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TMZ Live Stream -- Back Soon!

1/14/2008 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey folks -- don't worry, we'll bring the live stream back as soon as Britney's comin' round the bend. Yes, she's nearly 'round the bend now, we know, but you know what we mean.
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Stay tuned!


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Well with her not showing up or showing up on time, it proves how much her kids mean to her. If she was any kind of a mother she would have been there and been there on time! I truly hope the judge grants FULL permanent custody to Kfed, at least he shows up. Britney is a lost cause and has no intentions on even trying to make her life better!!

2443 days ago

Her parents are doing the right thing    

Hey, we're having a snow day here in Boston. PLEASE BRING THE LIVE STREAM BACK?????? I am snowed in, still wearing my pjs, and was really enjoying watching it. Some of the people passing by the court house were very amusing to watch. I don't get to do this every day, so PLEASE put it back on??????

2443 days ago


"Anyone who defends Britney is braindead"

No, dear. They just have any understanding in the medical community that there is mental illness. Take off your blinders, and go listen to your K Fed CD.

2443 days ago


Around the bend!! Honey, she has been around the bend and through the woods!!!!!!

2443 days ago


K-FED may be a loser, but he is nowhere near as much a loser as Britney.

He is being the responsible parent here.

Britney is not.

So Britney fans needs to get a NEW excuse.

If anyone disagrees just tell me why.

2443 days ago


Maybe they should put a Starbucks sign out front, maybe she would show then....

2443 days ago

Jennifer simon    

Is her attorney there?

2443 days ago

ANNA M.    

Why is Federskum looking like the angel here? He only wants money, otherwise he would have stayed with Shar Pig JACKASS GET OVER IT PEOPLE DUMBASS

2443 days ago


She won't show up because she knows they have a "relaxation jacket" with her name on it waiting for her. This girl needs at least six months at the Betty Ford Clinic away from leeches and prying eyes to get some rehab and maybe get a little self respect back.

2443 days ago


Thank for bringing the vid back, ya'll!!! Ah, Brit...what are we gonna do with you?

2443 days ago


what a nut case! ! if any one of us were late for a court date, we'd be thrown in the slammer. i hope they fry her!

2443 days ago

Chris S    

Is she dead yet? If not, I'll check back in a few hours.

2443 days ago


just goes to show, if i were late for a court hearing or whatever - my ass would be under the jail. Regardless, the woman (girl) is in need of some serious help. She was/has never been my favorite, but is still a human being and needs all the help she can get......

2443 days ago


I also read that she has no intention of coming to the hearing. I actually started to feel sorry for her but now, she is just pathetic. She won't show up to court in order to get her kids back but she will go to Macy's and sofa shopping over the weekend. She is a trainwreck. She doesn't deserve her kids.

2443 days ago

Like It Matters    

At one point in the future Britney will here this from her kids, "Hey mom, remember how you couldn't be bothered to show up for ANY of our child custody hearings on time??? We do......"

2443 days ago
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