Juliette Lewis Gets Her Licks in Vegas

12/3/2007 3:57 PM PST
Juliette Lewis' concert wardrobe: Indian headdress, '80s body bikini t-shirt, stretchy blue unitard.

Lewis and her band The Licks rocked out during a Racket Magazine party in Vegas this weekend -- doing some stage jumping, crowd surfing and drum dancing, all the while sporting a very tight blue unitard. Camel rides, anyone? SpyOnVegas.com caught on all the action, including a little bit of girl-on-girl action going on in the crowd. Juliette, who was once nominated for an Academy Award, continued the party train inside JET nightclub at the Mirage, where she slammed down some Jack Daniels and did some pole dancing.

It's good to be a rockstar.