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Is Linda Hogan on the Prowl?

1/21/2008 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the Hulkster out of the picture, estranged hulkwife Linda Hogan and a few gal pals went to Villa this weekend. Cougar alert!

TMZ asked if she was still cool with her ex ... she clearly didn't understand the question, quoting Kelly Osbourne. Okay.


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That Guy    

Gold digger and wore out hole....what a crater crotch.
A HUGE No Thanks to her kind. Shes a # 1 user and loser!

2432 days ago

LIsa Flowers    

she is gross!! Shes a gold digging bitch. Poor Hulk.

2432 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

WHAT A SLUT! Hulk - AS BAAD as you are - she is worse by a L O N G shot. Little Nicky has never and will never grow up - as his parents won't allow it. I AGREE with the idea this is all to keep their lousy money hidden and the lawyers can't sue them - IF she is divorced - even though it happened while they were married. Shielding kids from life is such a bad idea. Let them learn to be responsible for their actions and pay their dues/damages. That is where Brit lost out - she always got her way - and now look at her. I hear STD are horrible in Floroida - so be cafewful who you lay with!!!!! YOU MIGHT BE NEXT! HEP C - here you come!!!!

2432 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

She's a selfish loser. Hope she does start dating so she can regret letting Hulk go - because most men are dogs and aren't going to treat her the way he did. No to mention whose going to find somebody who wears make-up and clothing of a prostitute attractive? Except, maybe, men willing to pay by the hour.

2432 days ago


Cougar alert!?? Uh... NO! She's nasty, has no taste, and is obviously delusional because she's a HORRIBLE mother. She's living proof that money doesn't buy class.

2432 days ago


Please leave them alone!!!

2432 days ago

Um OK    

She looks like a man!!! She really does look like a MAN!!!

2432 days ago


What's wrong Katie?? You don't actually like this worthless excuse for a parent, do you?? She's a menace to the world. Did you see her street racing video and how she outright LIED about it? No wonder her son won't accept responsibility for putting his friend in a coma - he wasn't raised that way. The worst part is that he had his lawyers actually imply that it was his friends fault because he wasn't wearing a seat belt! HUH!??

And Katie, you want people to "Leave them alone"?? Good luck with that, sweetie!

2432 days ago


That is a man, baby!

And 'Brooke" is a man.

And Nick is a criminal.

ANd the divorce is fake to avoid paying out a settlement.

2432 days ago


Wait, all these years Hulk was bedding a tranny?

Umm , can I replace her?

2432 days ago

ha ha    

I don't even think Price von A-Hole would hit that!

2432 days ago


When she basically forced Hulk to sign on with Vince McMahon for another 20 years even though he's obviously crippled because she wanted the money I could have spit on dare you? Hulk is better off without ya, ya gold-digging hag.

2432 days ago


Their stupid show is still in reruns, and I want to vomit when I think of what a sick selfish bunch of nogood losers these horrible people are. And they are ugly. And they are stupid. And they are white trash.
They mist be so glad that Britney takes the spotlight off their mouth breathin low class lowrent trash family.

2432 days ago


ahhhhh...such a nice tramp!!

2432 days ago


She puts the HO in Hogan! And Nick has SEX WITH HER! Pervert family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2432 days ago
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