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Heath May Have Died Sometime After 1:00 PM

1/24/2008 8:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath Ledger may have died between 1:00 PM and 2:45 PM on Tuesday, according to a new timeline constructed by police.

Ledger, according to the AP, was observed "snoring" by his maid, who came into his room to change a light bulb. She left the room, and subsequently let the massage therapist into the apartment. The masseuse, Diane Wolozin, then found Ledger at 2:45 PM, and he was unconscious.

Wolozin, say reports, then called actress Mary-Kate Olsen, because she knew Olsen to be a friend of Ledger's.

Eddie Murphy Wanted Mama on Honeymoon

Why the sudden breakup between Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds? Well, for one thing, reports the New York Post, Eddie wanted his mom to go on the honeymoon. That would be a deal-breaker for us too.

What's more, a source says that Eddie became "like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ... He started screaming at her and grabbed her. She was scared." And thus the pair scrapped plans for a Bora Bora wedding at the very last minute, saying that they "have decided to remain friends."

Murphy's rep said, "We won't comment any further on this."

Party Favors: Rush Limbaugh Scores Young Hottie ... Rick Salomon's 78-year-old Cousin Calls Pam "Trashy" ... Ritter's Widow Breaks Silence on John's Death

Right-wing pill-popper Rush Limbaugh has a new flame, and she's 31 -- just 26 years his junior. The Palm Beach Post reports that Rush has been seeing Kathryn Rogers for the past six months. ... Meanwhile, the same paper also gets Rick Salomon's nearly-octogenarian cousin to weigh in on their roller-coaster romance, and Cousin Alice says, "I don't know what he sees in that trashy woman ... She must have some money, or he wouldn't be with her." ... Finally, John Ritter's widow Amy Yasbeck talks to the L.A. Times about the lawsuit she filed against two doctors who she alleges mismanaged her husband's arterial condition.


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chillout music girl    


2375 days ago


************* HERE'S A SUGGESTION !!! **************


Just think how much plastic and hot air he'll get rid of !!!!!!!!!!!!!

2375 days ago


CARBON FOOTPRINT? I am so sick of hearing about that BS! What's worse is that you can just pay to have your footprint "righted". What crap.

2375 days ago

hell with them all    

Take him and his not so good looking what you call it and DEPORT them back to were ever but not here.

2375 days ago


now theyre going to strongarm this guy into being "environmental friendly"? i wouldnt budge just to piss everyone off!!! whos eddies mom? one of those 300 pound black women he likes to portrait on screen? rush found a new food and drugs enabler...

2375 days ago


Thanks for the Beckham update. Now I can get on with my life.

Proud To Be An American, Where People Worship An Overexposed, Overrated, Overpaid Soccer Player From England Who Collects Millions For Sitting On The Sidelines.

2375 days ago


Bend it for me Beckham!

2375 days ago

Frank Davis    

You wish you had one tenth the audience of Rush Limbaugh.

2375 days ago


Rush Limbaugh? He couldn't do it for me, he's a druggie! YUCK!

2374 days ago


I agree with poster 3, jollyex. This "carbon footprint" stuff is a bunch of hogwash. Thanks to Al Gore and his Global Warming Propaganda Machine, alot of people are being duped into believing this baloney. They never mention all the other scientists who disagree with them and say global warming has NOT been scientifically proven. Hollywood and alot of other people in the entertainment industry just accept this theory at face value, when it has not been proven. Scientists have even said Mr. Gore's movie, An Inconvenient Truth, contains several inaccuracies. Just goes to show you, if you repeat a lie or an untruth enough times, people will believe it.

2374 days ago


Okay, the part about Beckham's fifteen cars is just silly; it doesn't matter how many cars he owns, he can only drive them one at time, so what's the difference? And it's not as if the car manufacturers would make fourteen fewer cars if he only bought one.

2374 days ago


Are they going to count the plane ride for his trip to Sierra Leone? I'm not a big fan of his but no-one even mentions his humanitarian work. When was the last time any of the rest of TMZ's regulars did anything remotely close to this? I would rather suffer Becks carbon footprint than Paris's or LiLo's. Every time they inhale the offend the planet.

2374 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

I, too, jollyex, am sick of hearing about this carbon footprint jive. I bought a Hummer, ooops. Here, I'll pay you for points and we'll call it even. Which descendent of a covered-wagon medicine man came up with that board game?

2374 days ago

Yee Haw    

You will be SOLELY missed HEATH!!! May you light up the sky for the world to see just like you did on earth!!! R.I.P

2374 days ago


I'll comment on three of these topics:

May have died around 1pm!? That sucks for him!

As for Beckham, time to look into some "green" transportation.

Wanted his mama on his honeymoon!? Screw that! I love my mother but if I got married to a hot woman like Tracy Edmonds, bringing mom along would be the LAST thing on my mind! If that's true, then I don't blame Tracy one bit!

Furthermore, if he did scream and grab at her, that's even more reason for her to break it off! Say what you want about Tracy but no woman should be treated like that (if that's true).

2374 days ago
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