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Britney Gets a Lighter with Five Finger Discount!

12/8/2007 6:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Though she certainly has the ability to buy whatever she wants, for some reason, Britney Spears decided to steal a disposable lighter from a gas station last night -- and brag about it to the cameras!

The popwreck spent most of her day driving the paparazzi around in circles. When she decided to stop at a Van Nuys gas station for some gum, she doubled back for a lighter -- and just snatched it off a display. Gimme dis lighter!

We'd like to say Britney "forgot" to pay for it, but then she turned to the cameras and yelled, "I stole something. Oh, I'm bad. Ohhhhh!"


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This woman is driving around AGAIN trying to get attention! My God, she stops to buy gum, this woman is addicted to shopping for ANYTHING! And she rips off a lighter, WTF. Yes, Twitney, you ARE bad, and finally admitting it is the first step towards recovery. Of course, we know you love being a trainwreck and are doing everything possible to make sure Kevin gets full custody of your kids so you can be rid of your beautiful babies forever, so no one will really be expecting you to actually get your sorry self together. Human stain, that's all you are anymore, Britney.

2478 days ago


I used to work for a Convenient store, had she stolen an item on my shift I would have been responsible and asked to pay for it - a $2.00 lighter is 1/4 hour pay for someone who works in a convenient store.
She is a horrible person - she really doesn't care who is effected by her behavior. I cannot believe that she would steal something during Christmas time - people need their money for their children's presents. She is UNETHICAL, and that is enough. I remember having someone steal something small like that during my shift and having to pay. It doesn't matter if it is BRITNEY SPEARS, for the struggling convenience store industry that is a LOSS.

2478 days ago


This is a big joke to Britney but it shouldn't be. Someone please turn her into the police to save her. She's going downhill faster than a penguin on an ice cube y'all!!

2478 days ago

The Princess    

You people getting all up in arms saying she should go to jail are ridiculous.

If you listen to her talking to the guy at the cash she tells him she wants a lighter. She paid for it and then grabbed it after she had paid for it and was leaving.

She was only being a smart ass and seeing what the paps would do and like the typical pieces of s**t they are they tried to turn it into another one of her meltdowns. I'm sure she's at home (or some hotel) laughing at you morons right now!!!

2478 days ago


She just wants attention! She wants to be the top story on some gossip magazines.She wants people to see what a mess she's become. She's flaunting it now. I feel bad because she's digging her own grave. She's sabotaging herself. Maybe she's trying to bring bad stuff upon herself. Trying to alienate family, break laws , and loose her kids. Not because she doesn't love them but because she doesn't feel worthy of them. Something like clinical depression mixed with very low self esteem. She's brought this all on herself but I truly think she has mental issues that are impairing her judgments.The judge needs to force her to get some serious counseling and a full psychiatric evaluation.

2478 days ago


TMZ is on a mission to attempt to make Spears look as bad as possible as often as possible. It's quite obvious from the video itself that Spears did pay for the lighter (as 11:31 said) and that she was spoofing the photographers. But, TMZ wants to paint a certain picture, and so we get this story...

TMZ -- give up your obvious vendetta. TMZ is looking more foolish and vengeful by the day...

2478 days ago


You guys need to lighten up forreal. im sick of you guys blowing things up about britney. and number 5 diana if i could i would slap you. what kind of comment was that to make, a dollar lighter should have her kids taken away for longer. grow up people, and people say she has a mental illness what has she done that is just so crazy. those storys you hear about probally are lies that the media just made up. people only think they are true because britney hasnt gave an interview to deny them. so people assume they are true. i havent see her do anything crazy but addicted to the cameras thats it

2478 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I'd love to see them throw the stupid a$$ in jail over a 99 cent lighter.

2478 days ago



2478 days ago


That darn grumpy twitch paid for the lighter. She is just being her usual evil-beat self. Why do the paps subject themselves to her abuse? She is such a freakin rag. Will someone get rid of her? PLEASE!

2478 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    


LMAO..The man gives you candy and free lighters....hahahaha That is the funniest thing I ever heard..That is

BTW he probably wants to bang you..LOL

2478 days ago


I listened to it twice and never heard her say anything about buying the lighter. She thinks she is Entitled! Also, at the end she tells the Pap to go back to his country! Racist much Britney? After the paps have paid for your stuff and been at your beck & call changing tires and pumping your gas!? Please just stay home for at least one week, lets see if you can do it~

2478 days ago


It wasn't a 3 for a dollar made in China cheapo. It was a $1 a piece BIC lighter. My dad BUYS them all the time. Britney is going to Hell when she dies. She has broken the "Thou shalt not steal" commandment. She could afford to pay for that lighter. My dad works at Maryland Percision Spring for $12 an hour and he pays for his lighters. Why couldn't she. I forgot, she is Britney Spears,and she is above the law and doesn't have to pay. Somebody needs to bring this girl back down to Earth. Dr. Phil needs to intervene and fast. He did a whole episode of Dr. Phil Now on Britney Spears. Nobody is above the law, period.

2478 days ago


Maybe she did pay for the lighter, but just said otherwise!

2478 days ago

L. Rush    

Yes, Britney, you ARE bad. You're also NOT very bright. (And I'm trying very hard to be nice here.)

2478 days ago
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