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Madonna in for a Tune-Up?

10/10/2007 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Madonna was looking a little under the weather yesterday -- and made a two-hour trip to a physician's office. Doctor don't preach!

TMZ caught Madge heading into 317 Medical Arts Center, with the roots-sportin' singer coughing on her way into the building. The material hurl!

So what's up, Doc? TMZ did a little digging and found the building tenants attend to a large variety of medical ailments and options -- including facial reconstruction, pediatric neurosurgery, hair removal and pain management.


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Madge looks awesome for her age, and so what if she wants a little nip and tuck?? Everyone would do it if they could!!

2480 days ago

s c o r n    

All that plastic surgery is not going to help her make a decent album again. The last two she made, totally sucked.

She used to innovate, now she just follows and comically bad at that.

Hey Madge, act your age and start singing standards. You ain't hip no more, and the kids would rather hear Kylie because she does it leagues better than you do.

2480 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

What's with her skin?

2480 days ago


Shes probablly getting that loose va jay jay stiched closed so she can hold a tampon in it.

2480 days ago


She is human you bitches!! Jezz who gives a damn. She is still IT and always will. Maybe she had a cold or the flu...give her a break.

2480 days ago

Just my opinion    

If you are going to say "roots & all" you gotta show it or I am going to sue you for false information!
Have a nice day!

2480 days ago

Just my opinion    

I didn't watch the video-------my bad.....

2480 days ago


You finally caught Madge going in for her monthly shot of Antibiotics for that nasty recurring Syphyllis outbreak.

2480 days ago


To poster #4 Go Away; you are a filthy disgusting pig! Also please note that the post states that plastic surgery is just one of the many things done in that building. She was coughing, maybe she was sick? We are heading into flu season and she does have two kids, hello...germs? Madonna still looks fantastic and has a fabulous body, I wish I had half her dedication and self-discipline, not to mention talent. By the way, to the person who said she's not "hip", well the '60's are over, I don't think being "hip" is quite where it's at these days, you know? She is still awesome, she will never be stale, she is saavy enough to retire before that happens. Now if she would just stop trying to act, sorry Madonna, that's one talent you don't have.

2480 days ago

Marlb Man    

Oh my god, they cant even go to the doctor without it being reported on? How is this the public's business? I don't like Madonna, but it is not my or anybody else's place to read about her health issue's! Get a life!!!

2480 days ago


Following someone to a doctors appointment when they are coughing and sick is lame enough. Poking around and trying to get private medical information is purely invasion of privacy.

TMZ - You go to far.

2480 days ago


looking like a dude!

2480 days ago


I bet Madonna could kick all the haters' asses! Her albums are hit and miss, and no, she can't really act, but don't forget the tons of great songs throughout her career. I still think she's hot.

2480 days ago

Mikhail Sebastian    

Madonna, I loved you and still love you with all my heart. She is amazing and great person. For 30 years in music industry she made a lot and produced great songs that are still popular around the world, either in gay clubs or straight ones. Her music and songs are legend. I wish you well Madonna and hope to hear new songs of yours. She looks great for her age naturally, not like Joanne Rivers who look like a lizard whose eyes can not be closed. Madonna put a lot of efforts and hard work to where she is now, not like Britney bitch who once said she was inspired by Madonna and tried to be like her. Madonna never did those f***up things or behaved f**up like Britney. And I think Madonna is thinking twice now to what she told once to reporters that she was happy to be Britney's inspiration.

2480 days ago


maybe it's AIDS!!

2480 days ago
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