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Brit's Buddy Has Suit-able Past

10/23/2007 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Britney Spears' ever-present friend, Sam Lufti aka Lutfi, can tell Brit more than a little bit about being in court.

FOX News reports that Lufti has had numerous tax liens brought against him, and a couple of lawsuits. To wit, he was ordered to pay $34K when a San Francisco cleaning company sued Lufti and a producing partner, but he hasn't, according to records, satisfied the judgment.

A check of IMDb reveals, as FOX points out, that Sam Lutfi's career as a film producer ("Bug Buster" being his magnum opus) ended in 2001.

Foxy Gets Tossed into Solitary

But who's really surprised? The rapperista will be spending the next 76 days in a segregated cell starting Oct. 16 after three rules violations at her prison on Rikers Island.

The New York Post says that Foxy got into it with another inmate on the way to a meal on Oct. 3, and the pair shoved each other. Then, she was verbally abusive to staff and finally refused to take a random drug test, resulting in her punishment.

She'll have an hour a day from her cell. Foxy is serving a year-long sentence for violating her probation stemming from an assault last year.

Halle Berry Has a Jewish Cousin?

Halle Berry is seriously contrite after making an anti-Semitic joke during an appearance on "The Tonight Show" on Friday afternoon.

As Page Six reports, Halle was looking at pictures of herself with Jay that were distorted by a computer program. After the first one, in which she has a very large nose, Halle quipped, "Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin." A source says no one laughed, and Jay even said, "I'm glad you said that and not me."

The word "Jewish" was scrubbed from the broadcast, and Halle says she asked Jay to take it out. "I so didn't mean to offend anybody," she says.

Party Favors: GLAAD Calls Dumbledore Outing "Wonderful" ... Robert Goulet in Critical Condition ... Larry David: Art Imitating Divorce

GLAAD is glad that J. K. Rowling has outed headmaster Dumbledore. In a statement to TMZ, GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano says, "It's wonderful that J.K. Rowling would help open readers' eyes to the life and truth of such a beloved character. Rowling's decision to allow readers to see Dumbledore for all of who he is -- and her determination to preserve the authenticity of his character in the films -- will enrich the power of these stories for generations to come." ... Camelot crooner Robert Goulet, 73, is in critical condition at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. and in need of a lung transplant, reports Vegas Confidential. ... Larry David isn't shying away from his real-life divorce on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" -- his fictional wife Cheryl leaves him after he asks her to hold the phone while the TiVo gets fixed -- even though Cheryl is on a plane that might crash.


No Avatar


It's ridiculous that they had to edit out what Halle said- good God, people can't say anything anymore without offending someone. So much for freedom of speech.

2527 days ago

Lenn K.    

Foxy Brown if they could they should put your ass under the jail. You just plain suck. Larry David's wife in real life is a nutcase first class.

2527 days ago


It's the new improved Britney..

2527 days ago


What's so wrong with what Halle said? She could have said 'white cousin' and no one would have said anything. I don't get it. Everyone needs to get off their high horses and gain some perspective.

2527 days ago


Larry David is great!
Oh the revenge must be sweet.
His idiot INCONVENIENT, holier-than-thou ex wife must have been such a pain to live with.
What a great luxury Larry has to get back at her even though not so subtle....
He WISHES she would have been in an airplane so funny.

My husband may have put me on hold over the TIVO repair too....

2527 days ago


Well, when a white man said something about black, they got criticized hard (Kramer from Seinfeld...ect). When a black person said something about the Jew, she should be criticized as well. People just need to be careful when they speak in public, that's all. I don't think she means any harm, or make any hate speech here.

2527 days ago

gone in 60 seconds    

Simply Stunning ! What a fab lady !

2527 days ago


she is half white so its okay for her to joke like that.
it would had been funnier if she made fun of her old nose.

2527 days ago


TMZ must of googled Sam..... another slow day for the lazy..... Tmz, I hate to wake you up, But Half of CALIFORNIA is on FIRE

2527 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

Oh... and Halle Berry is STILL SUPER HOT!
We love you girl!!!!!


2527 days ago


76 days in isolation is torture. The punishment is too harsh for the minor things she is accused of doing.

It is no wonder that many returning offenders are emotionally damaged from their treatment when returning to society

2527 days ago


i don't see what the big deal concerning halle's comment. what, you can't say anything to anyone these days? it wasn't meant to be offending, racist or rude. if she had said "white" or "hispanic" is would not have been a problem; my father is hispanic and i would not have taken offense (then again i'm never offended by anything). honestly, people need to lighten up, it would make this world a better place. she apologized and that's the important thing.

2527 days ago

Ratta !    

If it's ok for Hally Berry to comment on a jew having a big nose, a long lived very negative stereotype for jews previously connected with the ability to smell money... then it should be ok to comment on others having nappy heads. Plain and simple. Where are Sharpton and Jackson on this one? Nowhere? Thought so. Free speech for all.

2527 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

halle offended me

2527 days ago


Give me a freakin break? Jewish? It's a religion not a derogatory term! The ACLU and the liberals rule! NOT! Oh wait, can I call them liberals?

2527 days ago
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