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Pandemonium Outside Brit's Madhouse

1/4/2008 9:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Chaotic" doesn't even begin to describe the clusterf**k that went on around Britney Spears' home tonight as the popwreck was taken away to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in an ambulance.

TMZ was there -- and man was it crazazy!!! Our cameras also caught Sean Preston being taken away in a black VW and a throng of paparazzi trying to get the money shot.


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Truth Is    

Didn't Britney have some sort of amphetamine in her system then she tried to blame it on her freaking inhaler? Then provigil? It was here on TMZ a couple of months ago. FAILED!!!

2448 days ago


How do you know she is mentally ill? How? Do you know her personally or do you by into a media lie. I feel she is suffering from burnout and she started young in her life and worked her way up to a great point in her life, until KFED the black want to be. Mentally ill no that is Charles Manson. Britney is tired and i dont blame her a bit. What a great daddy KFED is he is playing games and hurting her and maybe she is distraught wouldnt you be? I guess if i worked from age 3 or 4 till i was in my twenties i would want to let loose a whole lot. Love to you BRIT your very loved and you know this.

2448 days ago

jimmy jam    

While Im not here to make excuses for Britney, cause it is clear that hte woman needs help. But what is it with everyone ( Esp. the media Ahemm...TMZ?) kicking her when it's painfully clear she is down. Those that can't stand her? What's up? Why are you even comming here? Do you crave the attention? The same attention you blame Britney a whore of? Ever stop and think maybe it would be nice to read a few "I sure hope she get's some help, for the sake of those two kids"?
Shame on anyone or any WEBSITES kicking the woman while she's down. Memba.... Karmas' A Bitch.

2448 days ago


Did you all see that jack ass above, saying Spears was "the new Princess Diana"? If I had a pair of gloves right now, I'd smack your face with them! Diana HELPED people all over the WORLD, got MEDICATION for her MINOR depression issues, was lovely and mature for her age. She was an EXCELLENT MOTHER, as her children can attest to. Spears is TRAILER TRASH, we all know it, YOU know it---but somehow...I'm not sure if SHE knows it.

2448 days ago


It's totally clear now that Spears should not have custody. I don't even think she could make an argument for overnights with the children. I predict the judge will push for limited visitation in a secure setting, such as a court house. I am stunned but not too surprised that Britney would become intoxicated around the kids. This will surely sink her and she may even be charged with a crime. A fair result if you ask me.

2448 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Repost,but still think it's true!:
228. I'm betting if she's on drugs it's Ecstasy. Makes you grin like
a fool- even when the whole world is coming down around you! She's
already had a history of using it too. All her endorphins would
probably be shot and add to that mental illness- anyone else see this
as a strong possibility? I just betcha!

Posted at 4:43AM on Jan 4th 2008 by It's about time!
As much as I hate to do this, I'm going to call 1st about the Ecstasy
thing! I haven't read it anywhere else on THIS blog ( didn't read any
others). I bet she was 'rollin' right until they popped some Narcan
on her and probably pumped her stomach and made her drink a nice,
frosty charcoal drink.Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's
funny-especially around children! But mark my words, if she's on any
drugs, that's what it is! I did that stuff a long, long, long time
ago, but never again! Just watch! If I'm wrong, you can mock me all
you want later.

2448 days ago


I guess she was really upset the Mormon didn't win tonight. No magical panties for her!

2448 days ago


This fiasco screwed up my sleep schedule tonight. I live near Cedars Sinai hospital, and around 11:30, there were two helicopters over my place and emergency vehicles with lights/sires blaring for about 15-20 minutes. I thought there was an accident or crime, but no, it was Brittney being taken to the hospital with full fanfare. Were the light and sirens really necessary? What a waste of emergency/police resources. They should send her the bill.

2448 days ago


nuala@40 -- in the nicest way, you're not so smart, now you want violence, just smack it away???

By the way, lose the apostrophes and it's "would have" not "would of" and her name is BRITNEY! Figure it out for crying out loud before offering your awful advice.


2448 days ago


Hopefully they were transporting her to a Hospital for the INSANE .

2448 days ago


I am not going to get into this. Britney is a very talented women. Her mother made sure to get her daughter into a career and Brit is good at it. I feel once again she is tired not mentally ill. Tired of the media and her nasty choice for a husband if that is what you want to call him. Brt brings home the bacon and he knows that. He wants all of her money and i hope to God he doesnt get her money. She worked all her youger yrs away now maybe it is time to rest and cut lose. I feel for her because she is still young in her 20,s and she is probobly confused and hurting and needs love and support from her family and fans and KFED is like a hungry wolf waiting until she is wounded so bad he goes in for the kill. I hope all works out well for her and her children. I wouldnt want to feel her pain at all. Money cant buy everything . I feel sorry for her and i dont really give a damn about KFED and his mind games. He is trash at its best.

2448 days ago


TF- you are right on point. My sleep schedule is screwed too. Is anyone concerned that she has been emotionally neglected through all of this? No wonder she's drugging! But I bet she's eating shrooms... even on Ecstasy that whole fiasco would not be somethig to smile about. Let's pray that she stops endangering others, and that we can all get onto what is really important. A helicopter? Six squad cars and how many police!!!! Ridiculous. What a bunch of wasteful people. We should be ashamed of ourselves for getting drunk on her oblivion. She just might be the AntiChrist.

2448 days ago


Hey Renee, a "celebrity site" is NOT proof. I'm talking "legal" proof. Get it? Please spare me the nonsense because
there is NO PROOF!!! It's all spec, if not she would be in a whole bunch of other me!

2448 days ago


I speak as a parent. What the hell is wrong with everyone???????????? This isn't about Britney anymore, this is about 2 young children that have a very sick mother. I have my own opinion of Britney, but I only wish she gets the help she needs. And the paps were blocking the ambulance that was carrying both a sick mother and possibly sick child, and stalking the other child as they left!! Someone needs to step in and take these kids far far away from the public eye. Somewhere very remote, where no paps can stalk them even by helicopter, and where they can be normal children. Seriously, I am deeply concerned for the wellbeing of these children. In the video where one child was being taken away in the VW, he seemed to be sitting all alone in the backseat, with flashing bulbs surrounding the car, and people running up to the windows and chasing the car, imagine how scared this kid was! Very very sad. They didn't chose to be in the public eye, it's not fair for them to be a target of the press. Can't you all refrain from going after the children? I have been a big fan of TMZ but you guys have to draw the line somewhere and set the example where people should not go, it's not about making money always, we are talking about the life of 2 children!!! They already have enough worries with their parents fighting, cops, ambulances, child welfare workers, and a dysfunctional family you need to leave them alone! Please as a parent I beg you.

2448 days ago


She deserves everything she does to herself. Stop trying to blame everyone BUT her.

2448 days ago
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