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Ro Show a No Go: "We Were Close"

11/8/2007 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rosie O'Donnell may have scotched her chance at a primetime gig on MSNBC -- by blabbing about it in public.

On her blog, Ro says that a deal to host a live hour-long show on MSNBC was "almost done," when she "let it slip" at a talk in Miami, "causing panic on the studio end" and killing the opportunity. Rosie didn't seem too broken up about it: "Just as well ... bashert -- as we say," says the Irish Ro. (Bashert is Yiddish for "as it was meant to be.")

FOX News' Roger Friedman reports the breakdown was all about the Benjamins, and the length of Rosie's contract.

Conan's Scary Stalker – Catholic Priest

It's something out of a Conan O'Brien sketch -- a nice red-headed Catholic boy from Boston gets stalked by not-so-nice Catholic priest from Boston.

And, in fact, David Ajemian, a Boston priest, was arrested last week while trying to get into a taping of NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Father Ajemian has allegedly been sending the TV host "threatening emails, postcards, and letters" for over a year.

The priest is under psychiatric evaluation, and faces charges of aggravated harassment and stalking. Conan has not yet been examined.

Party Favors: Eagles Beat Britney ... Lance and Ashley Shack Up in SoHo House ... Is Jennifer Lopez PREGNANT?

You know your career is in the crapper when your superhyped album doesn't sell half as many copies as those of a band popular 30 years ago. Such was the fate of Britney Spears' "Blackout," which got housed by the Eagles' latest, "Long Road Out of Eden," 711,000 to 289,000 in first-week sales. ... Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen stayed at the Soho House together, says, during their whirlwind week in NYC. ... And, finally, *palm smacking forehead*, can you believe it? On the final stop on her "El Cantante" tour, Jennifer Lopez announced that she is pregnant.


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according to rosie she and hulk hogan are alot alike,dumb,white,and on tv

2504 days ago

Lenn K.    

Of course MSNBC wanted Rosie to keep kick down George W, but the word got out and it scared the brass. She is a timebomb and they knew it. J-Lo, no one care about your baby with that little rat.

2541 days ago



2541 days ago

Trophy Wife    

Oh PLEASE... you cannot even put Britney in the same league as the Eagles. They are LEGENDS. Even if it was still good ol' Britney she couldn't even be put in the same category. Don Henley is DA MAN....

2541 days ago


Of course Rosie would spin it that it was her idea not to take the job. (thank God)

2541 days ago


As usual TMZ you can't see past your own hatred of Britney. Seriously, you need to go look on and because there is more going on with the whole Britney/Eagles controversy than you are telling people.

2541 days ago


MSBC are stupid idiots to bring Rosie on there we would just boycott the sponsers like we did ABC and write them letters and put up another web site about the pig! MSBC isn't that low in the ratings yet that they need a pig like Rosie on the air for an hour send her fat ass back across the ocean with the idiots over there!

2541 days ago


1st BITCHES!!!!

2541 days ago

P Diddy says    

There she is my woman. Gosh she should be black she so ugly. Trash trash trash

2541 days ago


As for Roodo...smartest thing MSNBC has ever done....their ratings are aready in the toilet and that just would have flushed them right out!

As for the Eagles, they rock!! One of the THE best bands ever. There is a reason groups like them can still sell out arenas 30 years later, and tons of albums in a digital age. They are among the elite and only a few bands/performers each generation are able to do that!!

2541 days ago

baby girl    

Good! Someone needs to put a muzzle on that b*tch. I bet every morning she looks in the mirror and screams "What are you looking at?"

2541 days ago


6. There she is my woman. Gosh she should be black she so ugly. Trash trash trash

Posted at 9:34AM on Nov 8th 2007 by P Diddy says

Always some kind of idiot finds some way to spin racism into a post .What a genius you are "P Diddy says" .Does mommy know your playing on grown up sites ?

2541 days ago

mickey lou    

THANK GOD! I am soooooo sick of Rosie! She is a loon! I hope I never have to see that fat face agin or hear that obnoxious voice!

2541 days ago


Apparently my last post wasn't accepted..
Here it is again...
Britney was outsold by the Eagles - gee 269,000 copies the first week ...thats huge - also you failed to mention her first single has sold close to 700,000 copies - the most EVER for a female artist

Enjoy your 2nd birthday TMZ - because your mean spirited inaccurate "journalism" is going to be short lived

2541 days ago


SCREW trainwreck brit. the eagles are TRUE LEGENDS who have been around for ages. they are real musicans and performers, unlike this immature brat who can't even FAKE singing correctly. she's a joke, no one takes her seriously. i'm glad the eagles' album outsold her, they deserve it!

2541 days ago
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