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Is Britney Going Broke?

12/18/2007 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's worth more than 700 grand a month -- she's got plenty of dough! So what's she doing hawking her stuff on eBay?!

Just how much are people paying for the popwreck's stained clothes? Check out TMZ TV's take!


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Party 'till you die!    

Man, fur lined, gold plated handcuffs must set her back a pretty penny!

2480 days ago


To Twit--right on. The people spamming and advertising and refusing to stay with the subject of the thread need to blog some where else--it is getting out of hand!!! Go away, and let us read the worth while intelligent comments of by the way,
people who can spell and make correct cognitive sentences. PLEASE.

2480 days ago


i need to go to the supermarket today....

2480 days ago


LOL, #4 you are my hero!

2480 days ago


You are pretty full of yourself, if you think people want your stained clothes. And I'm sure the weirdos will. It's the weirdos who empower her to to think she is all that. She can't figure out the paps lie to her to get pics. She can't figure out the mother thing. So, of course she can't see her spending habits are gonna cause a problem for her down the line. There will be a day when she has no income. Her songs aren't classics, so she won't have royalties to fall back on. Everyone needs the help of others. Her defiance and smugness will be the downfall of her.

2480 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Thanks nonnie! Perhaps if TMZ had SEVERAL THOUSAND people complain each day about just the Spammers/Spyware people, they would do something about it! I strongly encourage people to use the Contact Button to lodge complaints when they see spammers. I am not sure if they can block or ban these idiots, but if they followed YouTube's lead and installed Spam Buttons, we could handle it ourselves. As far as these Garbage Sales go, strange how we only hear of 'other people' selling her crusty stuff. Makes you wonder.

2480 days ago


a newborn was left in the coldest night of the year so far last night....according to ny1 news

2480 days ago


2480 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Thanks vilzvet! Please lodge a complaint to TMZ! It would be appreciated! Have a good one all!

2480 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

It must take a lot of money to be a talentless loser...

2480 days ago


These spammers are too lame to pay for real cheap to go to TMZ to drum up business. I don't think peopel are coming to TMZ looking for dates, anyway. I agree with twit=loser-----Everyone needs to complain.

2480 days ago

Lenn K.    


2480 days ago


Maybe it's just my bad eyes but I don't see any stains on this particular dress. So, let me get this straight. If you sell something on ebay that means your broke or need money? I bet the millions of people that make good money selling stuff on ebay would beg to differ on that statement. I for one am not an ebay person. I find that website annoying. I like fast results so bidding on something and having to wait then sending payment and waiting for it in the mail. I don't have all the patience. But so what if Britney wants to sell her stuff on ebay. How many idiots do you think will spend 5 times as much as she paid for it on ebay just because it was hers? You know, if she spends money on anything then she is an idiot. If she tries to gain money by selling some of her unused things then she is going broke. I have an idea, why don't all of you that don't have a life and have to live through celebrity gossip get off your soapboxes and leave the poor girl alone. Most people, if under the pressure she has been under, couldn't handle her life and what all it has entailed. Until you walk in someone elses shoes you have no right to judge them. Just leave her alone and let her make her own mistakes and learn from them like you expect everyone to allow you to do. For you New Year's resolution this year why don't you vow to get a life and stop judging others...

2480 days ago


I wonder if Brit's "stained" clothes include that dress she allegedly wiped up dog stuff with at that OK photo shoot..?

2480 days ago


Personally, and IMHO, i think she is jealous of those singers who no matter what they do always appear as if they have done the right thing in everything they do. I think she wants someone to be in awe over just having a dress of hers, A piece od toast with a Virgin Mary incrusted in it gets more attention than her clothing. I think she wants to be perceived for having more talent than she does. I think she is tired of the bad publicity, being called a bad mother etc. (who wouldnt be!)
I think she is jealous that a football player can sell his jersey for millions, and she isnt in that type of limelight yet.
I think she wants to be and have what other stars have and just cant seem to be/get that no matter what she does. I think she is still immature, when she grows up and handles her personal affairs a little more like an adult, then her public affairs might fall into place. She is messy, and needs to clean up her personal life a lot. One can not enjoy her shows knowing when she goes home it's always a train wreck there.

She needs a little more class, she needs to grow up, she needs to do what other successful stars do and that is indulge themselves (and some of that 700k) into more worthy causes such as charities and nonprofit organizations.

Watching her shows, it always appears as if she is trying to win over an audience by how much skin she can show, or how dirty (trying to be sexy, but it isnt) If she would simply try for sophisication and class one would actually focus on her talent and realize she has some.

She has a lot of growing up to do. Madonna did it, i think she can too.

2480 days ago
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