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Eva Gives Her Pie to Writers

11/7/2007 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Longoria braved the picket line yesterday -- and momentarily distracted striking writers by giving them pizza. This was not the bigger piece of the pie writers were asking for, but they took it.

Longoria -- who was filming a few final scenes for "Desperate Housewives" before production shut down because of the WGA strike -- was attacked by the sign-holding bunch on Wisteria Lane.

Eva later joined the line with other celebs like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes.


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All dirty jokes aside, I'd take anything that Eva Longoria-Parker would give me! LOL!

2549 days ago

get naked    

i hate dominos.
pizza hut and of course papa john's are much better

2549 days ago


Good... I was thinking she could only give them VD.

2549 days ago


Wanda Friggin-Sykes??? She has no other gig anyway. Perhaps she is being paid to picket

2549 days ago


interesting that Eva should be giving out Dominoes Pizza - they are notorious for paying under minimum wage and not allowing unions.
hypocrite???? me thinks so

2549 days ago


how did they attack eva please fill us in tmz?

2549 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Eva shows some class because she knows that she would have NEVER found the success that she is enjoying if it wasn't for the creators and the talented writers who make her show popular and worth watching. With the bundles of money in Hollywood, it's only natural that these Democratic hack studio executives want to keep every last penny and pay the writers and production staff as little as they can get away with. Why? Because they are the typical greedy pinheads that just love to call themselves Liberal Democrats. I hope the strike lasts forever and they pay out their nose.

2549 days ago


Its good to see that she ACTUALLY does care!!!!!

2549 days ago


Do you mean to tell me that Hollywood is crippled by a bunch of nerds writing jokes? Well one thing for good is that they at least got out of their offices and got to see Eva handing out pieces (of pizza I presume). I bet most of them went right back in to their little cubby rooms and whacked off!

2549 days ago


Ohhhhh... Eva, my love...

2549 days ago

Emma J    

What's not being mentioned here is that she's doing this to try and fix a major faux pas she made last week.

James Denton was on the Johnjay and Rich morning show last week, and mentioned that on the last day of filming "Desperate Housewives", they were discussing the upcoming strike and Eva said that was happy it was coming because she could use the break. Supposedly it caused some sort of stink and next thing ya know, she's showing up on the picket lines to pass out pizza.

I belive a podcast of the conversation is on their website.

2549 days ago


Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared to be almost militant. Not an attractive side of her. Clearly Dreyfus and Tina Fey were ready to pounce on Longoria because she wasn't towing the line like they thought she should. They snapped her right in line. How obnoxious of them!

2549 days ago

who dat    

This is a publicity stunt. Longwhoria saw that midget Paneteri do it a few days ago.It's a cheap way to get her picture splashed over the internet. There was probably 80 strikers and she shows up with 2 pies. She is a phony.

2549 days ago


2 pizzas... are better then none some celebrities don't give a s*** so THANK YOU EVA!!!! and CHASE i heard it was actually 10 pizzas! I'm pretty sure thats more then what you have done!

2549 days ago


#7 I think you need to go back to the looney tune house for observation and make sure you take all your med's! You really are sooo funny and sick...poor child of God. At least Eva has class and that is more than i can say about you..poor poor sad you. I think you really are sad at the physo sissy. Eva needed no help getting to where she is at her looks tell it all she is beautiful and sexy and has a wonderful husband and family...sooo take a chill pill and chill out! Don't be a hater! Democrats rock!!! Republicans ruin.....our nation especially bushbackstaber....

2549 days ago
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