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Can Brit Get a Corned Beef Sandwich in Peace?

1/30/2008 9:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Check out the insanity that went down at Jerry's Deli in Studio City when Britney showed up this afternoon.

Brit pulled into the deli, alone (well, except for the gaggle of paps following her), but emerged with Adnan by her side. Guess he was her "to go" order.


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Georgia Girl    

I'm trying to remember being this stupid but not even on my worst day.

2368 days ago


THink she is meeting him places cause she is getting grief from Family and Lufti on seeing him.. this is rebellion for her again.. you know the more you tell her she can't or shouldn't do something she does it.. how could they all be there waiting? How do they know she is going there.. i mean if they all drive there how do they get out of their cars before her.. someone is tipping them off as to where she is going. I am just saying the girl is gone crazy.. and this guy is paving the path to crazy town by playing up the photogs.. it's all a little sick in the head if you ask me.. there are so many of them

2368 days ago


I'll comment on her when she dies, or gets help. That's a story, not this Britney goes to lunch, Britney gets Gas, Britney buys cigarettes, Britney screws a pap, Britney shows us where her kids are from, too much Britney

2368 days ago

Dr. Adams    

OH, bloody bonger's....give'er a Sandwich, Mate.......It's Brit-Whit, Gov'ner.
And by-the-by....she'll b trad'n in he'r caar...fore one wit the steer'in wheel on the right side, mate.
Y'all bloody well know how us Brits are.......LMAO

2368 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Adnan must be hung like a horse. Otherwise, I don't get it.

2368 days ago


Ugh....Adnan needs to go the hell away. And all you fools askin for her to die need to take a shot gun and put it to YOUR heads. Then the world will be a MUCH MUCH better place

2368 days ago


I would have kicked the crap out of that pap if he had pushed me like that

2368 days ago


i think she cancel the conrbeef, and got the afgan beef to go home with...

2368 days ago


When I was a kid, there was a fantastic remedy for this. It was called a real swift kick in the ass.

2368 days ago


More live feeds those are interesting! Please let us know every detail I'm writing a book on crazy and she has a black belt in it.

2368 days ago


she is extremely co-dependent on these two loser ass guys. where is her father? her brother? she needs a positive male influence in her life right now!! right this very second!

2368 days ago

Totally fed up    

No 9 who wants Brit to get some sleep....she sleeps while the rest of us work and pay bills.

I see she got a 2 seater car, really wants her kids back doesn't she? I guess she'll stuff them in the trunk with all the junk she buys at the drugstore that she doesn't want or need.

2368 days ago


nah, peace for britney, britney dont want peace, SHE NEEDS A PIE IN THE FACE TO DISAPEAR. do it, and see...

2368 days ago


hahaha....this is soo funny. Everyday its something different with this girl. Keep em commin TMZ hahaha

2368 days ago


people should just leave her alone for a while.

2368 days ago
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