Brit's Pal Grilled Like a Cheeseburger

1/24/2008 11:26 PM PST
Sources tell TMZ K-Daddy's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, was all over Sam Lutfi, Brit's close friend, like white on rice during his deposition today.
We're told the depo, which ended just before 6:00 PM, covered a wide range of issues. Sources say Kaplan asked about the meds Brit takes, where she goes, what she does at home, what she drinks, and on and on.

Kaplan also asked Lutfi about his relationship with the photo agency X17 and specifically whether he and Brit have a financial deal where they help X17 get pics of Brit and in return get moolah. X17 has denied there's any deal.

We're told Kaplan asked Lutfi about his income and where he gets it, how he supports himself, etc. We're also told Kaplan asked him about six lawsuits in which he was reportedly sued. We're told Lutfi answered that most of those suits were against his father.