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Britney: Yes, I'm Sick -- But in a Good Way!

1/25/2008 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miss Britney Jean Spears, when told to wear a coat against getting sick ... said "I'm already very sick, but in a good way." Oh, lordy.

TMZ caught Spears making two late-night trips to Rite-Aid, where she also attempted metaphysical philosophy by saying Heath Ledger is "... still here, no one ever really dies."

Later, British Brit worked out at 24 Hour Fitness for more than two hours ... BTW, she started working out at 1:30 AM and stayed for more than two hours. Welcome to her world.


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Julie G.    

Maybe she thinks she is a ghost whisper since the stories around with Heath Ledger! She always been a nut case since she resfused not to get help. I bet on one of reason, she is working out at 24 hours is to get herself in a shape to be in another music video, she is attempting to make as the rumor fly from X17 from last week.

2400 days ago


What a retard. That's what Pharrell's group N.E.R.D. stands for. Look it up. Way to quote a band's name and pass it off as philosophy.

2400 days ago


I have to hand it to Britney, she does know a handsome man when she sees one. Her new beau is sooo sexy. He exudes charisma. I only hope he really cares for her. He certainly appears sincere on the gossip show I saw. He seems very lucid and genuinely interested in her well-being. What she needs to consider though is that 10 years from now all her antics are going to be viewed by her two liitle boys. When they ask, "Mommy, why did you act like that?" what is she going say? She is going to feel like a fool trying to explain it to them.

2400 days ago


I read a story on msnbc that Britney tried to pick up some kids at an elementary school. First saying she was there to get her kids then it changed to her picking up her lawyers' kids.

School officials talked her out of it and she left.

Why wasn't TMZ on this?

Posted at 12:52PM on Jan 25th 2008 by Nor Cal Reader

What a dumb comment...Do you believe everything you effin read ?!?!?!?!

2400 days ago

barbara miller    

I think Britney could be suffering from Post Abortion Syndrome/psychosis. Britney is anxious and depressed and CRYING out for HELP!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE will someone in her family HELP HER!!!?????? MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT BRITNEY SPEARS +++

2400 days ago


She cannot even keep her "multiple personalities" straight! One sentence she talks w/ no accent, next sentence is the HORRIBLE fake british accent, and then after that she rambles on in a southern accent. If she wants to be british so much, she should move there. But they probably don't want her either. God knows she doesn't care enough about her kids to stay around here and try to even see them once in a while. It would be nice if she would just off herself now. Maybe then when her kids are older they would still have a tiny bit of respect for her.

2400 days ago


oh sweet we go again....crazy is back in the headlines..........wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

2400 days ago


NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES????? In her mind she is so obsessed with being seen she more than likely hopes ppl are taking pics with special spiritual ghost trackers cameras looking for her when shes dead.

2400 days ago



2400 days ago


OMG - She looks like she's 35 - Hag

2400 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Hey TMZ and Levin how much you made the past 2 years fabricating BS and dope on Britney????

Find something better to do and report about than trying to push Britney over the edge all in the name of million dollar profits.

2400 days ago


Britney should consider what happened to Heath Ledger an eye opener. Ledger, who was a skillful actor, a contributing
member of society and a loving father will be sorely missed by everyone that knew him. Spears needs to wake up and realize the world is not going to cater to her. If she loves her children she will fight for them and clean herself up and start acting like a mother again instead of a 15 year old. If she continues on the path she is on, we will be hearing about her death next. She has no consideration for her children or her family. But most of all her own self worth. She parades around like a fool especially with the fake British accent. I am sick of seeing her plastered all over the TV and her flirting with the paparazzi.
She needs some serious help. However she needs to want to help herself. After what happened to Heath Ledger, it disgusts me to see her out flaunting around in her car and with her boyfriend instead of focusing on whats important.

2400 days ago


P.S. Britney alerts the media to where she is going. She plays the game. I don't feel sorry for her. She has "people" that could run errands like going to the corner drugstore. She engages the paparazzi, why would they leave her alone. She might want to consider staying home for once.

2400 days ago


Hey Harvey.....follow up on this story.....this should be enough to put her away....for good.

2400 days ago

Vintage '51    

The people who Britney perceives as her friends are enablers whose interests are what's in it for me and how can I stay in the limelight? A true friend would take her to a health care facility and stay with her until she commits herself after being convinced that she really does need help.She is the weakest link in the chain and it's going to break.I saw a poll today which showed that 85% of our population thinks the media should leave her alone. To that I say amen.There is life beyond Britney.Obviously it's all about money.Have you noticed that her brother who at one time I believe was her manager has stayed out of the cesspool of problems brought on by his sisters and his parents?He may be the smart one in the family.He may also be involved somehow but I've never read anything about him.I don't see where this Adnan or Sam are doing anything to help promote her emotional or mental health.They are however laughing all the way to the bank.When people become a threat to themselves it's time to take the bitch by her weave and force her into treatment whether she likes it or not.It sure beats the alternative, Just my opinion.

2400 days ago
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