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Brit's Ultimate Fake-Out

1/10/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hoaxed us all out -- sending out the word she was winging her way to NYC, but HOLA ... she's in Mexico.

Video has just surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan, her new BFF/paparazzo. This followed an elaborate fake-out involving Brit's people, tail numbers on a private jet ... the works.


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One step closer to the tragedy that everyone is waiting for. Her parents get the "Worst Parents In The World" award. Personally, I find it very sad that no one close to hear will step in and help her.

2449 days ago


Great job stage mommy from hell Lynne Spears:

2449 days ago


?? and the point is???????????????????????????????????????????

2449 days ago


She's down there because she's afraid of her family forcing her into a mental institution and she can get lots of drugs for virtually nothing! Dumb-ass bitch doesn't give a rat's ass about her kids. She's got a court appearance on Monday and I bet she doesn't come back for it. Well, if she's determined to wreck her life then by all means - ball to the wall, baby! DO IT!

2449 days ago

Goldie Hand    

Word on the street is she wants to get a quick abortion in mexico.

2449 days ago

sam watch too many movies.

2449 days ago


Mexico has a high rate of kidnappings, they should kidnap her and knock some sense into her!

2449 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

#6 - get away from the media? Are you serious? She brought the media WITH HER if you recall since the guy she's with is a pap. I'm sure he'll be calling his boss to tip them off to where he is with britney. And if nothing else - you know a tell-all news article or book is on it's way from this guy.

2449 days ago

Jasmine RIP    

His "english" name is Ab. Or nickname - whatever you want to call it. DAH! He doesnt go by Adnan.

2449 days ago


Hey #48. Try to like or dis-like people for what they SAY and DO (which they can control) instead of what they look like (which they CAN'T). It'll move you up a rung on the evolutionay ladder.


2449 days ago

huh, missing some documents    

Just saw the entertainment tonight video. Obviously he has not made much money off Brit Brit yet. He is still wearing the same scarf as he was on the last romantic getaway. But, being the gentleman he is, he let Brit take a turn at wearing it again this trip too. What's with the damn scarf. Isn't it warm in Mexico?

2449 days ago


Stay home for once!

I hope she breaks the law in Mexico then we wouldn't have to see her everyday.

2449 days ago


Once again, totally inappropriate behavior on Britney's during during a contest of custodial/visitation rights and pending depositions in her case.

Totally inappropriate and self-destructive.

2449 days ago


I'm so sick and tired of reading stupid comments in here about Britney just needing an attitude adjustment or just lacks character and judgement. The girl is CLEARLY MENTALLY ILL. Stop being naive and giving this girl excuses. And stop blaming K-Fed too because Britney was the one who chased him and proposed to him. He didn't force Britney to get with him.

Britney has shown behaviors that a NORMAL person would not do. She is clearly mentally ill and needs help. Every one of us should be worried about her being in Mexico with some shady pap guy who is married. And what makes me more nervous is that she knows he is double crossing her, having his partners take their picture, yet she is still with him. Adnan's safety is now in jeopardy. The last thing anyone wants to do is double cross someone who is mentally ill. Britney is capable of anything since her mind is not right. I'm not defending Adnan either. He thinks this is a gold mine for himself, but he's in danger too. Both of them are. I hope her family is successful in getting this girl help before it's too late.

2449 days ago


Mexico an keep her. I hope she forgot her passport and can't get back into the USA.

2449 days ago
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