of that clip was Gary Busey...Is it just me or does this guy look like an animated version of Nick Nolte's DUI bust photo?

2574 days ago


I don't think Brit is a addict of any kind. Nor do i think she is a nut case. She is troubled yes.
TMZ TV is getting better, The witty humor will make that show.
I like watching it on my computer, what little they have here.
Wish the entire thing was on here so I can watch when I want.

2574 days ago

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