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Brit -- Free of Drugs and Alcohol at Cedars?

1/7/2008 9:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears didn't test positive for drugs or alcohol during her two-night stay at Cedars-Sinai, according to a new report.

A "reliable source" tells People that Brit "tested clean ... This lady is as clean as clean can be, and has been for some time." What's more, the source said that reports that Brit threatened suicide were "bulls**t."

Britney and Pap Pal – Desert Storm

Meanwhile, just a day after ditching Cedars, Britney escaped to the desert once again with paparazzi pal Adnan Ghalib. Vegas Confidential reports.

Brit and Ghalib were spotted at the Daily Grill in Palm Desert around 10:00 AM on Sunday, seemingly unmolested by the paparazzi. What's more, despite the drama of the days before, Britney "seemed in a really good mood, laughing with the guy she was with." She shielded herself behind large, dark sunglasses and "had a champagne mimosa to drink."

Party Favors: French Prez and Bruni to Wed? ...

A French paper is reporting that French president Nicolas Sarkozy and model galpal Carla Bruni could get married as soon as next month. Bruni reportedly got a diamond engagement ring from Sarkozy over the weekend, and he got a Patek Philippe watch in return.


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Hope she is not on drugs, and if she is mentally ill she needs help not all this media frenzy.

2481 days ago


So then why were you reporting stuff about horse tranquillizers? I smell a massive law suit!!
To bad, Harvey, but your ass is going to be in court!!

2481 days ago


The only outstanding question about Spears or any of these pop or rap performers is why do we even know of them at all. If the publics understanding of music could or would ever improve then people like Spears would never achieve any success at all. They would remain where they belong. That being your neighbors that create local disturbances.

2481 days ago

Lenn K.    

This prove she is breaking down like an old chevy vega. The pressure has got to be over-the-top with 24/7 paparizzis tailing your ass everywhere you go. She running out of money and because she spending and very little is coming in. It will only be a matter of time before something huge happens and blow this whole thing up, ala Anna Nicole!

2481 days ago


B.S. First, how can you tell someone has been "clean for some time"? Also, if Brit didn't threaten suicide then she must have been a major threat to her childern if the cops felt it necessary to haul her away (and in restraints!) which even worse and must be way she lost custody and visitation (temporarily, I know). Most are trying to play this off as through she simply locked herself in a room with Jayden for a few hours while she quietly tried to discuss the situation with the cops.

2481 days ago


Where is the video or picture of Britney with tis guy? ARE we just taking as credible the words of some random man in some random diner!. Where are the photos, and where is Britney, does anyone even know if she is okay, if she is still alive, that she hasn't gone and done something horrible to herself.

2481 days ago


It absolutely kills me how people ASSUME Britney is on drugs. Unless you are around her daily 24-7 you have not a clue and rely on heresay and gossip. As to these reported drug tests...NOBODY should know the results of them except the court and Britney herself due to confidentiality laws. Seems to me Britney should look into having some sort of an investigation done by the FEDS to find out who has breached her privacy which is a right just like it would be to any of us posters. Leave the girl be already so she can try to pull herself together in order to be a good mother to her children.

2481 days ago


i told you britney is just a dits who constantly make bad decissons! shes not crazy or under the influence! people drive her nuts cuase of the money and fame! starting with her family and k-fed! plain and simple.

2481 days ago


wow that's actually, like, BAD NEWS, because drugs/alcohol issues can be fixed, but stupidity, selfishness, and a complete lack of maturity is much harder.

2481 days ago


Yikes I hope Britney's not on the way to Vegas to marry this guy!!!!

2481 days ago


Lots of reliable sources, lots of things true and some not true, the facts are the girl has problems whether
they stem from mental or she is just a spoiled BRAT, it is apparent that she needs some guidance from
somewhere or someone.
She needs to get out of that "hole" that is called Hollywood & get back in touch with herself. Until
she can help herself, there is no way she can be a good infulence on her babies. I think her parents
should look to Martin Sheen for help, after all he saved Charlie's life when it was spinning out of control.

You either want to help her or Not. She can not be left to take care of herself.

2481 days ago


"A "reliable source" tells People that Brit "tested clean "...come on Harvey, your BS is getting to be about as bad as theirs.

2481 days ago


What reliable source? The hospital cannot disclose legally.

2481 days ago


No one will be able to convince me that this girl is NOT on drugs.

2481 days ago


Our press over here seems to give us way too much but if you also read newspapers abroad it is very interesting. One of the key words is that Britney tested clean for drugs. They mean by that that she didn't have "illegal" drugs in her. Think about that. Also expand to more than our news in the US because you do get alot more of the story.I find it very sad and frightening that she was allowed to leave the hospital after such a short time. It makes you wonder if hospitals are just really there to help us. I am glad I don't live in CA or wherever she might be driving. She will do something stupid someday and we have all watched it develope. The sad thing is people with problems who act like she does think nothing is wrong with them and it is no telling who will be her victim/s when she unleashes in those fits of anger, insanity, imbalance, etc.

2481 days ago
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