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Imus: Tan, Rested and Returning to Radio

11/1/2007 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shock jock Don Imus is set to make his radio comeback December 3 on New York's WABC-AM, just nine months after his career seemed to be in the toilet, after making racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

The announcement was made today by WABC president Steve Borneman who said, "We are ecstatic to bring Don Imus back to morning radio. Don's unique brand of humor, knowledge of the issues and ability to attract big-name guests is unparalleled. He is rested, fired up and ready to do great radio."

Can't wait.


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Hey # 146 Imus didn't blame anyone, he took full responsibility for what was said. He apologized, it was accepted lets move on..
NHH Satire | An old white guy talking 'hip-hop'.

2545 days ago


hey #147 it's DUNCE ANUS LOL

2545 days ago


hey #149 rappers take a lot of heat for their lyrics from AL and JESSIE to, but most rappers hold themselves responsible for the material they release. DUN ANUS didn't have to say those things, he was laughing as he was saying it. his appology seemed like it was sincere, but he's gon always be tainted for his immature acts. Rappers upset a lot of people because that form of MUSIC is edgy, but rappers don't make music to offend, there have been some rappers who's lyrics have brought them controversy. Now, if you want to be upset at someone, be upset with the woman that blew the whistle on him. Oh yeah did i mention, she's a white woman who was offended also, you see, this is not about race, it's about class, don't support support people engaged in this manner, and downgrade others, thats why the two brothers got involved. Rappers took all the heat, he got all the money.people who tune in to him and support him are classless.

2545 days ago


I just can't wait to hear Imus and gang and I hope soon on TV. The crap that they have on MSNBC is just too boring for words. No one can compare to Imus...don't even try. Bett

2545 days ago


This goes out to all of the black racists out there. WELCOME BACK DON IMUS!!!!! That's right he is coming back and there is not a da*n thing you can do or your hero Sharpton. Who gives a good g*d d**n what that hustler thinks anyway. Same goes for Jackson. I never watched Don Imus but you can bet your sweet a@s that I will now. And no I am not racist. I have plenty of black friends. But all of you ticks calling for his head are racist and it overjoys my soul knowing you did not win. And Vivian C. Stringer ,(the Rutgers womens bball coach), you make me want to puke as well. Move on people.

2544 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Dang he is ugly! good thing he is on radio because if he was on TV we would have to see him sooner or later on promos. Isn't this guy too old to be a blonde? YES, he is.

2544 days ago


the origional nappy headed ho, al (TRASH) sharpie ,should be his 1st guest.

2544 days ago



2543 days ago

Not soon enough    

Don Imus and crew can't come back soon enough for me. There is NOTHING to listen to in the morning. WFAN made a terrible mistake in taking him off the air. They said a bad thing and were sorry for it. He said many "bad" things through the years. That's his brand of humor. If you don't like it, don't listen. Myself (an overweight, 60+ year old woman) scan the radio dial in the morning and can't find any station that I can put up with. I thoroughly enjoyed Imus and his crew - even though I may not always have agreed with him. He called his wife "the green ho" on many occasions - that's why I wasn't that offended by what he said to cause this big controversy. If anything happened at the OSCARs or a sporting event or in the world news, I couldn't wait until the next morning so I could get Imus' take on what happened. Craig Carton, part of his WFAN replacement team, has said many, many more hateful things while on 101.5 as part of the Jersey Guys show. This is a free country. I don't listen to WBLS or Howard Stern's show. If anyone doesn't like Imus, don't listen. But don't deny me my enjoyment. I am counting the days.

2541 days ago


lmao at 151 comments "im not a racist because i have black friends" you my friend are a bigot and you dont even know you are. ha

2540 days ago


I saw a clip of Damon Wayans defending Imus on The View at He said that he agreed with Imus's infamous comment and went on to say that women "don't want to do the fundamentals," like cooking. My opinion is that he wanted some publicity. And what better way to get some publicity then to go on talk show hosted by women and say that he agrees with a man making racist and sexist comments about other women? It worked.

2539 days ago
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