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Rumer Gets a Temp Job

11/14/2007 4:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rumer Willis at the Golden Globes? You betcha!

In fact, the celebuspawn of Bruce and Demi was picked to be this year's Miss Golden Globes -- which means she'll get to help hand out those shiny gold statues. What could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps it will inspire her to make, er, different decisions about her own acting career.

Rumey will next be seen in the comedy "I Know What Boys Like" -- about a Playboy bunny who gets kicked out of the Mansion and joins a sorority.


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She is really cute when she has her hair cropped short like this but with her natural dark hair. She is a carbon copy of her mom. She's a cute girl but not with super long hair OR super curly hair. She has a nice body. And her sisters are cute, too. I think Tallulah has the best looks of all, though. Yes her chin is very unfortunate but just because she has a manlier chin than the average does that automatically make someone lesbian?? Kind of juvenile mentality, don't you think?

To whoever made the Ricky Schroder comment that was pretty funny, tho'.

2536 days ago

the lost    

Sure, let's stop being mean. Rumer must have a lot of talent and class if she stars in a cheap Hollywood whore-pic about a Playboy Bunny becoming a Soririty Sister. That's top class all the way and a great role model for young women. Go, Man-Face, I mean Rumor!

2536 days ago


oh that's just great! i wanted to watch to golden globes but now it's going to be difficult.....

2536 days ago


Take Dat~it's more like 3x5 features on a 8x11 face. She's so fugly with that lantern jaw. The only reason she's talked about is that she's the spawn of aging has beens.

2536 days ago


OMFG 4 that is soooooooooo funny..Yeah dude she is FUGLY! I am not even a movie star and my kids are better looking than her....she is one booty looking be-atch...kinda like Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley's kid another DOG!!!!!!!!!!

2536 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Is the new pic called 'Frankenbunny'?

2536 days ago


Dude she must not have any mirrors in the u ever wonder if these people get on this site and read what the ol' common folk think of them? I think if they did half of them would never leave the hosue!!! It's sfunny because the majority of us common folk all think alike!

2536 days ago


DoneWith~I wonder the same thing and I hope they do (read the comments)~Rumer Willis is just a celebrity's fugly kid, no talent, no merit, just sperm and egg. Madonna's daughter might have a chance, at least in the looks department, that is if she takes care of the unibrow.

2536 days ago


This unfortunate young woman inherited none of her mother;s beauty, nor her father's talent. I don't see her ever opening a movie - the kid lacks "the spark." There are, however, many exciting positions behind the scenes, especially with the aggressive advent of CGI. Editing has become a blast! Perhaps Rumer could be happy behind the scenes.

2536 days ago


Why is anyone giving this not-that-pretty girl any press? Because she's the daughter of celebrities? It doesn't mean she's talented; in her case, she's not. She's another of the pair-ASS clones, who are trying to get by on their last name. She hasn't done anything of notice, yet she will be at the Golden Globes. How stupid; another no-talent who's famous for being famous.


2536 days ago


This dumb know-nothing little girl was just quoted as saying "I'm famous now; I didn't realize it, but being famous is a 24 hour a day job". She's famous? For what? Not for acting, that's for sure. Can't sing. Is FUGLY; she got the top of Demi's head, and the bottom of Bruce's. Can't dance. Can't play a musical instrument. Her claiming to be famous is the height of arrogance & self-centeredness.

ATTN, ARROGANT LITTLE GIRL: You're not famous; you haven't done anything to merit being famous. My suggestion is, go back to school & get a real education & a career. You're not pretty enough to make it in Hollywood, unless you turn to porn (you'll be in good company; BLOW-han, pair-ASS & SLUT-ney are headed there)...

2536 days ago


I would rather stare at road kill than look at this chick. She is nauseatingly ugly.

2536 days ago


NO MORE BLONDE! Looks about as cute as it did on your mother!

2536 days ago


Looks a bit homely. Bless its heart.
Didn't they get that pic from
She's a piece-mill disaster.

2536 days ago


That's just a bad picture. But Rumer is the spittin image of Demi.

2536 days ago
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