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Ellen, Portia Rush to Home Where Iggy Was Taken

10/18/2007 10:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was the only camera at the home where little Iggy was taken Sunday night, when Ellen and Portia frantically arrived, only to find the dog was already gone.


It's emotional, raw and heart-wrenching. Watch Ellen, Portia, Ruby (the little girl) and Cheryl (Ellen's hairstylist) describe the blow-by-blow of how Mutts and Moms steamrolled through the home and took the pup.

Take a look at the backyard confrontation where Marina Baktis of Mutts and Moms scooped up the pooch as cops decided who would walk away with Iggy.


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Dean Martin    

THe Wicked witch of the West!!!

Thats where I seen this before.!!!!

She's obviously is no friend of Dorthy!!

2565 days ago


I must admit, the little girl seems mature for her age and is probably a responsible child. However, they accuse the rescue of not thinking about the dog. What are they doing? They're thinking of the family, not the dog. He's in a new home and getting all of his wants and needs met, I'm sure. If Ellen would have handled it the right way, I would be upset at the rescue for not giving the family a chance...but the trust is ruined when you go behind peoples backs and breaks contracts. As good as they seem, I wouldn't trust them either. If they think what they did is ok, they would have no problem repeating it and that IS a problem.

2565 days ago


Ok, so she may have glossed over the part of the contract that said she had to give the dog back instead of giving it away. Oops, her bad. Ellen was TRYING to do the right thing by NOT sending the dog back to a CAGE, which is where the dog came from at Mutts and Moms. No, Ellen didn't have the heart to do that to Iggy. Even though she and Portia couldn't keep the dog for whatever reason(They recognized that the situation wasn't good for any of their animals, the dog or the cats, and the cats were there first) so out of caring and concern for the dog's BEST INTEREST, she placed him with people who cherished this puppy and made him one of the family. She could have acted as millions of other pet owners have when the going got tough- she could have taken the puppy for a "drive out to the countryside", which we all know is code for DUMPING THE DOG ON THE STREETS.
I don't give a crap what people say. This Marina hefer COULD HAVE HANDLED THIS DIFFERENTLY. She could have interviewed this family and seen how happy this puppy was with them. She could have easily seen what a wonderful, loving and SAFE home this was for Iggy. He had become their "baby" . The rule about not placing a smal dog w/ a family w/ children under 14yrs? Well, bite MY A**. Seriously. And these poor kids just missed the mark by 2 years or so? (ages 11/12) Now she is going on every tv tabloid show, selling her tale of woe and her big fake crocodile tears, crying about all the supposed death threats she has recieved. It's "so not fair", she says. What's not fair is how, earlier in the day she and her lawyer were soundbiting all over radio and tv, taking POT SHOTS at Ellen and using the whole "she's famous, she thinks she can get away with anything, she thinks she can always get her way because of WHO she is" defense. This is an obvious attempt to make herself(Marina) look like a martyr. I don't believe this is the case AT ALL. Ellen poured her broken heart out on national tv. She was CLEARLY distraught, and crushed under the weight of taking responsibility for what she had done(or failed to do)She has it coming at her from all sides. This Marina B**** is LOVING the publicity Mutts and Moms is getting from this. You know what they say about bad publicity. The is NO bad publicity.

2565 days ago


iggy was licensed to ellen, mutts diddn't add e's/p's name to the microchip . . . mutts went to hairstylist's house under false false pretenses . . . ellen/portia fixed, obedience classes, toys, beds . . . . chip was scanned and only mutts' name on chip and mutts mad b/c dog not right for e/p or hairstylist . . .

ruby: saved him, 'about to be killed

portia: if can't provide a proper environment, a caring environment, we would have return the dog to this rescue organization ... (admitst not following protocol, but seeing if the dog would fit in with hair stylist's other dog, atmosphere, and family)

ellen: it (contract) said that we didn't need to bring it (dog) back to us right away, but says if you cannot find a better home for it . . . .

after reviewing the first video a couple of times, to me it is quite apparent something is very wrong with this particular rescue organization. ruby is quite articulate and was competent in basically giving an extremely thorough account of this invasion. imo, i think ruby and her family would provide both a proper and caring environment.

Flamin? Uncle Andy?

2565 days ago


You Go Ellen....This will on court tv! lol

2565 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

As far as I can tell....This IS dog-napping.......Why was the dog "released" to this women.
Who opened the door to her....Hind-sight, I know.....But I wouldn't have let her in much less touch the dog......Lessons we learn. Hope Mutts and Mom's go out of business!
Ellen's heart was/is in the right place. It is so obvious, even to a blind person, that this dog was not "owned" by a 14 year old......It "belonged" there is a difference. This animal was loved and cherished by a FAMILY......Shame on Mutts and Mom's. You blew it, BIG TIME!

2565 days ago


Marina Baktis of Mutts and Moms should be ashamed of herself. The rescue group should be renamed Mutts and Nuts. She is a nut case.

2565 days ago


Like a lot of animal rights people, this woman is a nut case. None of this was done properly but the question I haven't seen answered is how the Mutts and Moms found out Ellen had given the dog to her hairdresser and her family.
I have always had pets of all kinds but I have personally seen some horror stories involving so called rescuers, including some involving horses and large animals.

2565 days ago


Mutts and Moms
523 S Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105

Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 9 - 6
Sunday: 11:00am – 5:00pm

2565 days ago


#45 Conky, I am a straight married woman and your posting is so should go volunteer for MUTTS and Moms, cleaning up dog careful...please do not get yourself caught up in the broom....after all I would rather be a nice "lesbian" and or that other description you presented in such a vulgar way than a piece of poo!!!!!!!!!!

The dog should be returned to Ruby immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2565 days ago


Let's see, in four weeks Ellen adopts the dog, decides she doesn't want it (how long did that take, do you suppose), hands the dog off to her hairdresser and her hairdresser's family gets totally bonded to the dog. Yeah, right.

Try reading the contract next time, Ellen. Try not screwing over an animal rescue group. How many animals are not going to be saved from being euthanized because you saw a way to get some ratings?

I hope the animal rescue people sue your eyeteeth off.

2565 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

Give the dog back you idiot. You are probably now the most hated woman in America.

2565 days ago


Mutts and Moms ,YOU BLEW IT!!

Having Ellen on board could have increased adoptions for your rescue!
Who knows, maybe she'd have you on her show with dogs needing homes,since she's such an animal lover.
Or maybe she knows of other good people wanting to adopt.

You should have bent the rules on this one! Ellen is not exactly a stranger!

Instead you took the high and mighty attitude! You make rescues look bad!

I really think there are mental issues with you, Marina.

The sad part is, the dogs are the losers here.

2565 days ago


HA HA HA HA HA HA HA bunch of idiots all of them

2565 days ago
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