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Public and Media Swarm as Heath is Moved

1/25/2008 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a crush of spectators, photographers and video cameras, the body of Heath Ledger was moved from the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel in New York -- in an outpouring of curiosity and grief reminiscent of the deaths of John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe.

TMZ is told that Ledger's father is in New York, but he was not seen at the funeral parlor today. There are reports of a private service for Heath in L.A. this weekend. Ledger will be buried in Perth, Australia.


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Bravo to the news media and stations for not playing his death over and over. What ever the reasons. This man was obviously truly respected by not only his fans but by his peers as well. This is a complete tragedy for the film community and for his family and most important his beautiful daughter.

What I would like to know is why no one is questioning M.K. Olsen and the fact that she was called 3 times before 911.

I highly doubt M.K. was in rehab for an eating dissorder. More like a DRUG dissorder. It's a shame that because she has all this money she does not have to be held accountable for a thing.

SHE knew he had a daughter, she knew his relationship eneded due to drugs.

M.K. I have four words for you. GET OFF THE BLOW you look like a low class skank.

2454 days ago


He was a great actor. He will be missed greatly. HIs roles he played in his shirt lifetime were that of someone who will go very far in his career. I will miss him. I feel sorry for his daughter more than anything else. I think the boxes were for privacy and so that the coffin dosent get scratched up. Plus he is going to Austraila fo rhis burial.

2454 days ago


To all you people who never heard of the guy, have no sympathy if its drugs, or don't see what the big deal is, then why are you looking up videos under Heath's name in the first place. Either have some respect for the dead or move along. If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all.

2454 days ago


Very many thanks for a good work. Nice and useful. Like it!

2409 days ago

black_rose_kk from italy    

..........but why, WHY they're having fun?? It was a sad moment, and they were having fun. These things disguste me.

2449 days ago


sniff....sniff....I'm sad, his poor family.

2460 days ago

Michele in MO.    


2460 days ago



2460 days ago


I didn't realize he was THAT famous.

2460 days ago

Wasn't this guy a pimp ??    

Besides Lucille Ball , Princess Diana and John F. Kennedy Jr's deaths , this is one actor's death that I cannot stop feeling so bad for .
I wish I knew him , I wish I could have shared a cup of coffee with him , I wish I could have made him laugh with one of my many utterly stupid jokes , I wish I bought toys for his daughter , I wish I filled his apartment with furniture to make it feel like a home for him , I wish , I wish ... not because he was such a talented actor , but because he is someone whom we as the public only really got to know , sadly AFTER he left us . What a sweet gentle soul .
So far I have yet to witness one person who really knew him or worked with him say anything bad about him , or recall a negative incident experienced with him .
I cannot even begin to imagine what Michelle is feeling .
As human behavior dictates , she is more than likely beyond deep in her grief , add in the compounded feelings of guilt . She should not be guilty in any way though .She gave Heath a happiness that resonated within the core of his soul. She gave him Matilda. I could see their sincere and genuine happiness and love radiating for one another at the Oscars . She wore that gorgeous yellow dress and looked like a princess, Heath was so proud and she looked at him in the way a woman looks at a man she adores and when she feels so loved , cherished and protected in return. I felt envious , yet happy for her .Because that kind of genuine love is so rare , and they found it with one another .
But all the what if's began to wreck havoc on your psyche. I would not trade places with her at this horrific time , because that type of pain is insurmountable .

Time will eventually lessen the pain if only a little and thank God she has one hell of a support group now- in addition to her friends and family , she now can add Jake , Maggie and Heath's family to that support group , will rally around her and that beautiful baby that was everything in the world to Heath and they will protect Michelle and Matlida and bathe them in the love they will so desperately need in the times ahead .
I'm hugging you now Michelle , I'm hugging that baby , and I'm hugging everyone whom has been touched by Heath and his gentleness and are in the depths of hell in their grief trying to make sense of this sudden huge void.
I am so very sorry ...

2460 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Goodbye Heath. We will miss you.

2460 days ago


goodbye Heath..R.I.P

2460 days ago

Uh huh    

Wow, Michelle, you're FIRST!

YOU WIN DAR INTARWEB!!!!! Aren't you just the lucky one?


2460 days ago


Rest in peace, Heath. #1, Michele, a young man is dead, a child lost her father, a family is overwhelmed with pain and sorrow, and you are just interested in being "first" on TMZ? Do you even have a clue how pathetic and lonely you appear?

2460 days ago

M in Bermuda    

Rest in Peace...always remembered

2460 days ago
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