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Suri Undergoes Training on Life with Paps

10/22/2007 11:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Suri Cruise is the cutest kid this side of Kingston Rossdale!

TMZ caught the adorable Scientolotot walking (and walking, and walking) with her lifelike mother in New York on Friday afternoon on a jaunt through oh-so-posh Madison Ave. The bottle sucking Suri even waved at paps, who surrounded them on their security escorted stroll.

The duo met up with daddy at the Carlyle Hotel, where they were greeted by throngs of paps and fans screaming for the family's attention.


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Shame on you    

I think she's an odd looking child. Not ugly, but certainly not adorable. She'll be even less 'adorable' with buck teeth caused by being on a bottle. What???? She must be close to18 months now...give that child a cup!!

2526 days ago


She is not 1, A one year old is still a baby, Suri has got to be over 2 by now. Both my children were off the bottle by 11 months, It is so bad for the babys teeth to take a bottle that long, Plus it looks bad, almost as bad as seeing a 3 year old w/ a pacifier. SICK SICK SICK!!

2526 days ago


jackiezone calm down i do agree with ya but really breath deep.....

2526 days ago


#9 are you on something????? a two yr old on a celeb dating site umm first off that breaks the law and second quit using these forums to post your lame site think of another way to get your site out as no one here is interested. as for the pic sure the kid is cute but Tom Cruise is a joke as an actor and seems like a control freak Poor Katie used for his pr campaign because he was dropped by his company after the whole I love Kate(ie) trainwreck.we'll see in 18 yrs how well adjusted this child is.

2526 days ago


Sorry you think I'm a freak. As a Kindergarten teacher for over 30 years I've seen way too many kids with rotten baby teeth because the parents stuck a bottle in their kids' mouth instead of taking the time and patience to teach their child to drink from a cup. FYI-Here's some information about weaning kids from the bottle:
When is my child ready to be weaned from the bottle?

In general, children can try a cup at 6 months and be weaned off the bottle around 12 to 18 months. Children are ready to be weaned when they:

Can sit up by themselves
Can eat from a spoon
Show more interest in solid foods
Have an established routine for mealtimes
Why is it important to wean my child off the bottle?

Children using bottles are more likely to develop tooth decay.
Children who drink from a bottle may have improper dental development.
Children who depend on bottle feedings may not consume enough solid foods to meet their nutrient needs.
Children who are not weaned from the bottle may not develop appropriate feeding skills.

2526 days ago


oh number 15 your a freak too.......

2526 days ago


I agree with 15 she should NOT still be on the bottle (she'll be 2 in April) and you should never put anything in a bottle other than milk, it causes bottle rot. My kids were off the bottle as soon as they could hold a cup. Don't believe me? Check here

Susan Sorensen, pediatrician
By the time most babies are about 9 months old, they have the motor skills to drink from a cup, so I recommend starting then. At first, fill a sippy cup with water and let your child experiment with it. Expect him to dribble and spit — that's part of the fun. Within a few weeks, he'll get the hang of it and before you know it, he'll be willing to take all of his drinks from the cup.

Work toward a complete transition to the cup by about 13 to 14 months. The longer babies hang onto their bottles, the more attached they get to them. Switch to a cup before your baby is too attached, and you'll save yourself a lot of frustration. If the bottle is your baby's security object and he's reluctant to part with it, let him choose a special sippy cup, maybe one that has pictures of a favorite character or animal on it.

What's so horrible about toddlers drinking from bottles? If you've ever seen a picture of a child with bottle tooth decay, a.k.a. "bottle rot," you'll toss out every single one of your baby's bottles faster than you can say root canal!

A child's teeth are susceptible to decay if he habitually nurses a drink with sugar in it — formula, milk, or juice. Every time he takes a drink, natural bacteria in his mouth feed on these sugars and attack the teeth for 20 minutes. If he's taking sips from a bottle every few minutes for an hour, his teeth are exposed to the sugars for at least 80 minutes. Over time, that causes tooth decay. Children are less likely to nurse drinks for long periods of time if they're offered in sippy cups.

The best way to avoid bottle rot is to give your child his drink and have him finish it within about 20 minutes. Then use a toothbrush or washcloth to wipe his teeth clean. Never put a baby in his crib with a bottle or sippy cup. If he falls asleep, tooth-decay causing sugars can pool in his mouth for hours.

2526 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

This kid is doomed. She is owned by the Church of Scientology, and they are going to take most of the money she will make/inherit. She will be controlled her entire life. Very sad.

2526 days ago


I agree with Cindy Hayden and I hate it when people are attacked for their opinion on this site. Suri s too old and developed for a bottle. Is it the worst thing in the world for her though, no.
What I think is sad is that this mom can't even go for a walk with her child without bodyguards. I will take my life in the midwest over that life anyday. I went for a walk with my 18 month old with no body guards and no paps. Thank goodness.

2526 days ago


hey cindy hayden OMG now i think your even more of a freak, im soooo glad that my child is not in your kindergarten class this is TMZ not a parents advice surprised a women of your age and level of education is even on this site, go back and pass out some crackers and milk to your kindergarten class lady and make sure you put the milk in a really large cup for the kiddies......

2526 days ago

LMAO @ you a$$hats    

They're both a couple of skanks!

2526 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Cutest celebrity kid..

2526 days ago


Suri just turned 18 months last week (she is one day older than my ds)! Yeah, she should be weaning from the bottle now, but it's not a crisis!

2526 days ago


Hey WTF, lay off Cindy Hayden. Just because she states an opinion and/or a fact does not make her a freak. I have 2 children and they were both off the bottle by 18 months. This does not mean I'm the best mom and Katie is the worst. I'm just saying. If Suri can carry around her own bottle and drink when she feels like it, then she can just as easily carry a sippy cup.

2526 days ago


It's not ok for an 18 month old to have a bottle..a sippy cup works the same even better for kate being on the go b/c they don't have liners ..just rinse and's time to let go of the bottle....

2526 days ago
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