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Brit's Halloween Date with "TMZ Photog"

11/1/2007 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood erupted last night when Britney Spears hit the Halloween scene -- with her own personal team of photogs!

Spears, who donned a bright pink Josie & the Pussycats getup, tried to work her way into the party with buddies Sam Lufti (dressed as a TMZ photog), and Alli Sims (dressed in X17 gear), and were met with a wall of real paparazzi. Between all the shoving and yelling, the group could barely move!

The scene was insanity -- but Sam still worked like a TMZ pro, recording Brit's every move!


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Britney dressed up as a dumb blonde.

2546 days ago


That was so scary. I've never seen anything like it. She could have died from all of the pushing!

2546 days ago

NO NO NO    

Most mothers were with their kids last night making sure they had a good time. Even if she couldn't go trick-or-treating with them because of the Paparazzi she could of had a private Halloween party for them. I can't stand this B@#$&. She is the epitome of Selfish!!!!!

2546 days ago


If you want REAL pop music buy "Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong" its SOOOO
much better than Britney's new crap!!! (and yes, I like OLD britney!)

2546 days ago

Frances Shelton    

Why isn't TMZ ashamed of showing us the way their photographers are stalking and harrassing this woman? This is not news. This is mayhem. Not Britney mayhem but TMZ generated mayhem. No wonder Britney is acting nutty and can't get her life together. You won't even let her have a life. If something terrible happens to her in the will have lots of fingers pointing right at you. what a shame!

2546 days ago


Who cares?

2546 days ago


Looks like another Howard K. Stern and Anna Nicole

2546 days ago



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head to head league we need 8 more teams

hurry up and join to get a spot!!

2546 days ago


#33. "Most mothers were with their kids last night making sure they had a good time. Even if she couldn't go trick-or-treating with them because of the Paparazzi she could of had a private Halloween party for them. I can't stand this B@#$&. She is the epitome of Selfish!!!!!"

Early in the evening, before this party, Britney went to a private halloween children's party with her kids. Maybe you are in the habit of keeping your kids up until late at night, but Britney's kids went to bed long before she went to this adult party.
Stop judging people you know nothing about.

2546 days ago


Once again photographed with her ENABLERS (Lufti & Alli). I am beginning to think that those two are the main reason for Britney's slow desent into having absoultely nothing. I think that they are telling her what to say, wear & do. All they are doing is helping to create a BIGGER downward sprial into oblivion. Like I have said before her career is over and any attempt she tries to revive it only shows people that she really does not care about her fans or making a comeback. But then again it's good that she keeps screwing up it shows us that she hasn't grown up, has no idea how to be a parent and has no respect for herself, let alone anyone else. It's time for her to just go away, she is soooo last minute. As for the idiot in #14 about how her new CD is doing so good, only as a download on Itunes. The only reason she may sound good to you is because the studio equipment can make even the worse singer in the world sound good. All Britney does is lip synch, she doesn't even know how to REALLY sing. WHAT A LOSER.

TO ALL THE BRITNEY HATERS: Time to maybe start blogging on Britney's site to really tell her what you think of her. She needs to actually read what we really think of this trailer park trash and her enablers.

2546 days ago


You all say that she is dumb and nobody cares about her any more, then wat r u doing on this site? y r u wastin ur time posting nasty comments about her. If u don't like her, then dont get in her business!! U people are the reason that they follow her night and day. Think about it

2546 days ago


Britney just needs to stay home for awhile. It will do her, her kids and all of us a world of good! Please Brit, take a couple of weeks off. She seems lonely. What a sad situation.

2546 days ago


I think the TMZ guys need to back-off!! Come on guys...I don't think any of you animals got any good shots anyway!

2546 days ago


Video crashed my computer before I saw it, but I checked out pics of her costume on another site. Her dress had a big transparent cut-out that displayed her saggy breasts and flabby belly in all their "glory." I can't imagine anything more unflattering. Yeah, sure, she's had two kids and she really isn't obese or anything, but most of us have the sense to cover up our not-so-perfect parts. Does she not have any mirrors in her mansion? Maybe they've all been replaced by posters of her in her hardbod days and she is delusional enough to think she still looks like that.

2546 days ago


Everybody keeps talking about what Britney should do in order to get her kids back, MAYBE SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM BACK...Every TV show, magazine article and news report is on what she needs to do, obviously she doesn't want them back right now. The bottom line is, if she wanted her kids back she would comply with the courts. SHE DOESN'T WANT THEM..right now anyway. She doesn't seem to want the responsibility. Lola is right, Britney can not sing, just like Paula Abdul couldn't sing live but they can dance or could. Britney is disgusting..Whats up with the fast food all day long?? Does she binge and purge?? I new a guy that ate McDonalds 3x's a day and he always had this disgusting odor, he even had it right out of the shower. Eghhh...dis'gusting. She has some serious issues..

2546 days ago
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