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Heidi Klum Likes Chocolate -- redirect

11/29/2007 6:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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I dig chocolate man especially with nuts.

2527 days ago

Random Guy    

Heidi looks beautiful with my dark chocolate in her mouth!!

2527 days ago

The Marian Movement    

That's just wrong on too many levels. Bet Kermit the Frog had his cream handy.

2527 days ago


Good one Kobe! Yeah.

2527 days ago


Now if she can only use her tongue....

2527 days ago

L.A. Douchenozzle, Esq.    

Hard to believe this hottie hooked up with about the ugliest guy on the face of the earth. What was she thinking? Did she do it just to shame her father? Good lord, what a waste.

2527 days ago


And then she threw up in their bathroom to purge herself of all those bad bad bad BAD calories and Seal spanked his brainless trophy-thing when she got home for swallowing on camera. But at least she isn't talking!

2527 days ago


THAT WAS SO FREAKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2527 days ago


It looks like she's eating a terd! ahahaha

2527 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

kinda reminds me of this sickening thing i used to do...but then again why worry? this here is the first and only time a woman is publicly degraded for something 'sexual' she's done privatly while someone with a camera and a boner were nearby.

2527 days ago


Whoopie la tee da.........most women not only like chocolate (as in candy), but often crave it, so whats the big deal here?

2527 days ago


Geez, Twitney looks 50 years old. Why doesn't she just sign the kids over to Kevin, she doesn't want them, doesn't love them. Even the court monitor said Twitney has no connection with her kids. Give Kevin the money, he actually loves them enough for both of them, and let the kids be raised by someone who will give them stability and love. It's really that simple, and whether or not Kevin is just lookimg for money is not even an issue, they receive love and attention and stability from Kevin, they will never get that from Twitney.

2527 days ago

Betty Boop    

That is disgusting in every way. TMZ does it again.......a new low in tasteless crap (excuse the pun).

2527 days ago


You can bet your a## she knew a camera was on her, and considering the sexually degrading show she put on playing with her own implants, er, boobs, this is nothing for this bimbo. She is an attention wh#re, and she just put on another sexually degrading show for us.

2527 days ago

a fan    

Seal looks how he looks because he was BURNED in a fire!!!!!! No he may not be HANDSOME in the traditional sense- but Im sure he more than makes up for it with his personality, not to mention that he has alot of money because hes a talented singer! Not too shallow are we?

2527 days ago
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