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Brit's Ultimate Fake-Out

1/10/2008 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears hoaxed us all out -- sending out the word she was winging her way to NYC, but HOLA ... she's in Mexico.

Video has just surfaced showing Brit driving around Mexico with Adnan, her new BFF/paparazzo. This followed an elaborate fake-out involving Brit's people, tail numbers on a private jet ... the works.


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Her parents should have Dog The Bounty Hunter kidnap her from Mexico. They can get the legal paperwork done by Judge Judy, then finally allow Dr. Phil to do his thing. When she resembles a normal person again, she will get her own reality show called "Saving Sanity."

2479 days ago


pathetic--My hubby wouldn't touch her with a ten foot pole . Yes, he likes attractive girls, but he also likes them sane.

2479 days ago


#108 -- no, you just think they do.

2479 days ago


Apparently, she thinks all of this is a game. Unless, of course, they have a good mental health facility in Mexico that will keep her on lockdown for at least six months.

2479 days ago


Speaking of Pimp Mama Spears, I saw the photo of her and Jamie Lynn with Jamie carrying her GED Book. With all the money Lynne has sucked off Britney and other exploitive endeavors, she could afford a private tutor and and see to it the girl gets a real high school diploma, a really high class education, instead of a GED. Yeah, the kid will never have to work for a living unless Lynne sucks up all her money before she's 18, but why raise another uneducated dummy like Brit (and like Lynne - wow, when she makes comments to the media they are so assassine and childish, the woman is not smart. It's a blessing if she is no longer teaching any kind of school. I wouldn't allow my child in a class with her.) I think it's too late for Britney. But can't that ho-mama see the results of her handiwork and do better for poor Jamie Lynn?

2479 days ago


#120, thanks, she is beautiful. This just confirms he sees dollar signs!!!!!!

2479 days ago


Brit, get married don't worry about a prenup it will last forever! Your new beau Adnan well he's a keeper honey. Word out Say's he loves taking photos and Movies of you so he must LOVE you!
Mr & Mrs. Adnan Spears. I love it.

2479 days ago


Wait, first they broke up (, then they were in New York City, and now they are in Mexico? I'm so confused.


2479 days ago


106. …She is clearly mentally ill and needs help. Every one of us should be worried about her being in Mexico with some shady pap guy who is married. And what makes me more nervous is that she knows he is double crossing her, having his partners take their picture, yet she is still with him.

Posted at 11:36AM on Jan 10th 2008 by NOT GOOD

Why do you think he is double crossing her? I saw the video before they took it down, and he was tape recording her. The video was shot through a window. She KNEW what was going on, because SHE IS IN ON IT! She’s probably going to sell her life story … and why shouldn’t she get the money?

2479 days ago


There's only one good thing that came out of Britney hooking up with Adnan. Adnan is one of the top paps in LA with years of experience, he knows how to get Britney out of her house and to an out of town location without being detected, since he knows how the paps find and track celebrities.

Britney's family needs to get a court order on this girl anc commit her.

2479 days ago


I just watched the video, it does not prove she is in mexico. Just because there were a few people speaking spanish does not prove they're in Mexico. To me it looks like the outside of her home with the gate, leaving to go out.

For those who stated she she stay home & get her kids back. She can not, she has a restraining order against her, she can not go near Kevin or the kids 100 feet. Right now, Kevin has custody of the little boys till the court hearing on the 14th, to determine if Kevin will have pernament custody. Brit can not do a thing til then; we don't know what she & her lawyer(s) are doing to get her kids or visitations back. She has to wait till the 14th (Monday), till then she can not do a thing. If she went away for a few days, then so be it; she needs to get her head cleared & needs a breather from all this chaos. I hope she does get the help she needs & she will be able to get herself together, for her sake but most of all, for the sake of her little children. They need their mother in their lives. Just my opinion.

2479 days ago


To all of you saying that Adnan's wife is classy and refined -- SHE MARRIED ADNAN.

That torpedoes your theory. Anyway, I can tell by looking at her face that she is a viper, and also a golddigger. Everything is fashion, fashion, fashion, furs, jewels, it's obvious she knows that Adnan is a master con artist and will never be poor. They are two devils and Britney is going down.

2479 days ago


Good! At least our roads are safe on the east coast.

2479 days ago


Unless Adnan had 4 inches taken off his nose (and had it straightened)this fake-out is continuing----this isn't them.

2479 days ago


I'll get off Lynne the Bitch's case now. Britney is sick and she is in mexico with another exploiter. Regardless of her reasons, she hasn't shown the ability to think clearly and reason adequately to be down there with somebody who's going to use her like everybody else has done. Her parents ought to do whatever they have to and spend whatever of Lynne's "hard earned" money they have to, to get Brit involuntarily committed to a good and reputable hospital. Of course Brit doesn't want to go to a hospital. Nobody does when they are mentally ill like she is. I agree she needs to get away from the media, but this is a poor choice of method to do that.

2479 days ago
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