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No Dice for Dr. Phil This Time Around

1/31/2008 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw says that the Spears family hasn't contacted him after Brit's latest 5150 -- shocker! --, and he says that her second trip to the hospital isn't a surprise.

Still on his tour-of-regret on TV talk shows, Dr. Phil remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about this morning's action while on "The View," except to say that it "could be a good thing." Then he continued to blather on about how he shouldn't have talked about Britney in the first place.


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Ok - So, I keep seeing television programs speak about Dr. Phil and they are so wrong on their information. I too was blown away that Dr. Phil got involved. I always liked him because I too am a Texan but I did not love him nor watched his show religiously - I did see it on occassion. My first reaction was to think "Who does he think he is?" The furthest thing she needed to do was be attached to a "Hollywood" Dr. She needs to be away from the entire scene and should probably not even be in a hospital in this location. However, after listening to him - I can totally understand. He and primarily his wife were friends or acquaintances with Lynne Spears - who doesn't want to help Britney? We all are freaked out and don't know what to do to reach out to her - it's just painful to watch! First of all Chelsey Handler (love you!!) but you had someone on your show recently that was so wrong about licenses, psychology, Dr. Phil, etc.. Dr. Phil is a Dr. He is educated. He does not hold a license to have a PRIVATE PRACTICE in California. He is a Dr. Her parents reached out and he attempted to help in the meantime, the papz saw him, invaded him and he briefly spoke. BIG DEAL!

Lay off him - he obviiously regrets speaking the few words he did. At this point, Hollywood is disgusting. It just seems so dirty and desperate. Britney is in her place because she got caught up. I hope that she can remove herself from the entire environment.

Dr. Phil, it's ok. You do not have to keep apologizing. People lay off him. Get a freaking life!!!

2426 days ago


This was simply a case of damage control. He was extremely defensive. He can't possibly believe anyone will fall for this line of BS.

2426 days ago


Actually now that she's back in, I curiously waiting to see if anyone extends apologies to dr phil for disparaging remarks...He was right afterall and knows it!

2426 days ago


This guy just doesn't get it. It's not that he visited Britney at the request of her family, IT'S THAT HE WENT PUBLIC WITH A STATEMENT ABOUT HER CONDITION AFTERWARDS. "Real" doctors don't do stuff like that.

2426 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I would hardly call Dr. Phil's input 'blather'. I would sooner listen to what he has to say about her continued care, with his extensive experience with similarly troubled people, than I would to listen to 99% of anybody else on the topic. Dr. Phil backed up graciously on this, and at least willingly ate a bit of humble pie when it hit him. He's been a media personality for a few years now, and got shocked back into his former medical persona like a well meaning dog that ran out of tether line. It was an understandable error that can happen when you've been wearing a different career hat for a while; but he IS a very well meaning dog, lol. Of that I am sure.

2426 days ago


His "tour of regret" should be renamed "tour of irrelevance"
Ratings got you DOWN "Dr" Phil

Oh, and "Leave Dr Phil Alone"..
completely agree that others are exploiting Britney, BUT
- they didn't accost her at a hospital, wich is illegal, since she is an ADULT and her parents request is irrelevant
- they didn't plan to have a show WITH HER PARENTS ON IT
- they don't take on medical roles vis-a-vis Brit while HAVING NO LICENSE TO PRACTICE (let's remember his shows disclaimer -- FOR ENTERTAINMENT (AND TO MAKE DOH OFF STUPID PEOPLE) PURPOSES ONLY

2426 days ago


Dr. Phil said repeatedly that he made those public statements due to all the false information that was out there on Britney. He was trying to help that, but he said he made it worse and wish he never said it. So, uh...WHY ON EARTH STILL CRITICIZE THE MAN?? He does have a right to defend himself and I don't think the Spears family didn't contact him because they were upset with him, I think they know he wants to stay away from their situation after the all the trouble they got him in by asking him to visit Britney.

Plus, here's something TMZ refused to report. Sam contacted ET to let them know that the "family representative" who spoke out against Dr. Phil was not representing them and that they apologized to Dr. Phil for that. Where's that report TMZ??

2426 days ago

Give me a break    

Dr. Phil isnt even a real doctor! The guy is a fake.

I feel bad for Britney but im glad she is now getting some help.

2426 days ago


This guy is a TOOL. He is famous why.... Is he really even a Doctor?

2426 days ago


#19: Grow up. You have it wrong. Sorry.

2426 days ago

Fork In Toaster    

Dr. Phil is a complete tool who has lost his last shred of credibility. Maybe it's time for a career change fatso!

2426 days ago


I wish they both would fall off the face of the earth.

2426 days ago


Oops - some how I posted my comments under Sophias breasts (sorry Sophia! :) Anyway I meant to post the following under Dr. Phil!... (kinda new with posting comments!)
It's pretty obvious that TMZ is a GOSSIP magazine. Dr. Phil is
"suppose" to be a Doctor. Pretty obvious AGAIN.... one is entitled
to report things & the other is suppose to keep his MOUTH SHUT. I
certainly don't always agree (or like) TMZ but reporting is their job
- NOT Dr. Phils, unless Britney signed some papers waiving her
dr/patient confidentiality; which I doubt.

2426 days ago


It's so funny to sit here and read comments from people bashing Dr. Phil for one public statement and they come in here everyday to a website that talks negatively about Britney daily...and make fun of her. Not only that, the ones bashing Dr. Phil are the same ones bashing Britney with their posts.

Can someone please explain this confusion??

2426 days ago


This loser just can't shut up! I'm getting sick of all the redemption tours, his included.

2426 days ago
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