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Britney Pays $4.50 a Gallon for Gas

10/24/2007 7:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears completed her first co-parenting class with Kevin Federline -- and left the Beverly Hills Hotel completely tanked up -- with gas!

TMZ caught the attentive valet at the ritzy hotel, filling up Britney's gas tank as she met with a counselor inside. Sources tell us she also paid to get her Mercedes washed as well.

The price of the gas isn't cheap -- a whole $4.50 a gallon, yikes! That's more than a buck higher than the highest grade gas in L.A. -- but at least it saves her from making yet another paparazzi-filled pit stop later on!


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Britney is news.

2522 days ago


dam man thats like robbery..

2522 days ago


$4.50 a gallon? That's cheap considering it allowed her to bypass the horde of intrusive paps and their disgusting comments.

2522 days ago


The thing is you don't know what the $4.50 covers, If was a gas& wash rounded off including tip and any fees, would be damned good for any hotel. But being realistic, probably not and TMZ makes a big deal of it just like it mattered and doesn't say. PCH should be opened tomorrow so maybe we will have an Exclusive on gas A N D coffee in Malibu.

2522 days ago


It is pretty said that the news has to talk about a washed up singer like Britney everyday. She can't really sing, and it is my "personal opinion", that she is doing it all on purpose just to stay in the spot light! Well at least we have not had to hear about Paris for a few weeks, which is another sad mistake of evolution!
The news media must really be so far out on a limb that they actually really believe, that the average American citizen who has enough worrys about, such as, bills and riseing prices of gas, food, medical care, cutbacks and layoffs at work, rising taxes, raiseing their families, and escaping Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Fires, and Earthquakes, really give a crap about what is happening to these sorry excuses for what is supposed to be some kind of role model for our younger generation. One thing for sure, is that MOST Americans could really give a dam, what is happiening to anyone else as long as it is not happening to them!

2522 days ago


Brittany sure goes through a lot of gas! Seems she is filling up every day. Why doesn't she just stay home and take care of her family . She can afford to have everything delivered why the nonstop outings??? She clearly seems to love all of the negative attention.....

2522 days ago


"Drop dead". WOW. Reading about someone means that person should drop dead. Get a life and get off the internet.

The lame part of this is that its here at all. Hundreds of troops dying in Iraq, threats of third world war by President Loon. Children without healthcare. Maybe you folks should start reading about that instead of a celebrity who can't move without photos being shot.
Wonder how anyone else would fee about that kind of scrutiny.

2522 days ago



2522 days ago


Wow ..... Stop the presses... Britney ( I make $750,000 per month in residual income) Spears paid $4.50 per gallon for full serve. Shut the f**k up!
Everyday people in Europe pay almost $10.00 per gallon. Soon Everyone will be paying $4.00 per gallon here anyway. Lets keep things in perspective. I would buy her tank of gas if it would keep these idiotic stories out of the press.

2522 days ago


Be sure to let us know when she pays $4.75 a gallon! Inquiring minds want to know!

2522 days ago


$4.50? she's a star. she can afford. what i'm tired of is the papsmearazi following this girl needlessly around and running over her career with over exposure. now, why don't they all follow zac efron?

on maui regular gas is currently $3.57 per gallon. here on maui we are all stars'.

2522 days ago


I can't believe I wasted 35 seconds of my life reading that article

2522 days ago


Frequent Miles??!! After all she is a celeBRITy!!!!!!! britney this britney that !blah,blah,blah......

2522 days ago


This girl has gotten a slap in the face by the paps media, because she is young and famous and this is what sells. But media its time to zipitZipitGood now.. give her a chance to become again what she originally started to be..a good role model, 2 of my kids still look up to her but my boy said she is a Ho, Do you really think she should be spit on like this to be called a ho? I wonder why he thinks this...Leave her alone a bit before you steer her wrong because you want to sell your story and pay for your gas.
Britt, slow down a bit moderazation is a good. Also stop watching and reading the overimbellished crap they say about you for now and dont worry about fame. As far as paying to much for gas...dont blame her, blame our good presidents' friends and yourself if you voted for his friends. We are getting ripped off also...cant you see this, focus on this, and make the right companies pay to clean up the war they created, I think they can afford it. Bush I think is under control by leaders that are in certain clubs. Believe me, many Texans are good people take a sunday drive and see if you can afford gas or afford to stay sane. I even think these clubs do mean well but fell off track and cant see what could happen when they are brought to the light. Please Wakeup USA the sheep are falling!!

2522 days ago


So many news related to him on . Who care ? Hope she can make right decision soon.

2522 days ago
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