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12/15/2007 11:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Pepto-pink wigged out Britney Spears was in a world of her own this week -- looking totally out of it as she drove all around L.A. with her paparazzi entourage. This one's scary y'all!

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2505 days ago


she's obviously under the influence of drugs. is it that hard to get a cop to pull her over after one of her NUMEROUS trips to some hotel or building or bathroom to do the drugs?
she's not only a menace to herself, she's a menace to society. the least she could do is get a freaking driver to transport her trashy ass and stop endangering other people.
britney is a trainwreck and we can't take our eyes off of her.

2505 days ago

Alana Joy    

I buy into so much of this media crap, but then I come to TMZ and see a video like this and my heart goes out to her. Yes she is dazed. But, she also CANT SEE with a million bright flashing lights in front of her. Which is probably why she turned around and went back to her car.

It's a little bit of both sides, and I do kinda feel bad for her.

couturecult dot com

2505 days ago


what is that dark sht on lower part of her face below her mouth.???? it's always showing....and it's disgusting looking.

2505 days ago

Hidden bedroom cam 4FREE    

Britney could wear pink underwear and she'd be hot. Oh wait, she doesn't wear underwear at all.

Oh well, neither does the couple who put themselves on a hidden bedroom cam. I put the link to their website on my name, if you want to check them out some evening.

2505 days ago


If she is under the influence of illicit drugs, she needs to be arrested the same as any other vehicle operator who drives while under the influence of drugs. This is my Complaint to the the Los Angeles City Police Department Chief Bratten, to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca, and to the Presiding Judge of the Los Angeles County Courts. If this celebrity kills someone while she is driving under the influence - you all need to be sued individually and professionally, and fired from your positions of authority. Those paparats need to be cited and fined for preying on her, being disorderly, and a public nuisance.

2505 days ago

My Opinion    

Brit was a no show at her deposition...what a surprise! Kaplan better luck next year. You might have better luck having a court date at Starbucks or the Four Seasons. Oh yeah...she's been denied access to the Four Seasons.

2505 days ago

My Opinion    

Maybe she didn't wash her hair. That might be the explanation for her wearing that pink wig all the time. Kaplan have the court deposition at a gas station. You might have a better chance of finding her there. I think the pink dye from her pink wig is seeping into what's left of her brains and then what's left of her brains is seeping down into her swollen pink lips.

2505 days ago

Go there!!! There's the real story on Britney not getting in the 4 Seasons at first. She was able to go in the way she usually goes in, just not the back way. She went in and ate at the end of x17's video. I love it how Perez only shows the part he wants to show! Go Britney!!
Someone needs to post this on - For some reason, I am blocked from commenting on his website, probably because I am a Britney fan!

2505 days ago

My Opinion    

Hey Mr.Kaplan! This is Britney Bitch! You're not getting a "Piece Of Me" anywhere near that deposition. Ya"ll gotta give "Give Me More" time to look for my house since I don't have the responsibility and the worry of taking care of my children anymore. My excuses are "Oops I Did It Again" because ya know "It's My Perrogative." Oh noo.!..I can't use those excuses anymore because "I'm Not So Innocent." Please Mr. Kaplan don't "Hit Me Baby One More Time" with the deposition and especially those sanctions.

2505 days ago


That poor girl! If I had all that to face everytime I left the house, I'd be locked up in my house 24/7.

2505 days ago

brainless britt    

Look at her video and look at this picture (You're beautiful Britney) Yeah just a joke..
It's amazing they made her look like the old Britney Can we say photoshop?

2505 days ago

rockin' johnny    

Something's the matter with her. The lack of brains or education and the constant drug-taking have combined to put Britney into a major downward spiral. There is no way the court will ever let have anything more than limited, supervised contact with her children. She is a whore and a skank.

2504 days ago


The baby-ish finger in her mouth must be a little trick she has picked up from her kids - She must think it makes her look vulnerable and sexy. Ecccck

2504 days ago


i think that the poperazii should just let her be i have ben watching ya'll for weeks and its terable she can't even breath she is a ,mom just like me and its wrong and you guys shoulf be ashamed of ur self brit you rock hun just try to hang in there i am a mom of 3 and i no its hard but look down deep inside you can do it they are just wating for you to fail don't let them .

2504 days ago
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