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Rosie and Joy:

Together Again at 'Frankenstein'

11/9/2007 7:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Were Rosie O'Donnell and Joy Behar plotting a takeover of "The View" last night?

No, not really. They both just took in the opening night of Mel Brooks' new show, "Young Frankenstein," along with Joan Rivers, Goldie Hawn and Martin Short. Elsewhere, Eva Mendes taught us the correct way to say her name, while Nicole Kidman did her stiff best to pose for cameras.

All this and so much more in this femme-tacular edition of NYC Star Catcher!


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just wondering    

HL...go google Paris in Korea!!!....LEAVE ROSIE ALONE!! hahahha

2547 days ago


Wheres Fly?

2547 days ago

just wondering    

..#32..Kelli..Fly just posted now on Brit..I don't want to repeat his posting!!...

2547 days ago

Love them both!

2547 days ago


Surprise another picture with Rosies mouth open and her tongue hanging out, does she ever shut her trap? IMO She is hideous person. Joy on the other hand at least is entertaining and has great timing for her jokes. Rosie is nothing but a big joke.

2547 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

i love the Ro haters i think they funny. she best! Keep go ing RO . we know the truth about 9-11 and how bushy blowed up the trade centers. make us all you're fans proud to be behind you. you are the BESTT! and we all need to stik togheterher. run for presidint and we will show everyone how a reel presidint should act.



2547 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Hey Colleen, #26. You have got to be kidding. This IS what the American soldiers are fighting for. Stupid ignorant children who don't have respect for anyone. They don't respect Rosie, Joy, the soldiers, our president, their parents, or any authority in general. All they want to do is listen to their i-pods drink their Starbucks, and tell the world how stupid they are. Americans today have no gratitude for anything. The only people who have any credibility at all tend to join the military, love and respect our country in a way that others can never understand, and learn to be hated by our own citizens. Get used to it. Our country is full of hateful lazy and ungrateful humans. And they all tend to post on TMZ.

2547 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

I'd do Rosie & Joy. If you'd like to join in, tell me about it at:

2547 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

Why does she have to move her mouth around so much, she just looks like a crazy womon, when she does this. I can't stand this woman. Her deal with MSNBC IS A BIG no.

2547 days ago


Finally, TMZ- something worth watching. Love to see the stars- but you should definitely work on your sound.
(And stop with the live stream crap during the day, already- it's a big yawnfest...)

2547 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Did anyone really think MSNBC had any intention of giving her a show? Hell NO! Hahahahahahaha! Great publicity stunt though. It got people talking about MSNBC. They ain't stupid!

Ro has serious mental issues and so do her little follower fans who can't think for themselves. I find it very comical.

2547 days ago

judy alsop    

i love whoopie its the rest of them no talent behar and that sherri whats her name has got too big for her boobs acting like a prima donna that poor ex nowonder he found comfort elsewhere she wouldnt even shut up long enough to have sex behar is so dumb but acts like she has a brain i dont think so the rubbish out of her mouth is stupid and whoopie is a wake up to her good on you whoopie keep going but watch your back with these two after all behar led roie into trouble and watched her melt down barbara needs to update her prescription

2547 days ago


rosie was fun 2 watch. whoopie is boring.

2547 days ago


Is the N word or white trash ok? Just want to make sure I say the right things. Send an e-mail2 r troops ok?

2547 days ago


Why can't Rosie just go away? I think she needs to tend more to her kids...

2547 days ago
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