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Winehouse Bombs on European Music Awards

11/2/2007 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amy Winehouse was a last-minute addition to this year's MTV EMAs ... but she wasn't necessarily a good one.

The embattled, beehived singer performed her song "Back to Black" on last night's telecast, mumbling her way through the entire song -- rendering it barely recognizable!

Amy did manage to walk away from the show with an award, looking confused as ever when she was presented with the Artists' Choice trophy. For her acceptance speech, she managed to mutter a dazed "Thanks."


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Hello! She was still standing upright at the end of that song. That makes it one of her better appearances.

2548 days ago

tony incognito    

Coked out of her mind. Did you see her mouth when she couldn't speak. Happens to me every weekend.

2548 days ago

bag lady    

Ms. Mush Mouth.....just think people pay to hear that crap.

2548 days ago


I just feel bad for her back-up dancers - they always seem to work harder than she does, and you KNOW they don't get paid as much for their effort!

2547 days ago


OCD>>>I have listened to the music over and over and I still get nothing. There is very little talent there. Wait a second let me check again just for you................Still nothing. So she is a talentless crackhead who will OD soon you moron. You obviously don't have the intellect or the ear for talent. And you #31(NO MUSLIMS FOR PRESIDENT) Why don't you just shut your piehole. Noone squeezed your head for information.

2547 days ago


Amy Winehouse is a brillant talent and a bright star. Her voice is amazing. Everyone who puts her down for the way she dresses (her trademark beehive, eyeliner and ballet slippers) go take a good long look in the mirror. I know you guys aren't perfect. Maybe tearing Amy apart and nit picking about her looks is your way of avoiding your insecurities and imperfections.

2547 days ago

Mandy Moore Armpit Pics    

she's really good in singing,, hope she'll control herself in her vices..

2547 days ago


To # 53 Beefcakes

If you don't like her singing, then that works for me. That's why there are lots of different choices out there. She does have quite a lot of fans, actually.

As far as responding to the rest of your *ahem* "comments"....I think I'll take a pass.

2547 days ago

just wondering    

...SAD...I hope she gets help sooner rather than later...never good endings with these habits!!!!!!!!!!!!!...a real shame!!..keeping my fingers crossed for her!!

2547 days ago

just wondering    

..OCD...GLAD u passed on that one!!!!...not worthy of ur wisdom!!!!!!!!!..what a fool !!

2547 days ago


Wisdom? You are the fool jr. Don't show the world your ignorance as well. Why aren't you in your room listening to HOOKED ON PHONICS? It may work for you.

2547 days ago

just wondering    

...sometimes I get a good chuckle at the most unexpected places!!...thanks Beefcakes!! hahaha

2547 days ago

Sad for her    

She will never make it to 30.

2547 days ago


AW, come on, Amy! Don't throw away your life! You have been given the gift of an amazing talent - don't give up!

2547 days ago


Uh, OCD, celebrities like the ones I mention CALL the paps, court the paps, live for the paps. You don't want them in your life, you don't have them-witness affleck and garner, or tom cruise, or even rosie odonnell. You don't see them going to the freaking gas station every five minutes. The people you feel so sorry for are people who choose to live in the public eye-with the paps. You perform high, you get some scrutiny. Plenty of people have sordid lives off camera, but you never see it because they never show it. They don't call the paps when they're thinking of going to the bathroom. People who complain about it are either stupid, like you, or people who like it and court it and then when it turns against them, get miffed.
I refer you to real actors, like Michael j Fox, or Matt Damon, or even a singer like Aguilera-they have real lives.

2547 days ago
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