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Imus: Tan, Rested and Returning to Radio

11/1/2007 5:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shock jock Don Imus is set to make his radio comeback December 3 on New York's WABC-AM, just nine months after his career seemed to be in the toilet, after making racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team.

The announcement was made today by WABC president Steve Borneman who said, "We are ecstatic to bring Don Imus back to morning radio. Don's unique brand of humor, knowledge of the issues and ability to attract big-name guests is unparalleled. He is rested, fired up and ready to do great radio."

Can't wait.


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2493 days ago


It just goes to show you how far our society is sliding into the redneck cesspool of ignorance & racism. I agree with person who said that Imus should just disappear.

2493 days ago


Oh God if I have to see another nasty picture of this sick man with his sickening tongue out again I'm going to puke. He truly is disgusting.

2493 days ago


I can't wait to hear him again. His shows format is worth a listen. He always has the most interesting guests.

2493 days ago


I am so happy for Mr. Nappy-Headed Don to be back on the airwaves.

2493 days ago

Sick Of It    

To #39-Imus Lover - why are you trying to read on this site; obviously you are blind !!

2493 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

Not only will I BOYCOTT the stations he is on, I will also BOYCOTT all sponsors....big mistake to put this ignorIMUS back on the air......I am sure he enjoyed his vacation, and the big settlement, yeah he is laughing at us all.

2493 days ago


He definitely has a face for RADIO. Stop chewing the gum! Don't want to see him or listen to him.

2493 days ago


Don Imus used to be so hilarious before he became a cranky old man. I stopped listening to him years ago but had seen him on on his morning TV show. It got so repulsive looking at him because he was either looked like he was a cow chewing his cudd or slobbering. I don't give a crap how old he is, surely he could stop some of that nasty stuff and trim those wild eyebrows and get some teeth that fit. Tan and rested?????? My ass.

2493 days ago


Aol. Why is it that whenever I place a comment that you don't like it doesn't get posted. Yet you advocate freemdom of speech. If Imus was a black man calling white, or Jewish women whores he would be off the air without any question. SO give me a break. ANd so what if he and Snoop DOG are friends. Snoop is an enemy of the black community. He like disrespecting black women. Most rappers who talk about women so badly really are on the DL. I'm still going to start a blog to boycott any sponsor who advertises on Don Imus' show. We only need to attack the profit margin. We don't need to be the purchaers of the entire line of that product. With this economy the sponsors will take notice.

2493 days ago

Cheda' Jones    

no one should be surprised that Don Anus has found a job @ ABC. That company is owned by the largest racist corporation in the world; DISNEY. It's only fitting that the chickens go home to roost. He'll feel @ home there and will be back to his own tricks in no time, which I don't have a problem with. I don't care that Imus is on the radio or television, because that just helps me to identify companies and sponsors that feel the way that he does about my people, because they support him with money by paying for advertising. Once I see that, I can just eliminate them off of my list of products that I support and add them to my list of products that my people shouldn't support with our hard earned income. People are together on this.

2493 days ago


In the words of the great Sam Cooke, "Ain't That Good News, Man Ain't That News!!"
To those that disparage the 'Iman', Don't listen to him, you're probably not intelligent to understand the the program anyhow.

2493 days ago


Weird how TMZ picks a picture of IMUS sticking his tounge out..I see his radio show bashing this web site! and folks comparing him to this DOG CREATURE..he is 70 years old..

2493 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Imus, but I am overjoyed he is back. Imus' prime focus will be take-no-prisoners vindication. This is payback time for Imus and he is going after every knucklehead who danced joyfully on what they thought was his grave. Now Imus will be broadcast coast to coast on the most powerful talk radio station in the nation. Hillary, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Pelosi, Reid, et al, you''d better be prepared to have all your dirty little secrets aired many, many times over the next few months. You're going to go to school on what the First Amendment is all about.

2493 days ago


Where did you get that picture, TMZ? Come on, find another picture!

I am so glad to hear the announcement! It has been a long 9 months and the fans of Imus have probably suffered more than anyone involved. A total ripoff. Welcome Back, I-man!

2493 days ago
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