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Avril Lavigne -- The New Britney?

11/30/2007 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last year at this time, it was Britney who was enjoying some panty-free nights with Paris Hilton ... now it's Avril?

TMZ caught the wannabe punk last night at Hyde, Goa and Villa, where she exclaimed, "I have no underwear on!" and then we spotted her later -- chatting with Paris in the back of an SUV.

Avril at least kept what little dignity she has -- by not actually flashing the goods.


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Hang out with Parisite, and whatever credibility you had is gone. Way to go Avril. I used to think you had some class.

2526 days ago

Darth Venereas    

So will Perez Hilton be saying nice things about Avril now?

2526 days ago

Attention Ho    

Need another gossip fix?

2526 days ago

Rocco and David    


PLEASE get away from Parasite! You are way too good to be seen with it. Not to mention, I wouldn't want you catching any of her diseases.

PLEASE, Run Avril, Run.

2526 days ago


What's the deal with Paris? Is it a requirement to wear no panties to party with her? Is it a secret club? What is the payoff for joining, I wonder? Must be one, because I can't see fairly well to do stars hanging out and making utter asses of themselves publically otherwise. Guess we have to wait for one of her frenemies to write a tell-all.

2526 days ago


that sucks maybe she can't afford to buy panties...


jtoutlet * com

2526 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Talk about literally screaming for attention! What a total loser/skank/washed up/hasbeen/wanna be!

2526 days ago


She was joking.. you can see she is wearing underwear near the beginning..

2526 days ago

Go away!!    

Avril, downward spiral happening already. Haven't you learned anyone who hangs with skank catches her rotten virus. Look how well Nicole is doing after staying away.

#6, I assume you are talking about parasite, not Avril here. Avril does have talent, unlike skankeroo. I believe she was best selling female artist this year.

2526 days ago


what?!!? aiaiaiai.... Avril is going down the drain.. next thing we know she's gonna be in jail for DUI....

2526 days ago


I think Avril was joking about the no underwear thing. She won't be like Paris or Britney, she's better than that. Rock On Avril!

2526 days ago


Avril recently just said in an interview on radio station Crave 95 that she doesn't go running around without her underwear on like other celebrities do, c'mon on guys she was joking, duh!

I you want to hear the Avril lavigne Crave 95 interview with Buzz bishop you can still find it on the internet.

Here is a small segment of the Crave 95 interview:

People are like obsessed with celebrities and they’re obsessed with them failing and doing bad. Personally, I haven’t failed. I haven’t done anything wrong. I feel like I’ve worked really hard and I’ve accomplished a lot. I know a lot of people are like getting DUIs and freaking showing their crotches in paparazzi pictures and going to jail and doing all this crazy stuff and falling. I personally think I’ve kept myself together pretty good. There’s a lot of negativity and I have a record out right now. It’s unfortunate that anytime there’s ever big news, it’s always negative. And I’ll guarantee you anything you’re reading (negative statements about me) is false, etc. ...

2526 days ago


Well I guess Paris needs to get another person hooked on drugs, does she think these girls are competition that need to be eliminated?

Paris is a no-talent loser.

2526 days ago


Wow Avril is Hott!

2526 days ago


Obviously Paris alone isn't interesting enough to get her into the magazines. Now she needs another celeb like Avril to draw attention. How pathetic.

2526 days ago
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