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Lindsay Lohan Shops, Doesn't Drop

10/27/2007 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The new and (possibly) improved, Lindsay Lohan was out shopping, and a crowd of cameras snapped at the former wild child. Looks like someone's taking away some Britney attention!

Meanwhile, funnyman Cedric the Entertainer wondered aloud why he's getting all the attention leaving an American Black Film Festival event in Hollywood. The always polite and tatted Travis Barker was out at the Ivy (but no signs of his on-again wife Shanna Moakler), and David Spade stayed mellow and dispensed this pearl of wisdom: "Stay off the sniffy jiffy!"

All this and more in today's "Scratch n' Sniff" edition of Star Catcher!


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I wish Lohan would drop. Dead that is, When are people going to stop giving this insolent, conceited, spoiled, idiot the time of day or publicity? anyone who would run over a mans foot as she did and tell people she can do what she wants becasue she is a celebrity needs their ass kicked. and ignored. Im sick of people gifing these pompous assed celebrites so much attention, Ignore them and that is the best way to teach them a lesson. They thrive on publicity.

2515 days ago


Thu Oct 25, 5:34 PM ET

Britney Spears, "Blackout" (Jive Records)


Just when it seemed safe to write off Britney Spears as a punch line only capable of entertaining people through tabloid escapades, she goes and gets all musically relevant on us.

"Blackout," her first studio album in four years, is not only a very good album, it's her best work ever — a triumph, with not a bad song to be found among the 12 tracks.

Granted, a Spears rave should be put in its proper context — it's not like we're talking Bob Dylan here. Spears is a lightweight singer who only flourishes when she has great songs and great producers to supplement her minimal vocal talent.

But when she has that help, she's fierce. And she gets that boost on every single track on "Blackout," a sizzling, well-crafted, electro-pop dancefest that should return her to pop's elite.

This is a shocker, given all the lowlights Spears has given us this year. From her embarrassing MTV Video Music Awards performance to her bizarre public antics to allegations that she's an irresponsible parent, Spears has been a walking disaster. It seems amazing that she even found her way to a recording studio, let alone did anything of value while in it.

But Spears emerges on "Blackout" as the antithesis of her tabloid persona — confident, sensual, and in control.

"I got my eye on you," she coos on one of the album's best tracks, "Radar," a sexy techno groove that you can't help but bounce to — a feeling that permeates all of "Blackout's" tracks. You won't find any saccharine ballads or fluffy pop on this disc — it's all about generating heat on the dance floor (and if Spears has shown us anything in the last year, it's that she knows how to party).

On the aptly titled "Freakshow," produced by Danja (who worked on Justin Timberlake's "FutureSex/LoveSounds"), Spears gets voyeuristic with a tantalizing promise to get wild in the club. The hypnotic "Get Naked (I Got A Plan)," also produced by Danja, features Spears breathlessly asking, "What I gotta do to make you move my body" before demanding, "take it off, take it off, take it off."

It's not all about grinding to the music, though. On rock-tinged "Piece of Me," produced by Bloodshy & Avant, she defiantly addresses her critics: "I'm Mrs. Bad Media Karma, another day another drama ... I'm Mrs. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, I'm Mrs. 'Oh My God That Britney's Shameless.'" And on the slow-burn, Neptunes-produced "Why Should I Be Sad," the album's last track, she cops to heartbreak but refuses to let it get her down, a rare vulnerable moment.

Listening to "Blackout" is not only an energetic release, it's also a relief: No, Spears hasn't completely lost it, and yes, her career has a flicker of fire left — actually much, much more. But with all the damage Spears has done and continues to do to her public image, will anyone outside her core fan base (and who knows what that consists of these days) care anymore?

This album is the first, great step in making that happen.

2515 days ago

Lenn K.    

If Lindsay wanted to stay low she'd stay away from shopping at all the public crazy places where all the paparizzi are looking for celebs. If you want your life stay away and I mean far away!!!

2515 days ago


Lindsay you are a stuck up B----!! nobody should even give you the time of day!!

2515 days ago


I hate the Yellow hair and the fake tan:( She's a lot prettier than that! Echoing poster #3 of course she's loving the attention and she's flirting with temptation. Sooner or later she'll crumble (if not all along), get ready for rehab part-3...

2515 days ago


lohan should go back to her auburn darker roots..she looks like a fake Paris Hilton wana be...and folks with red in their hair have to be REALLY CAREFUL with the whole fake tanning thing..they only can handle a light dose of it and then sit in the sun for 30 mins to bring on the freckles to make it all look good...otherwise you look dirty or orange..

2515 days ago


Nasty NASTY HAIR..I wonder who is her manager? She did some memorable pop films with her auburn hair and then she went blond with the fake tan and things fell apart..go back to what works!

2515 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Hey Lindsey YOU SUX!!!!!!!

2514 days ago


I am not putting too hope that we will not go back to rehab again. There are just too many temptations given the life she is living. Besides, she is a party girl. Sometimes I wonder what the world has become only 21 and has already been in rehab. sigh

2514 days ago


Why ??????????????? putting on some pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2514 days ago


I thought that it was reported in the news the other day that Lindsey Lohan was broke and living in a friend's mansion ? She still has cash to shop ? The sad part is that she is most likely supporting her pathetic mother and all of her siblings. It's no wonder this girl is a mess, her mother is too busy trying to be a BFF to her and cashing in on the fact that her daughter is a star instead being a source of guidance the way a mother should be. What a mess.

2514 days ago


wonder if that youngamericanroyalty channel on youtube has a sextape of lilo, they got one of hilfiger with a paris

2514 days ago

Lenn K.    

14- whogivsafuk, for the love of God, pun intended, do think that you might need some help. Not liking person is one thing, but wishing them to die is totally one of worse things a person hope on another. Lindsay, might have her faults, but wanting her dead is another. Also, hoping satan would fill her hole is beyond madness, it's demented

2514 days ago

BOEING 787    

It's time to remove death wishing cyber bullies like #14 from forever.

Lindsay Lohan ought to quit smoking, she should make that part of her rehabilitation effort.

2514 days ago

Stefanie McCowan    

Okay, did she get work done? Her nose or eyes or something??? Something is very, very different about her!

2514 days ago
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