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Matthew Knocks Up His Hot GF!

1/15/2008 10:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Matthew McConaugheyMatthew McConaughey is bringing a baby bongo player into the world.

M.M. announced on his website today that his girlfriend, Camilla Alves, is pregnant with his child.

McConaughey wrote, "My girlfriend Camila and I made a baby together ... it's 3 months growin in her womb and all looks healthy and lively so far." And we love this.... "We are stoked and wowed by this miracle."

Stoked and wowed -- DUDE!


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Having babies is the latest Hollywood fad. Last year I think it was buying a Prius to show how “green” you are. They’ll do anything to stay on the front page……… There’s no such thing as bad publicity to these people.

2449 days ago


HAHAAH like the other person said, i cant wait til 18 years later. when this celeb baby boom grows up, tmz will be exploding with all the commotion they stir up.

2449 days ago

Will T    

Wow now him and his baby can get pictures taken with there shirts off.

2449 days ago


A good dad? MAYBE. A faithful payer of child support? You betcha! You ladies all excited about Camilla making baby with MM, but Camilla's excited because she's got no worrie$ for the next 18 years.

2449 days ago


Their baby will be nothing short of beautiful.

2449 days ago


Every hear of mariage Matthew? Marriage is supposed to come BEFORE a baby ....

2449 days ago

Just Wait    

I agree with several others ! I am so sick and tired of hearing about these stars that get pregnant then the talk about marriage may or may not even matter. People wonder why there are so many teen-age pregnancies ! Don't these so called famos people know that some of these girls and boys look up to them and want to copy their actions. It makes me just sick when I read about these stars ( ? ) are pregnant but no marriage until the bride gets her figure back after the birth of the baby. I see no reason any of these so called 'stars' should be looked up to nor displayed as this is funny but a very serous thing.

2449 days ago


Hey, Matthew's a huge Univ. of Texas fan and nothing stupid, immature or irresponsible they do ever surprises me. Unfortunately, there are no prereqs' to having a baby (except the one of course). I just hope he matures, but won't hold my breath, since only about 5% of ut fans have actually achieved maturity, and most of those never attended ut. Good luck to the poor baby!! On top of all the odds being against him/her, he'll be raised a longhorn, and no child should have to suffer that handicap.

2449 days ago


I can't believe this is congratulatory! This world is so desensitized when the sanctity of marriage and the miracle of childbearing are considered more of a nuisance than a necessity. Anyone can have sex and get pregnant, but to take that first step of committment and in true love, marry that person, committ solely to them, and THEN have children. No wonder this generation is full of irresponsible people. Their examples have slowly died off and everyone is just doing what feels good to them.

2449 days ago


Who's looking up to them on here? I see that most comments supporting him are stating that it is HIS decision to make since it is HIS life. You can have your opinions but don't try and blame teenagers problems on celebritries having children "out of wedlock". It's the PARENT's responsibility to teach their children right and wrong. People make mistakes everyday but it's good to know you are all perfect. You may not agree with what they do, but there is no fact and fiction here. It is a person's individual choice so deal with it.

2449 days ago

Born Again...Amen    

I couldn't agree more with 256, 258 and 259!!! I am also greatly concerned by Matthew McConaughey's quoted comment (my husband read it to me out of our local newspaper's entertainment news) where he apparently said la de dah de dah..."and God bless evolution." WHAT???? Hey Matthew, there is a life growing inside of your girlfriend...that's called God's CREATION!!! Nothing could be more scary than an off kilter comment by this goof and a half. SCARY!!!

2448 days ago

angel Kania    

Hollywood seems to have forgotten an order to this.. Love,.Marriage, then Children

2448 days ago


A little Longhorn just in time for the 2008 season!
I am so excited for you two!


2447 days ago


I hate the fact that these two ever even ended up together!!!!!! If anyone was with Matthew (besides me) I would want it to be Kate, because they are both hot and together they are just smokin hot together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2447 days ago


Okay, for all my ranting,raving and frothing at the mouth about Camila, I'VE come to terms with Matt being with her!!
Save whatever pissin',moaning, whingeing, and bellyaching you have for those skanky a-holes Britney Spears,Lindsay Lohan, and pouty-puss Paris Hilton!
A new life is coming into Matthew's and Camila's world, and they are richly-deserving of our congrats!
so, three words...GET. OVER. IT!!!!!! Leave Matthew and Camila to their joyous experience!!!

2445 days ago
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