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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 1

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

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Bronx Chic    

it's about time they strap her down!!!! maybe get some sence into that poor woman

2427 days ago


She is smiling not because she is happy, but because that is what mentally ill people sometimes do. Look for this to get worse and for her career to end as a result. If she gets "well" she will be medicated to the point that her appeal will probably be lost. I feel for the girl at this point but hope the authorities out there will remove the kids until she is stabilized for a period of time.

2427 days ago


This is what happens when you drop out of school in the 9th grade and are given millios of dolars.

2427 days ago


the other shoe finally dropped...good. at least her kids didnt get physically hurt....menatlly is still unknown

2427 days ago


Its on every news station and channel everywhere

2427 days ago


I don't realy see her smile, she just looks scared! Look at her eyes! I'm not a fan but I hope she will get better soon.. Nobody deserves this!!

2427 days ago


I am glad to seeshe might finally get the help that is needed. I pray for Britney and her family. As for the paps... Just leave her alone you took her privacy and now you took her sanity, you guys pushed and pushed her and now she is LOST. PLEASE!!! just back off let her have some time and rest to get well and she will be back before you know it. BIGGER AND BETTER than before. By the way she looks great in her new "pieces of me" video. CHECK IT OUT! Love ya Brit

2427 days ago

Anna Amenola    

I think its really sad that with all of her money she cannot get the sufficient help she needs. Britney is falling apart and the whole wide world is mocking and laughing at her. Britney is in trouble by way of substance abuse or psychiatric condition or both. Where are her family and friends-isn't anyone going to save her, help her. I do not condone her actions but she is demonstrating a person who does not have her full faculties.

2427 days ago


Oh grow up Sarah. This is not about who deserves what this is the consequences of her actions combined with her latent mental illness issues. Fair has nothing to do with Britney Spears. You want to talk unfair, talk about her poor kids.

2427 days ago


if you quit buying her sorry ass albums & quit going to her freak shows then she will only be a page 2 obituary ad instead of the front page drama bitch queen

2427 days ago


I feel so sorry for her! What went wrong?? I remember before marring K-Fed she wanted to be a mom at a young age. I feel since being married to K-Fed she was holding so much in that now she is exploding!!! Come on he was married and just living the free life and partying on her expense. How many promises has he said to her when they were dating! Let me tell you he did real well at manipulating her. She was young & just wanted to find that right person who truly loved her for her and not who she was. K-Fed ate into that and made her think she was everything to him once he knew she was "whipped" on him the rest is history!! This is what happens to people who do not have the right up bringing and to prepare them for people like this cause this type of things happen to male also!!! No mother wants to lose their kids and now she finally realizes that she has and it sent her more over board!!! True she was spinning out of control she just needs to get the right help and not be forced to get the help. She is like a child rebelling against the courts and the law and really thinks she can get away with that because she is a celebrity! It’s not her fault her life ended this way it’s the parents who put her into show business instead of being a kid and living the normal life!!! I will pray for her!!!!

2427 days ago


She's got issues, but who doesn't. She's no different then someone else with a mental illness or PPD. Let her get the help she needs and quit knocking her down, hoping for her to fail. Karma sucks and those of you who think you got it all figured out, therefor giving you the right to wish failure on anyone guys have something coming your way, just give it time. I've been down the road she's on (minus the fame and being under the microscope, thank God!) and it's far from easy. Recovery is a process and she can't recover in the Hollywood setting. You (the public) are basically waiting/wishing for her to kill herself. Shame on you.

2427 days ago


In respomse to comment 6. There's only so much family and friends can do for someone. She's an adult and mother, she has the right to make her own decisions and therefor has to hit rock bottom on her own. Unfortunately, I don't think this is rock bottom.

2427 days ago


Someone ask where her family is for helping Brittney ? Well it's seems her mother is teaching her little sister on how to follow in Brits foot steps by having a baby at her age and the mom is hawking a book on how to be a parant HA HA HA

2427 days ago


Has anyone thought about the fact that she was halfway normal before she met that piece of white trash Kevin. Her life has literally fallen apart since she met that man. He brought her down to a trashy level and she has not been able to lift herself back up to the level she once was. I truly hope that this girl gets her crap together for those sweet little boys! Kevin does not deserver them. They are nothing more than a meal ticket for him!!!!

2427 days ago
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