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Brit Gets Hauled Away -- 13

1/4/2008 12:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

See the photos again


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If she is smiling it's probably because the paramedics said something nice or funny to calm her down.I seriously doubt she's smiling because she is having fun.

2448 days ago


As a mother I just want to take her in my arms and tell her everything is going to be okay. SHe needs a real mother who actually cares about her not the money. Britney has been terrorized by the papparrzzi and sick media for so long. THey have destroyed a young woman. What is worse this puts her children in the hands of a money hungry selfish jerk who cares nothing for them. He will teach them to abuse and use women. Public stop being jealous sheep led by a sick media. This young woman had her life destroyed by an abusve husband, no childhood but exploitation by an toxic mother and no one to turn to that she could trust to care about HER- not the money. but HER. I have no doubt she loves her children more than anything in the world. She will be a great mother. As soon as the media quits making sure she does not even have a chance. My prayers are with her. I think you suck media. you are the sick ones. Very Very Very sick ones.

2448 days ago


I sympathize with alot of you, but the ones I really feel sorry for are the boys. If Brittany really loved them, she would have sought medical help along time ago. She is into drugs too deep to get off them without being "locked" up in a mental hospital. Looking at those pictures shows that she was so "out" of it that she really didn't know what was going on. Don't pity her, or feel sorry for her. She brought this all on herself. Feel pity and sorrow for those two little boys that are being pulled in two different directions by both parents. I'm not saying Kevins is a fantastic dad, just look at his track record. But he is better than Brittany by a long shot.

2448 days ago


I agree with some of you that this is horrible time for this poor girl. Doesn't really matter what WE (the public) think her situation is as she is the only one living it. Imagine growing up...always acting and pretending to be someone else, trying to please everyone but yourself. It's tough for any "child star" and just because she has grown up and been so successful in the public eye absolutely does not warrant our society intruding on her life. I am repulsed by the obsession and true lack of empathy and understaning some people have toward he situation. I wish her the best of luck and healhty future...and all of you who disagree should consider your own daughter, mother, sister, friend, idol...whatever being in the same position. Damn shame.

2448 days ago


She looks dazed, and she looks like she is under the effects of something! As far as her family stepping up, I think there's some bad feelings there with mom turning to Kevin. I pray for Britney because I'm afraid for her...and her sons. Don't you think seeing this from mom makes them scared? I hope they're getting the love and security from K-dad. I think Britney loves her children, but maybe she doesn't know how to be a mom until the kids are old enough to sing, act or get on a Disney or Nick program, maybe then her mothering skills (learned behavior) will kick in. The judge needs to do something...inpatient rehab..something

2448 days ago


I don't see laughing in the pictures,just desperation, confusion and a COMPLETE melt down.
This woman is hurting and making all the wrong decisions for a lack of maturity. It is incredibly sad to see this and I fear for her life and the sake of her children. I firmly believe she is falling apart over this issue, which probably started when she realized she was nothing but a meal ticket to Kevin. She has lost everything but her material possessions and is in a complete downward spiral. No doubt that she is cracking over losing her children. The sad thing is that she is so unstable by now that she will continue to fall apart unless she gets an intervention. She is in a complete state of denial and completely out of control. Let's hope this is her rock bottom.
As little sympathy I have for Kevin, the children need to be away from her for now. She needs healing and I hope that Kevin will be able to be a positive factor and be helpful by being a successful co-parent once she recovers . For now I guess visitation need to be suspended.
This is very very sad!!!!!!

2448 days ago


Poor thing that smile turned into crying and she is confused and scared. I think people are forgetting how young and alone she is. I have two adult children and two small children I will be there for each and everyone of them. Even if they didn't want me there. She doesn't know how to fight against her ex-husband, he's from the streets and is taking advantage of her confused state. If I was her I would feel betrayed just like her if my mother took my ex-husbands side. I wish I could just wrap my arms around her and tell her everything will be alright. I hope the paparazzi sees her condition and leave her alone.

2448 days ago

Anna G.    

This is sooooo sad I pray she doesn't end up like Anna SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HER. DR. PHIL??????. AND NO SHE IS NOT LAUGHING OR SMILING. SHE IS HIGH ON SOMETHING. SHE NEEDS HELP!!!!!! CAN you all see that She is hitting rock bottom. All you moms out there, you'll feel the same way if your children were taken away from you. you'll go crazy... right?

Same as Brit. Oh Lord, please give her peace and comfort send someone to help her with this storm (trial) she's going through. In Jesus name I pray

I also pray that the media leaves her alone. All the paparrzais .. you desperate dogs. They have alot to do with this.

NOw that she's in the hospital I pray she gets the help she needs.

2448 days ago


She really needs help. How said for those 2 children to have a mom hooked on drugs. It does not matter if she is a star or not she is still human. She got to much to young and is totally out of control. I pray that she will get better and be able to be a good mom.

2448 days ago


Another what a shame.NOT! I hope that I will be reading soon about her suicide success, not her suicide attempt.

2448 days ago


I fear that Britney will be the next Anna Nicole...God help her and her children!

2448 days ago


Brit will be found dead somewhere if she doesn't get mental help soon. It isn't a drug or alcohol problem's mental! She needs to seek long term professional help. I have never heard of anyone so desperate to stay in the spotlight that they would do anything to stay there as she does. Enough of Brittany already! She has gone down the tubes! I can't feel sorry for someone who is on a self destruct course intentionally. Nice example for her kids! Thank God she does not have custody! I wouldn't even trust her with them with visitation rights. I wouldn't leave my dog with her! Her antics are not entertaining. Someone please get this girl a shrink!

2448 days ago


It is so nice to see that parenting isn't limited to only the sane. Britney, you rock you deranged lunatic! Seriously just end it.

2448 days ago

too bad    

i love it! i give her one more year to live

2448 days ago


I feel that it is only a matter of time before we hear "Britney Spears found dead in hotel room." It's amazing how screwed up she is and I agree with those who say it is her own fault. You can blame your parents only so much... Ah and to think K-fed used to be the bad parent?! Moreover, for all of us who love the celebrity drama, we will have a whole new fascination when Brit's 16 year old sister gives birth... I wonder if she'll go crazy too?

2448 days ago
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