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Principal Cashes In on Jamie Lynn

12/20/2007 2:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CaseyThe principal of Amite Center School, the one where Jamie Lynn baby daddy Casey Aldridge went to school, is pimping out the 2007 yearbook.

TMZ spoke with principal Dan Brewer, who when asked to provide any recent pictures they had of young Casey, replied that he was holding out on releasing last year's annual (yearbook) so he can get a better price. Dan claims "the school needs the money." Saved by the sell!

Mr. Brewer did tell us that Casey was a good boy, but it sounds like the people in Gloster, Miss. are learning the ropes of this business real quick! What's next? His used football cleats on eBay?


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He's just another Idiot    

Hopefully Casey is NOT like gold digging, deadbeat, lowlife, dirtbag, K-Fudergoon. At least he graduated from High School. K-Dud just barely made it out of 9th grade. Casey sounds like he has plans for his future and not planning on stealing money from Jamie Lynn like lazy loser K-Dud is from Britney. Casey and Jamie Lynn might work out after all.

2468 days ago


How is this any different from what you do?

2468 days ago

The Simple Facts    

The spears mother & daughter tag team, did the magazine article for a cool mil not only to cash in on an illegitimate pregnancy -- but further motivation came from lynne losing her book deal. Her being so off, to think she had the wisdom to pen a parenting book, just goes to show where buttney inherited her delusional tendencies from. They are truly disgusting

2468 days ago


Wow - just when I thought the process of selling out "celebs" couldn't get any more tacky or unethical, a high school principal proves me wrong. Priceless. Hope he's not going to try to jump on the "Jamie-Lynn and Casey are bad role models" bandwagon, as what he is doing takes the cake!! Hate to break it to him, but if cash is involved, one of Casey's classmates well sell their yearbooks before he gets the chance. I would be outraged if I was a parent who had a child at that school!!

2468 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 3:25PM on Dec 20th 2007 by TessaKolb

Tessa, please go back to a real school. The word is "principal."

2468 days ago


Wow... I always knew he was an ass, but this is crazy! When he was a coach at South Pike in Magnolia, MS he was always interested in the teenage girls. Maybe that's it. He is jealous of Casey.

2468 days ago

yirmine snipe    

I'm guessing the photographer that took the pictures will be the one making the money.... Sounds like the principal doesn't understand copyright law... the man who shoots it owns it unless they had a signed agreement with the school... and considering most school photos aside from the head shots are taken by underage kids on the yearbook staff, those youngsters can't be held to any contract they signed... so take that Mr. Principal and shove it up your double wide.

2468 days ago


Hey, isn't it a felony when a boy of 18-19 yrs old has sex with a grl 16 yrs old?

2468 days ago


Good for him! There is no reason why the tabloids (including you, TMZ) should make money off his yearbook picture, while the school (which actually owns the yearbook) gets nothing. Pay the man, and be happy to know your money's going to education for once, instead of drugs or whatever else the celebs spend it on.

2468 days ago


# 41 ,rape ???
Please them alone.

2468 days ago


I think it is fare, the school needs the money and we all know that the US needs all the funds they can get their hands into for education...It is a shame really,
One of the most powerful countries in the world and more than 60% of the population does not even know where Canada is.
Food for Thought.

2468 days ago


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! COLLEEN KRAMM is prejudiced and racist! I quote, "Backwards, white southerners y'all!" Go Colleen! I bet that made you feel really good, didn't it! Let it out, sister! Let it out! Unfortunately, COLLEEEN KRAMM is not intelligent enough to realize that the real issue here is about teen pregnancy, and not geography or the color of one's skin. Is COLLEEN KRAMM saying that this doesn't occur where she lives? If she says it doesn't, add "liar" to the list of issues COLLEEN KRAMM needs to work out for herself. COLLEEN, it is very apparent that you need to somehow make yourself feel better, but perhaps you should stick to your antidepressants, huh? Just make sure to take them. Maybe then your mind will work properly. By the way, why are you so angry?

2468 days ago

Vintage '51    

#15 Plug it bitc***. Just curious, do you home school with TessaKolb?If you do, it isn't working. Sorry.

2468 days ago

the world on time    

The entire family is really screwed up! I hope they all rott!!! These people are supposed "role models" for todays young girls are a joke. a sick wrong joke! I wish society would stop glamorizing a child having a child. yeah she's gonna raise it !!! She's got millions at her fingertip! Sad for any 16 yrs old who's now thinkin "well if Jamie Lynn can do it ....." it's not REALITY people. !!!!
As for mommys book being postponed??? Thank god b/c look where you get if you follow momma spears rules and advice on parenting young girls!!! All I can say is those poor poor babies....maybe someday someone real will come into thier lives.

2468 days ago


forget the school,,,homeboy himself hit the poon tang jack pot,,,,i guess some tookies are worth more than others....

2468 days ago
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