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Winehouse Bombs on European Music Awards

11/2/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was a last-minute addition to this year's MTV EMAs ... but she wasn't necessarily a good one.

The embattled, beehived singer performed her song "Back to Black" on last night's telecast, mumbling her way through the entire song -- rendering it barely recognizable!

Amy did manage to walk away from the show with an award, looking confused as ever when she was presented with the Artists' Choice trophy. For her acceptance speech, she managed to mutter a dazed "Thanks."


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Hey, public figures can't use the media to sell their stuff one minute and then complain when the media follows them as they go downhill. Britney calls the paps herself. Lohan makes money off them. And Winehouse-there are many struggling musicians who don't have the benefit of media attention 24/7 who would give their souls for it. She has everything-and nothing. Pick somebody who needs your help to defend, not drug addled moronic celebrities who waste their chance. Winehouse will die soon.

2510 days ago


OCD The point is I'd drop out of public view a clean myself up. She doesn't seem to want to help herself! You got to want help to get help. If she's that stupid then go ahead and die.

2510 days ago

Nancy Drew    

At least she is not lipsyncing.

2510 days ago


TO # 34 ocd is an idiot

Actually, I do think that artists can use the media to sell their "stuff" and to a certain extent, themselves.

We (the general public) sell ourselves every day at our jobs, don't we?

But does that give your employer the right to put a camera in your bedroom? To follow your children? Can they verbally or physically abuse you because they don't like you or your last interoffice memo? Do you want to sit down to every meal with your boss or take a shower with them?

No. What they do have a right to is expecting that we perform and perform well at our job. Otherwise we get fired. Likewise, if you don't like what an artist is selling, you don't buy.

2510 days ago


Well..that's the first time I've ever heard her sing and I have to say that is NOT a very good first impression..she looks awful, but I've always heard what a great singer she is. Not in my opinion. GROSS!!

2510 days ago


What the hell did she do! That is a BRILLIANT song on her CD. The back up dancers were a disaster. Which makes me wonder who besides Amy was on drugs?

2510 days ago


Watch....... she'll die in a few years of an overdose and the media will make her the next Janis Joplin

2510 days ago


Can ANYONE provide me with a good link to her singing something that your saying is a "great song" or show me why someone would say she is a brilliant artist..I just don't get it.

2510 days ago


she needs to be in TV ads - this is your brain - and then show her picture - this your brain on crack...
She is going to od and end up dead or a vegetable if she does not get help. I'm not wishing her dead - I don't listen to her songs or like her, but it's very obvious she needs something. She looks dirty and skanky - this is NOT a role model that we want anyone to follow.

2510 days ago


TO # 41

My favorite is "Wake Up Alone", followed closely by "Love is a Losing Game" and "Tears Dry on their Own".

2510 days ago


isnt that her baseline?

2510 days ago


I'm wondering something. Not saying this about Amy cause she apparently doesn't want a career in music ...but this is a pattern that I've seen in really talented people. Along with they're eccentricties, they have some major mental issues that usually require some kinda chemical intervention. What is it about being that talented and artistic that is so stressful? I read the list of Artists on OCD's list and it got me to thinking about that. Is it weakmindedness or what. I'm lost

2510 days ago


To # 45 JaimeNTexas

I don't know. I think what might happen is most times it is "too much, too big, too soon".

Remember, seemingly "normal" people's lives turn to crap after winning the lottery that they desired with all their hearts.

The same thing often happens with fame. Once you're there, you're afraid you will fall, you're afraid people won't like what you do and will ridicule you. They are putting everything they have on the line. They are judged by the press and the public. They feel they have to live up to their own hype and to our (the public's) demands every minute. A flop hits them very hard.

Having "everything" is really not cracked up to what it should be. Even strong people crack. We just do it more privately.

2510 days ago

beware of big dark HERPE caves    

I dont see anything wrong!!!!!!!!! Amy is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I love you Amy!!!!

2510 days ago


She sounds like everyone else ... incredible voice my ass!!!!!!!!
SHE WAS ALL COKED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, they let her on. Go MTV you piece of crap network!!!!!!

2510 days ago
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