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10/16/2007 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Love this video? Hate it? Tell us what you think!


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Internet Website Designs    

love it

2531 days ago

kathy sabina    

I am the dog officer in Auburn, Massachusetts. I was just watching my favorite show and saw my favorite person (outside of my family) in tears, heartbroken over the horrible events with Iggy. I have been in my position for 30 years and have have had thousands of dog pass through my doors during those years. I find the actions of Mutts and Moms in this situation absolutely horrible. I understand their need to know that the dogs they place are in good homes but to handle Ellen's case in such a callous manner is unforgivable. The only reason I can possibly see for their harsh actions is they wanted Iggy back so they could re sell him and possibly for more money because he once belonged to ELLEN. If they had any concern for Iggy at all they could have done a home check in his new home to see that he was happy, healthy, safe and most of all loved.
Shame on those people for causing such unnecessary heartbreak.
I appreciate all that Ellen does for everything she is passionate about but especially for the animals.
Keep up the good work,
Kathy Sabina

2531 days ago


Its shocking that Mutts and Moms behaved in such a manner. I have never understood why it is so hard to adopt a pet!

2531 days ago


Ellen should have immediately driven down to the animal adoption agency and had the kids and their parents show up and adopt the dog. It's that simple. She didn't think!

2531 days ago

Was actually there!    

We adopted a dog last year, and the process was more difficult than you would ever think. We had to go though an application, two phone interviews, and had to sign a contract stating if we ever could not take care of the dog then we were required to take it back to the organization. And this was just the Humane Society; not even one of those special breed rescue groups. I can understand the organization initially getting upset, but the dog was obviously placed in a loving home and should have been allowed to stay after the proper procedures were followed. Thousands and thousands of animals are euthanized each day, at least this one found a home that wanted him!

2531 days ago


I tried to adopt a pet last year and the process was so complicated and costly that I gave up. You would think that this organization would be happy that someone loved this dog enough to give it a good home, not refuse to do a home check, rather take the dog away and get oddles of media attention. Get the point?

2531 days ago


What a heartbreak. Ellen donated $600 and she put Iggy with a good family. I think Mutts and Moms want their 15 minutes of fame! GIVE THE DOG BACK!!

2531 days ago


Mutts and Moms are Nutts!

I wish they cared this much for homeless people...

2531 days ago


Here's what I think. You guys at TMZ do a really terrific job of capturing, telling and producing all these star-studded stories, stories of "stars in conflict". Your brand is truly fun and funny stuff, and it's not easy to make these ultra-thin prima donna dramas into something. But you TMZ guys and girls are fun, entertaining masters at the difficult craft, and I mean that with all sincerity. I just have to wonder whether all this hyper-hyped paranoid pathology, neurotic narcissism and borderline bongo-drumming is a sign that our civilization is, in fact, crumbling. If all these over-wealthy, uber-priviledged, maxi-pampered pomps are behaving like this -- like over-the-top-teenagers-in-tantrum-rebellion -- and we're bombarded with and obsessed by their endless streams of miniscule meanderings, what's that say about us? Should we toss in the competitive towel, like, intellectually and as a culture that once had something to contribute? Are we now or are we going totally brain dead? Does quantum physics mean anything to anyone? If so, to what percentage of the population? How about complexity theory, sustainability or genetic diversity? Have we dumped our collective grey matter powers into a massive trash bin in favor of the nearest, quickest, dumbest, easist, thinnest, most hopped-up adolescent distractions -- and have we, individually as people and as a nation, just given up the dedicated understanding and study of ANYTHING of value?

I'm amazed at the quality of material, the devotion to crafting the litany of Brtiney stories, and the frenzied attraction to this endless calvacade of crap. Does it make anyone else think we've lost our minds? Just asking.

2531 days ago


This is horrible. I can understand Mutts and Moms wanting to be sure that Iggy was placed in a good home, but to take the puppy away from Ruby and her loving family under false pretenses in inexcusable. They show up to do a "house check" and instead took Iggy. Vanessa should have kept her word and performed the "house check". As stated by another commentor, "The only reason I can possibly see for their harsh actions is they wanted Iggy back so they could re sell him and possibly for more money because he once belonged to ELLEN." It's really a shame that organizations such as this can get away with such unforgiveable actions. I, too, tried to adopt a puppy from an organization like this one and was astonished with how indepth their investigations were with regard to my home. I stopped the adoption when I felt they were getting too personal and am glad to say I ended up adopting another puppy from a local shelter. The shelter was asking for $40 to cover shots and neutering which I gladly paid and then some.
Mutts and Moms need a reality check and should realize that what they have done will more than likely ruin their business. The only way this could be corrected would be to have Vanessa personally return Iggy to Ruby with a public apology not only to Ruby and her family but to Ellen and Portia for causing such an emotional commotion! Shame on you, Vanessa!

2531 days ago

Lady Laura    

I feel so sorry for ellen.She tried to do a good thing by giving the dog a good home.The mutts for moms people saw the dog was in a loving home and they still took the dog. I think they are trying to go after ellen for other reasons. Stay strong ellen we Love You !! I wish you and your family much peace. Be Blessed.

2531 days ago


I can't believe that Mutts and Moms would treat someone this way, especially Ellen since she does so much for animals. It's clear to me that Vanessa is out for some kind of personal gain and not at all concerned about Iggy. If she knows Ellen at all, she would have to know what a kind, loving and giving person she is. She would never do anything to endanger anyone especially an animal. Vanessa should be ashamed of herself !

2531 days ago

Carol S.    

You should get email address for Mutts & Moms so we can blast them with our words. You go Ellen.

2531 days ago

Patti Kennedy    

BOOOOOOO to Mutts and Moms. What horrible behavior. I can understand them wanting to be sure that the dog is in a good home. But their actions are assinine. And to threaten people, lie, and cause so much turmoil is outragous.

2531 days ago

W. Smithfield    

Sounds like the pet adoption group found a good chance to get some free publicity. Shame on them!

2531 days ago
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