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Britney -- Hot for the Help, Again

11/22/2007 9:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's had alleged dalliances with her manny, record producers and professional escorts, and now Britney Spears may be hooking up with a guy who serves her food.

Life & Style reports that Brit has fallen for one Michael Marchand, a waiter at L.A.'s Mirabelle restaurant. The mag says that Brit fell for Michael earlier in the month when she had dinner at the eatery, and that "the chemistry was immediate." Since that night, the two have been on "at least" one date at Brit's mansion, and went out together a couple nights ago, at Mirabelle.

What's next – Brit bedding a paparazzo? Stay tuned.

Shaq's Soon-To-Be-Ex Wife Already Loaded

It pays to be Mrs. Shaquille O'Neal.

The Palm Beach Post reports that Shaunie O'Neal, who is in the midst of a fierce divorce battle with the Diesel, is already worth about $30 million -- before her cut of the split with Shaq. According to a financial affidavit filed in Miami-Dade County, Shaunie has the couple's $25 million Star Island home, as well as a $3.95 million pad in Orlando, but only $450,000 in cash and stocks.

Shaq has alleged that Shaunie has been "secretive" about her funds.

Party Favors: Pitt Pulls Out of "State of Play" ... Manson Makes "Sick and Disturbing Purchases" ... Charmin Copywriters Squabble Over "Squeeze" Credit

Brad Pitt has ditched the high-profile flick "State of Play," reports Variety, in which he was meant to lead a cast including Helen Mirren, Edward Norton, and Rachel McAdams -- and the battle over Pitt's withdrawal is going to get ugly. Brad reportedly quit over differences in the direction of the script. ... Marilyn Manson is being sued by former bandmate Pogo Bier for squandering the band's earnings, and yesterday, Bier added more fuel to his fire, reports Page Six, alleging that the freak-rocker spent his cash on the skeleton of a four-year-old Chinese girl turned into a chandelier, among other grotesqueries. ... Two copywriters say they were the brains behind the famous ad slogan, "Don't Squeeze the Charmin," and now they're taking their tussle public. The Mr. Whipple guy who made the line ubiquitous, actor Dick Wilson, died last week at 91.


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2492 days ago


Dang TMZ give Britney a break. Now your making fun of her for dating...


2492 days ago


Britney, ha-What do you expect from someone who has been a hooker since she wa 14?

2492 days ago


Happy Thanksgiving Britney!! I hope that you find LOVE again and make yourself happy. You deserve to be happy Brit!!

2492 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

What, no spam yet?!? And Robin is so Happy she is first! Have fun, because I suspect this is the only thing you are ever first at! Have fun getting cut out of your bedroom by the fire department when you go to that obesity clinic. And Marlyn Manson, your skeleton should be made into a chandelier, right now!!!! Britney.....ah, never least she's got a few days of not running over feet and being in court.

2492 days ago

Old School    

Brad Pitts movies bombs BIG TIME if he's NOT in a Movie with other Stars, he CAN NOT hold a movie up by himself just go check the box office numbers when he stars by himself so he should be happy to be in a movie with other stars for sure and Brad just go dye your hair again and again and again and again because you need all the help to stay young now old man.

2492 days ago


i feel sorry for britney. remember she comes from redneck roots and probably feels comfortable with the help. unfortunately she is now in a different class due to her money and is a prime target for golddigging men and hustlers. she would do better with someone in the entertainment business,. i think her and kid rock would be soul mates...seriously.

2492 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Robinn, wow, you finally said something other than first! And Ha!!!!! Your rebukes have no effect on me! I rebuke your rebukes!!!!! ;-) Is that your best comeback......a homophobic comment? If brains were dynamite, you wouldn't even have enough to blow your nose! Not gay either, just someone who enjoys slamming worthless, stupid people such as yourself! Not a homophobe like you are, but it shows your low level of class and thinking. Don't worry, I'm not the only one who thinks you are worthless. Watch some of the other comments that frequently appear after your posts.

2492 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Ha!!!!! Hey Robinn, they already pulled your homophobic comment!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

2492 days ago

Lenn K.    

Britney story, no, Oh well just another low income guy to get in on that money down the road. Shaq, if you think it's bad now, just wait until her lawyer is finished with your ass!! Marilyn Manson should be committed and then put in a house with Micheal Jackson.

2492 days ago


The new guy will hightail it as soon as he gets a whiff of her feet.

She's too disgusting now for anyone to really want her for her.

There will always be an ulterior motive in any of her relationships. 15 minutes, or $$$

2492 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

Ugh, I knew it was too good to be true - no Britney stories (real or made-up) in over a day - someone at tmz must have read x17. Anyway, I love (NOT) the way tmz alludes to things ...
"She's had alleged dalliances with her manny (sic), record producers and professional escorts, and now Britney Spears may be hooking up with a guy who serves her food." Good step-up, tmz in including the words "alleged" and "may be" kudos. "Dalliances" = n. Frivolous spending of time; dawdling. Playful flirtation." Ok, no problem there - she's young and beautiful, I'm sure she has lots of opportunities for dalliances. Now the problem (IMHO) ... "What's next - Brit bedding a paparazzo? Stay tuned ..." Has tmz dangled a bonus in front of the already money hungry paps for such an event to occur? Why not do it yourself, Harv? Oh, sorry, I forgot. But we'll all "stay tuned".

I would love it if just ONE TIME tmzucks posted something positive about Britney and offered her some encouragement. But I guess that doesn't sell.

Harv, have a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your partner. I'm sure you'll be giving thanks for Britney since she is the one making you rich.

2492 days ago

Lenn K.    

#12 John, let me help you get the foot out of your mouth. Heather Mills is about to take Paul McCartney for millions that Sista as you call her is a a a a white. Joe Namath's wife took him for millions and married their doctor who she was having an affair with, that sista is a a a a white. So dumbass race has nothing to do with a woman taking money from a loser who treated them, or they're just golddiggers.

2492 days ago


There is nothing positive to post about her! Happy Thanksgiving all.

2492 days ago

TMZ Deletes Comments They Don't Like    

Kevin Federline Runs the Same Red Light as Britney


2492 days ago
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