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Britney Takes Phil Pill

1/5/2008 3:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

And guess what else we've confirmed ...

TMZ has learned that Dr. Phil paid a visit to Brit this morning -- and she could return the favor next week by appearing on "The Dr. Phil Show."

The show is taping a special about Britney Spears on Monday, which will air on Wednesday. They requested video of Britney from TMZ on Friday.

When you connect the dots, it's pretty clear they are angling to get Britney on the set on Monday.

Stay tuned ...


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She won't show up Phil.....

2453 days ago


Doctor Phil is pedophile creepy. I get the vibe.

2453 days ago


Gooooooo Dr. Phil

2453 days ago


If I had a family member that needed therapy, I'd take that person to a veternarian before I'd let "Dr." Phil anywhere near him or her.

2453 days ago

hahahaha what a joke! come on people

2453 days ago

Jamie is a liar and he/she knows it    

8. “TMZ has even more evidence now that this is NOT a case of substance abuse. As we already reported, we're told Brit has all the symptoms of what appears to be some sort of bipolar disorder.”

If she can’t help herself and her actions are caused by a mental problem, why are people still mad and angry at this woman? I find it a relief that there is a mental issue that is the cause of her terrible mothering skills and actions. She needs help, but this is not her fault.

Thanks Colleen for your post. I have been saying for months that this woman has a mental issue and needed help. Even Harvey was on Ellen and said he thought the girl was nuts (through his chuckles) but it makes good news. Yeah for him. Imagine once she is helped what this site will be like - boring.

Now back to Britney - her actions are getting worse because Kfeds attorney is boxing the poor girl in. His actions (with the help of this site following her around and bragging they caught her here and there) will only make her symptoms worse.

This girls is alone and I mean not that she does not have family and friends but she in her own mind if fighting to survive. I know a few people with mental illnesses and she fits all their symptoms. Kfed and his attorney and this website have made her life worse and her symptoms worse. I hope they can all sleep at night.

Now as for her children, yes they need to be protected against her behaviors and yes Kfed should have custody but the way he is fighting for all her money too sickens me. Kfeds attorney even went after Britney to pay his legals bills. So if Britney does have bipolar that means her walls are caving in and everyone it out to get her. She is sufficating and trying to survive the only way she knows how.

I remember reading a book about Vivien Leigh (spelling) she was bipolar and she did very strange things. The walking around wearing barely any clothes is a symptom and Vivien did that and her husband ended up divorcing her. He said he loved her but could not live that way. He remarried but still loved her to the day she died. That was lawrence oliva (again spelling)

The one who plays sonny on GH has bipolar and he finally said he had to give into the fact he needed his meds. He hates them but he takes them so he can keep his life together.

I knew a woman at work whose mother and two brother had it and she said growing up was difficult. So it is an illness that I hope she does not have but many of her actions would be explained away as not being a druggy, or as Harvey told Ellen she is basically just nuts.

See Harvey are you happy? You called her nuts.

2453 days ago


That's strange. Dr Drew said he'd love to have her on his new show but she'd be the whole show and that she needed at least 6-9 months help- in private. Does this mean Britney will continue to call the shots in her life? This is as sad as Elvis and Anna Nicole. Can't anyone stop the ratings hounds, the paparazzi, the viewers and let this child get well?

2453 days ago

phil must want to plug her once in the public eye lol

2453 days ago

Dennis, OKC    

Does this mean that Dr. Phil and his wife will be responsible for the care and welfare of Britt until AFTER the taping of the "alleged" show?

2453 days ago

the DQ    

X17 is giving the following report:

Britney Spears had a surprise guest when she woke up this morning - Dr. Phil McGraw!

Page Six is reporting that the TV shrink, a friend to the Spears family, stopped by the pop star's psych bed for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, while Page Six's source doesn't give any specifics about Britney and Dr. Phil's conversation, it does allege that the shrink's visit directly precipitated Britney's fit which culminated in the pop star being released from the hospital's care minutes ago.

We all know Dr. Phil's a master of telling people hard news - might he have told Britney something she didn't want to hear?

2453 days ago

brit could stop it by not going out in public , she has enough money to hire people , she loves to be driven nuts

2453 days ago


I hope Dr Phil isn't using Britney for $$$ or publicity, and I sincerely hope that he doesn't exploit her on national TV, as is rumored.

2453 days ago


What is wrong with all you? Britney is a horrible mother. Thank god for Kevin at least they have a dad that loves and takes care of them. Who cares if Britney is footing the bill. She picked him. Britney needs to get help. If not she should NEVER be around those babys. If she really loves those boys she would get the help she needs so someday she can be there for them. But not SPOILED ROTTEN ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR SELF BRITNEY. She needs a smack down

2453 days ago


britney and dr phil deserve each other..........he is creepy and she is a pig.......if he really cared about her well being he would treat her in private and not on his show......but all he cares about are his ratings.......but by her past she won't show up for the show....

2453 days ago


Bi polar my rear end. She colkd care less about her kids, she shows that. Best thing that could happen for her kids is if she did pass on. She thrives on this drama and attention. She needs to stay out of the limelight and get help, but instead she acts like this so she gets in the news. Its all BS

2453 days ago
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