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Kiefer -- 24 Hours Later

1/23/2008 12:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

When you're a celebrity who has been in prison for 48 days, what's the first thing you want to do after you're released? Why, you want to go to Rodeo Drive, of course!

Kiefer Sutherland and a pal were spotted doing a little shopping in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Wearing prison duds for so long must make one want some new threads -- and an overpriced lunch!


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He is still HOT as HELL!!!!!

2430 days ago


First off, question for 7...If you don't believe in God...they why use the # 7, which is deemed as the holy number? just a thought....
Well said Glas houses...glad to see you're not throwing stones! :)
Keifer, while haveing made numerous mistakes, troubles with alcohol...fighting the Christmas tree..etc. did his time without discourse or any petulant (sp?) behavior. For that alone he deserves a pat on the back. He didn't use his fame, or $$, didn't use the media to extract any extra notoriety or public empathy. He did the mature thing, owned up to his mistakes and faced his punishment like a man. Hopefully he realized that while the jails are over populated, many are in for the same violation as he, and they don't have any special treatment. He did his thing, just like many other people of no fame.

2430 days ago


Are we sure this picture was from yesterday?? The high temperature in L.A./Beverly Hills was the low 50s so Kiefer's friend wearing only a t-shirt seems a little suspect. Also, Kiefer appears to be awfully tan for someone who's been mostly inside for the last 50 days............... and I don't think the Glendale jail has a tanning bed.

2430 days ago


that pic is old i do believe it was from early fall

2430 days ago

Carmen Hooper    

The fact that his 'fans' are comparing him to Paris Hilton kind of reinforces how selfish and juvenile this grown man is. Why Jack Bauer can't hire a driver rather than drive drunk is beyond me.

2430 days ago


To Stupid Head - Try sending your demo tape to him at Ironworks - his label. Google Ironworks and you should find the address, etc.

2430 days ago


hey..factsarefun...dumbass....low 50's ain't cold. We're in the 30's today and many are out wearing tshirts. toughen up.

2430 days ago


i like keifer, and admire he did his time like a person should. not like the 'other stars' who think there are above the laws and the rest of us other earthlings, that laws don't apply to them! good for you keifer!!! can't wait to see jack bauer back in action!!! yeah!

2430 days ago


Low fifties cold?
It was 8 F when I went to work this morning, it’s probably around 18-19 F now, if it hit 50 here tomorrow half this city would be in shorts and flip-flops

Low fifties cold, ridiculous

2430 days ago


Wow, seven. You're a pretty cruel person. Whether you like Kiefer or not, that was a pretty evil thing to say. You better hope, for your sake, there isn't a God. Personally, I think your in big trouble.

I can see by your comments you don't know very much about Kiefer. Perhaps you should do some research before you open your mouth.

2430 days ago


#13 If you knew anything about Kiefer's life you would know that what he has he has gotten on his own. When he first came to California he lived out of his car and never asked his father for anything. You an idiot and a moron.

2430 days ago

Go, Kiefer!    

How much you want to bet that #12 had a less than entirely pleasant run-in with Kiefer at some point? Further, how much you want to bet that #12 deserved what he or she got in that run-in.

Whatever did or didn't happen, #12 is ignorant of the facts of Kiefer's career and life... and apparently also ignorant of the fact that smoking (which I'm pretty sure that Heath Ledger, RIP, did too) and having a subtance abuse problem (which Ledger, RIP some more, may also have had) don't make a person a bad person.

Poor #12. Ignorance hurts.

Oh - and Kiefer looks spectacular!

2430 days ago


Looks like he needs a drink bad. Rehab next stop.

2430 days ago



2430 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Low fifties? Kiefer's from Canada. So am I, and my coat comes off at around 32 degrees Farenheit. After 20 below zero, that feels balmy.

2430 days ago
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