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10/26/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Boy was that ever worth it....geesh....time to officially get a life!!

2491 days ago

I love it!    

Ok It's over! Now I can die. LMAO

2491 days ago

Sexy Rexy    

Funny how the paps held their cameras up and snapped the darkness as the garage door closed, even though Brit had been in the building for over 30 seconds. Perhaps they were trying to take a picture of her exhaust?

2491 days ago


I saw her! I saw her! The most amazing 4 seconds of my LIFE...

I mean, wait, what? I can't believe I sat here waiting. I need a life.

2491 days ago

So, is that it? Show's over? Should I let out a large exhale and light up a cigarette now?

2491 days ago


What is up with that Grey car?

2491 days ago


#84 Denise

Shut up, stupid! She OD'd in a Vegas hotel room the weekend she married childhood friend Jason Alexander for a whopping 72 hours. Her friends admitted that she got hooked on eXtacy in 2002 - LONG before she ever met Federline.

How about becoming concerned that Britney grow up & take responsibility for her own actions - and then her children? How about that???

2491 days ago


Awwwww, my little camera wasn't working. I missed it. So she was wearing "those" boots huh?

Hey, comfort is comfort. They are broke in by now. She needs to be comfortable because that courtroom is going to be HOT!

I say let the lawyers do the shouting and then put chewing gum in their chairs before they sit back down.

2491 days ago

just wondering    


2491 days ago


Kevin federline did not interdouce drugs to Britney sorry hardcore Britney fans you need to stop Blaming Kevin Federline and start Blaming Britney for doing drugs after all Britney she is grow woman 25 and she Knew doing drugs are wrong and Britney is reposonsible for her actions so it Britney fault for doing drugs no one eles But B.R.I.T.N.E.Y herself force .

2491 days ago

Well, maybe if they had closed the garage doors and locked them once she was in, they could have killed her w/ exhaust fumes. :-P~@ Okay, THAT was too cruel. Nice boots, Brit.

Hey, Harv, will this be available on TiVo later on?

Rogers Cable no longer will rent SD PVRs... only HD ones. Scientific-Atlanta crap.

2491 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

drugs should be legal the us laws against them r mostly biblical morality and a violation of our civil rights they may have used weed in biblical times neway.u guys should stop,picking on poor innocent brit!!!!!!!!!!she might be nicer and more loving 2 the kids weather she uses opiate laced lolys or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

2491 days ago


Ok...........I'm done taking a missed the whole thing. :O)

2491 days ago


Hey dumb-asses - your other post says she's in the courthouse already. So take down the effing stream which oh my goodness wasn't working at the moment she actually entered the building. Jesus, can you idiots do anything right?

2491 days ago


Is she wearing her panties?

2491 days ago
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