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The Beatle and The Eagle Still Got It!

11/6/2007 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras caught up with former Beatle Ringo Starr with wife Barbara Bach and Eagle Joe Walsh at II Sole on Sunday. Mega legends unite! Also out in L.A.: Ricky Bell and Johnny Gill from New Edition at Mr. Chow. It must have been blast from the past night in Hollywood! Look how great the old crooners are holding up!

From the sublime to the sub-human; Gummi Bear-san did an unnecessary shout-by on photogs, yelling, "Konichiwa!" as he drove around being, well, Gummi. LC from the "Hills" was seen leaving a club.

And in NYC, movie mogul Steven Spielberg posed with a fan. All this and more in today's Way-Back Machine edition of Star Catcher.


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Internet Website Designs    

i love ringo - and oh, FUUUUURST BEACHES!

2511 days ago


Speaking of unnecessary, how in the name of Keanu Reeves did Gummi Bear make it in a story about Joe Walsh and Ringo Starr? He must be paying you well for the publicity he gets, which, as far as I can tell, he only gets here.

2511 days ago


I thought Ringo Starr was dead! I thought all the guys from that bug band were dead, except for Paul!

2511 days ago


Ringo goooood
Gummi baaaad..

2511 days ago


Today they are mega-legends. Yesterday, Neil Young was scary. TMZ is so unprofessional, in their reporting. Their personal feelings, and lack of knowledge wavers daily. I know this is a dumb site, but the reporting really bugs me.

2511 days ago


The Beatles music is bubblegum purple barney music and those who listen to it are burnouts from the 60's. Joe Walsh looks like he's thinking, I can believe someone still buys our crap. See: P.T. Barnum..............

2511 days ago


I have always loved the Beatles. I always wanted them to perform together again, but with John's and George's untimely deaths, that hope ended. I love Paul McCartney the best now, yet I certainly check out stories on Ringo, too. It's too bad that you don't have a photo of Ringo for us.

2511 days ago


Beatles never had it. There music was very lame. Always out of tune. Don't know how they made it. But they did. But there music is STILL better than todays thump& hump music. Rap is crap. The 50's and 60's music, was the best time in music history. Black music was good also back then. Now, it's not music anymore. What a mess, they have made out of music.

2511 days ago

Rockin must be a 14 yr old who buys Twitneys crap music

2511 days ago


Mikey - First off, anyone with the name Mikey shouldn't be allowed to comment on anything rock n' roll related for starters, but second, by suggesting the Beatles music bubblegum you lost what remaining credibility you had (which wasn't much). I suggest you go back to your power rangers site and pleasure yourself.

2511 days ago


Joe Walsh looks kinda like Bill Maher in that pic.

2511 days ago

tim bowles    

the eagles and the beatles are 2 of rock's greatest, most influential bands. in a world of music that has spiraled down into the toilet with meaningless rap that is crap, people long for yesterday's bands that actually said something thought provoking in their lyrics, not profanity ,like todays non talent , inner city, garbage.

2511 days ago

L in SF    

Sadly, the great Eagles sold out to bad asses Wal mart, and I will not by their new cd which I would love to have. I refuse to support even for a measly $16.00, a company that purposefully screws it's own workers, every single day, year after year, plus lets workers from other countires live in poverty, as they make their crap...As a whole, country wide, Wal Mart workers are the number one user of county, state, and federal 'assistance funding's i.e., welfare. The children of founder Sam Walton, are among the wealthiest in the country, world, all billionaires. Shame. These same middle American cities, individuals who proclaim the old American values, the God fearing, same sex marriage is a big subject for us ( way to go Carl Rove !!!) haters, sold their own selves and country out, by letting the little guy, and the middle guy get screwed and close, as you let these morons with no shame into your cities,a nd you shop there... You get the economy, crap, you chose, deserve...

2511 days ago


Gee, I miss Paris...This post is what one is left with....Paris come home, all is forgiven. !!!!!!

2511 days ago


Its great to see Ringo, Barbara & Joe Walsh looking healthy. Thank you Ringo for openly sharing your experience about your battle with the bottle and that their is more to life than being wasted. You have helped many people and probably don't realize it.

Thank you,
Steve C.

2511 days ago
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