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Britney's Potentially Explosive Mistake

10/9/2007 9:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ caught Britney Spears yesterday, smoking a cigarette while parked at a gas pump! Does she surprise anyone anymore?!

Brit never got out of her car, just puffed away as paps pumped her gas and washed her windshield for her (the car still hasn't been washed since an irate woman threw coffee on it).

Girl gets her gas pumped, car cleaned, tire changed, drive-thru food ordered, she has someone else around when she watches her kids -- is there anything she can do on her own?


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If people are going to be nice enough to do little tasks or favors for Britney, what is wrong with that? They obviously want to help her out and like her.

2536 days ago



all news.....all the time.....


all britney......all the time

even if we're all tired and fed up with some of the inane stories!!!

give us a break and just give up something "newsworthy"
visiting her kids is a bit interesting maybe for some-but having a cigarette or taco isn't

2536 days ago


It does matter, to those commenting on it's OK to smoke in your car at the gas pumps. This is the most inane and ludicrous thing I have ever heard of. IT IS DANGEROUS PEOPLE TO SMOKE ANYWHERE AROUND GAS PUMPS. The next thing you know --Britney will be using her cell phone by the gas pumps also. She is seriously mentally ill and so is any one else that thinks it's OK to smoke in or out of car near where gas is being pumped.

2536 days ago


I know Britney needs to be more responsible, but it is nice that they help keep the freaks away.

2536 days ago


What I don't understand, is the woman defending her.

She just hit her car, with her car door, lol.

2536 days ago


#15 Harvey,
TMZ is a knife with two blades, and a hypocrite. They will be so nice to the celeb when they film, and talk trash on this website. The sad thing is this stupid biatch doesn't even realize that. She keeps asking for attention. See how Cindy Crawford just keep ignore the pap and get in the car? So both the pap. and Brit are just as guilty. I bet you that TMZ can't wait to to film Brit jump off the building.

2536 days ago


Where do I get me some willing photogs to do all my little chores for me?

But seriously, in answer to the final question of the article...what does she do for herself?

I'm 90% sure she isn't being assisted in terms of style and fashion! Because by now someone would have insisted she wear underwear or at least clothes that hid her lack thereof.

2536 days ago

The Spotted Liver    

If Brit fell in the woods and TMZ failed to report it would anyone still care?

2536 days ago


This is no longer TMZ it's called Brittney's Minute up to date news.
Wonder what would happen if Brittney did pack up and move to Louisiana. TMZ would have to fire everyone for reporting nothing.

2536 days ago

none ur business    

What is the big deal? The girl can't even walk without photo hogs snapping her every move so why not let them change a tire or pump the damn gas! The girl knows what shes doing! Give her a break!

2536 days ago


Is it any wonder she is the way she is, with the paparazzi enabling her all the time. She probably thinks this what the general public wants to see since they hound her like they do.
Her behavior is appalling alone, but the fact that any of you come on here in support of her behavior is even more appalling.
I don't blame that lady for yelling at her, if I lived there, I'd be sick of that mess bringing all the paparazzi mess into my neighborhood too!
Go home and at least pretend you care about yourself and then maybe you can start caring about your kids!

2536 days ago


CNN? What a joke. Nancy Grace is on there talking about Brit Brit, too. Where have you been? TMZ tells it like it is. Nancy tells it her way. Congrats TMZ for helping the poor ignorant childless Brit.

2536 days ago

bobbi girl    

I am wondering if she really is a star, most people with fame would never drive around in a dirty car, the coffie that was splashed on her car is still there. She likes to drive so much, drive thru a car wash. I wonder if the paps will follow her in one.

2536 days ago


You know maybe if people stopped doing things for her she may actually have to do something for herself.

2536 days ago

Cassandra guys are idiots! Come to the Northeast sometime & LOOK at how many people smoke while even pumping their gas!!

It's quite common although not smart. Why don't you focus on real issues in the world & take photo's of people who are doing serious damage, like those that abuse animals.

2536 days ago
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