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Amy Winehouse -- Oh No She Didn't?!

11/16/2007 3:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Did Amy Winehouse just do what we think she did?!

Finally, an answer to what's going on inside Amy Winehouse's mess of a beehive.


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I know that everyone wants her to be doin secret lines she is keeping in her hair, but it looks like she is wiping her nose, then putting the kleenex up her sleeve then crying. As cool as it would be if she was doin coke on stage, that isnt happening here.

2502 days ago


She is a low bottom druggie and should have arrested when she walked off the stage. How dare she do that in front of an audience but it's just one sign of how low she has sunk.

2502 days ago


She did a line but tried to make it look like a kleenex....where did she come from? She is so ugly and stupid and skinny.....

2502 days ago


Yes, because Kleenxes come with screw tops....she was clearly screwing the top back onto something at the end.

2502 days ago


Yeah I'm pretty sure she was wiping her nose. If you look close enough, she doesn't have anyting in her hand when she pulls it back down from her "Hair"hive.

2502 days ago


Why is this dope head cracked-out alcoholic still relevant?"

2502 days ago


Some of you seem to have a lot of knowledge about doing drugs. As someone who has never done drugs (yea, I find that hard to beleive too, just never have), it looked like a nose wipe to me. I've seen my grandmother do the samething dozens of times (unless she was doing a little stuff too? That would explain all those house-sized afgans she made, hummm)

2502 days ago


When she pulls her hand down from her hair it's up her left sleeve and then she pulls down her right sleeve and put in there and does her bumb.

2502 days ago


The bee hive is a cover for a columbian coke factory. plenty of room

2502 days ago

Lou Lou    

Looks like she was snorting something to me - why would she pull her sleeve down to blow her nose into a kleenex?!? She wouldn't. She was hiding whatever she was snorting with her sleeve. She is a sorry excuse for a performer. I cannot imagine paying one dime to see her "perform." Pathetic. She needs help, and I don't understand how all these people behind her just keep on, show after show, as if nothing is wrong. HELLO!!!!!!!!!

2502 days ago

Lou Lou    

#61 writes, "Clearly a nose wipe. I don't think she's THAT stupid."

Addiction has nothing to do with intelligence.

2502 days ago


At first I thought she was wiping her nose. But you can clearly see her screwing the cap back on something after fiddling with her nose. She definitely snorted something.

2502 days ago

Pap Hater    

She didn't do blow, she wiped her nose on her sleeve people.

2502 days ago


Well I'd consider it a Kleenex if she said something prior to that, oh say, like "excuse me, gov'nah, but I got me a bit of a cold tonight!"

Otherwise, she looks so freakin out of it I am thinking she knew just what she needed!!

2502 days ago


people pay to watch this person give a partial bit of her talent to them because of drugs, I'm not sure who is more sick Amy or her paying audience.

2502 days ago
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